Can False Information on a PSA Birth Certificate be Corrected or Removed?

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When a child is born out of wedlock, the child carries the mother’s family name unless the father gives his consent for his child to use his last name and acknowledges him on paper.  The date of marriage field on the child’s birth certificate must also be left blank until the parents are married, if and when.

There are cases when the child’s parents would place false information on their child’s birth certificate, declaring themselves to be married when they are not.  Some single moms manage to include the child’s father’s last name on the child’s birth certificate, without seeking the latter’s consent.  In their desire to save their child from being labeled illegitimate, they end up falsifying a public document, never mind the consequences it will eventually bring on their child.

So how does one correct the false information written on a birth certificate?

Nerissa and Joel were both only 22 years old when their eldest child, Denver, was born.  Because they did not want their firstborn to suffer the stigma of being an illegitimate child, and since they do have plans of getting married later on, they opted for Denver to carry his father’s last name.  Apart from that, they declared January 27, 2007 as their date of marriage – in reality, this was the date when they officially became a couple.

Fast forward to 10 years later when Denver, now a fifth grader and a prized athlete of their school, needs to secure a passport so he can compete in a swim meet in Singapore.  His mom prepared all the documents needed for submission to the DFA, including and most importantly, Denver’s PSA birth certificate.

It was only then that Nerissa realized that Denver’s birth certificate still bears the fake date of marriage of his parents and his last name is still that of his biological father’s.  Nerissa and Joel have since gone their separate ways; Nerissa is a single parent to Denver while Joel is married and is already residing abroad.

True enough, when they presented the documents at the DFA, Nerissa was asked to submit a copy of her and Joel’s “marriage certificate”.  When she said that she does not have a marriage certificate because she is, in fact, not married, Denver’s passport application was put on hold.

Mother and son went home brokenhearted and clearly, unsure of the next steps they need to make to clarify the issue.

Nerissa wanted to work on two things: first, to change her son’s last name to her maiden last name and second, to rectify the false date of marriage declared on the child’s birth certificate.

In this case, changing Denver’s last name should be the easier task.  She can file a petition in court to request for her son’s last name to be dropped and changed with hers.  As of the moment, Philippine courts grant these types of petitions only on the following grounds:

  1. When the name is or sounds ridiculous, dishonorable, or extremely difficult to write or pronounce;
  2. When the change results as a legal consequence such as legitimation;
  3. When the change will avoid confusion;
  4. When one has continuously used and been known since childhood by a Filipino name, and as unaware of alien parentage;
  5. A sincere desire to adopt a Filipino name to erase signs of former alienage, all in good faith and without prejudicing anybody; and
  6. When the surname causes embarrassment and there is no showing that the desired change of name was for a fraudulent purpose or that the change of name would prejudice public interest.

Obviously, Nerissa has a lot of explaining and justifying to do before the court.  She needs to justify why she is now seeking to change the last name of Denver and prove that the change is for her son’s best interest.

The fake date of marriage on Denver’s birth certificate is a case all on its own.  Dropping the fake date of marriage will be handled through a court order and with the assistance of Nerissa’s lawyer.  These types of cases take time and may cost Nerissa more than she would have bargained for.

Placing false and inaccurate information on civil registry documents is illegal and considered a crime in our country.  You may get away with it for a time but remember that whoever owns the document will eventually suffer the consequences of having false information on his or her birth or marriage certificate.

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16 thoughts on “Can False Information on a PSA Birth Certificate be Corrected or Removed?

  1. Hello po. Ano po ang dapat kung gawin kasi dalawa ang birth certificate ko pero magkaiba ang pangalan. gusto ko sanang ipa cancel yong isa para makakuha ako ng passport sa totoong pangalan ko kasi may passport ako pero iba ang first name at kapanganakan ko at gusto kong gamitin ang totoong pangalan ko para kumuha ng passport pero na trace ng dfa na may passport ako na ibang pangalan kaya na hold ang pag issue ng passport. Salamat sa advice.

  2. Kailangan papo ba I publish sa tabloid kpag pinaaalis ko ung married na nkalagay sa p.s.a ko na inilagay ng asumerang nag paanak sa nanay ko na married khit hindi naman nilapit ko na sa pao hinihingan ako ng 8k Kasi dw ipa published dw un kaso naisip ko lng anung pake ng Pilipinas kung kasal o hindi magulang ko totoo ba pinag sasabi ng sa pao dto sa gensan? Gnyan ba tlga proseso?

    1. Hi Joenel,

      Sa munisipyo mo ipaayos ang mga detalye na kailangang ipa-correct sa birth certificate mo. Sila ang magsasabi kung papano ang dapat mong gawin. Huwag ka sa PAO mag inquire.

      Pangalawa, Public Attorney’s Office ang PAO, hindi sila dapat naniningil ng ano mang halaga. Lalong lalo na sa pag publish ng mga announcements sa diyaryo.

      Ang munisipyo ang makakatulong sa iyo. Dun ka pumunta sa munisipyo ng birth place mo kung saan ka naka rehistro.


  3. Kailangan papo ba I publish sa tabloid kpag pinaaalis ko ung married na nkalagay sa p.s.a ko na ilagay ng asumer ang nag paanak sa nanay ko na married khit hindi naman ni lapit ko sa pag hiniling an ako ng 8k Kasi dw ipa published dw ung na isip ko lng anung pake ng Pilipinas ko ung ko ung as always o hindi magulang ko totoo ba pinag sasabi ng sa pao dto sa gensan? Gnyan ba tlga proseso?

  4. Paano po gawin ko sa birthcertificate ng anak ko na maayos nakalagay po kasi yn apelyedo ko dapat sa asawa ko di p kami kasal noon kaya binura ng kumadrona pa po my gawa ay patay n p sya. Pero kumuha po kami na katunay apelyedo ng tatay ang madadala nya natangap nman sa school noon kumuha kmi ng birth certificate meron p rin bura. Magkano po kaya magastos ko dn sabi nasa 5k rw po. Salamat.

    1. Hi Veronica,

      Kung hindi kayo kasal ng tatay ng bata nung ipinanganak mo ito, apelido mo talaga ang dapat na nakalagay sa birth certificate niya.

      Maaari lang niyang gamitin ang apelido ng tatay niya kung kinasal na kayo. Kung kasal na kayo, pwede kang mag file ng legitimation due to subsequent marriage.

      Kung hindi naman kayo kasal, kailangan mag execute ang tatay niya ng Affidavit to Use Father’s Surname, at dapat ay naka pirma sa birth certificate ng anak mo ang tatay niya.

      Ito lang ang mga paraan para magamit ng anak mo ang apelido ng tatay niya.


  5. Hello Poh
    Tanong ko lang poh,ma’am and sir?
    My problema poh ako,kc u g middle name ko poh gamit ko ung Middle ng Lola ko Ndi Sa mother ko.Ang ginawa ko poh un ung ginamit ko kung ano ung nsa birth certificate ko.ung ang sinusunod ko,
    Ano poh ba ang dapat kung gawin kc nag apply poh ako ulit ako abroad,Kailangan ang mga id ng parents ko atska married contract ng parents ko. Ang problema magkaiba kami ng Middle name?

  6. Hello po,
    I’m helping my cousin with her b. cert po super complicated. niregister po sya nung dating bf ni tita ko and nagsign pa sya, take note, hindi po sya ang dad. so here it goes:
    1. Bale ang name na dala ni cousin since nagaral ay First Second Mom’s. kaso po nakalagay sa psa bc nya is First Second Bf’s.
    2. Nakalagay din po dun 2nd child sya e ang totoo 4th child sya.
    3. Hindi po nya tatay.
    4. False din po yung marriage na nakalagay.
    Any help we can get po. Ilalapit ko po kasi to sa PAO.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Meelo,

      Pinaka mabuti nga na i-consult niyo na ito sa isang lawyer. Lumalabas kasi na falsified ang information sa kanyang birth certificate. Just the mere fact na nilagay dun na sya ang tatay kahit hindi siya, at yung marriage, ay pagsisinungaling na sa public records. Crime po ito.

      Best to see a lawyer about this.


  7. I already married but i cant use because my name i use is my nickname,is that valid or no.plase help me what can i do because i cant use my husband surname.I dont know if my marriage is valid or not.

    1. Hi Rea,

      Pwede ninyong ipa-correct yan sa LCR kung saan nakarehistro ang birth ng anak mo.

      Clerical error lang ang gender corrections and may certain requirements lang na kailangan kayong i-submit tulad ng medical records, school records ng bata — documents that will prove na kinilala siya bilang male or female (whichever is applicable).


  8. Good afternoon, Tanong ko lang po, kasi ang bunso kong anak mali spell ng middle name, instead na Abo naging Apo, ayaw ilaim ng LCR na sila mali kasi yong binigay sa amin na copy galing sa kanila Abo naman, pero ang copy na galing sa NSO Apo na, kailanga ba talaga kami magbayad para sa correction, kahit hindi naman kami ang nagkamali. at ano pong mga kailangan requirements.? Salamat po.

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