SSS Maternity Notification: Just One Text Away!

Apr 25

Female SSS members, whether under the employed or voluntary (self-employed) status, must notify SSS right away in order to ensure that they are given the proper maternity benefits.  Employed members may course the notification through their employers, while voluntary members still need to go to the nearest SSS office.

One of the prevalent reasons why a self-employed member is not able to receive her maternity benefits is because she failed to provide the proper advice to the SSS.  To avoid this from happening to more women, the SSS launched a new program that made the advisory process so much easier and convenient for its members!

Introducing the maternity notification through the Text-SSS service!

How does this work?  Read on.

  1. You need to register for the Text SSS service by typing SSS REG <SSNUMBER><BDAYmm/dd/yyyy> and send to 2600.
  2. Submit your Maternity Notification by typing SSS MATERNITYNOTIF <SSNumber><PIN><Expected Delivery Date MM/DD/YYYY><Total Number of Pregnancies (including your current pregnancy)> send to 2600


SSS MATERNITYNOTIF 3379137342 1234 10/15/2018 2

You still need to submit documentary proofs of your pregnancy along with the filing of your Maternity Reimbursement, after you have given birth.

Text to Text SSS are charged according to network rates.  For Globe/Touch Mobile and Smart subscribers, the per text charge is P2.50.  Sun Cellular subscribers are charged P2.00 per text.



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