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Jan 25 Lucky colors

Will the year of the Earth Dog be friendly to your animal sign?  How do you keep the steady flow of good luck coming while keeping negative vibes at bay?

We researched on this year’s lucky colors for the different animal signs.  We won’t know for sure if these will work but it won’t hurt either if we give it a try 🙂

What’s your animal sign and what color will bring luck to you this year?  Read on!

1 - rat

The Rat can count on its powerful stars this year.  Keep an abundant supply of all things white, lemon, and emerald green to safeguard your good luck all year-round.

2 - Ox

It is going to be a challenging year for the Ox as pressure beats down on him at work and at home.  He may be provoked to anger and annoyance, two negative traits that are unlikely of the mild-mannered Ox.

3 - Tiger

The Tiger’s career will show very good potential this year that is why he needs to exert more effort in focusing on his goals.  This is not the time for the Tiger to be complacent and relaxed; one wrong move, one wrong decision could spell irreversible damages to his career, family, and relationships.

4 - Rabbit

The Rabbit wants to accomplish a lot but his health might get in the way if he is not careful.  This may be the best time to employ the services of a doctor who will consistently check on your health.  Don’t tire yourself out too much.

5 - Dragon

Dragons need to be on guard for surprise setbacks in plans and projects this year.  Traveling may not be a good idea; in fact, even the simple act of walking along dark alleyways should be avoided by the Dragon.

6 - Snake

It is a financially fruitful year for the Snake!  Keep the bucks coming by wearing more of your lucky colors this year.

7 - horse

The Horse’s energy can be put to good use in the workplace this year.  Work efficiently so you do not drain yourself out before the year ends.

8 - sheep

While the Sheep basks in his clean bill of health, he will feel more withdrawn and may lose interest in social activities.  Use your alone time to think of a new investment or project to keep you occupied.

9 - Monkey

The Monkey will be traveling more this year and that’s not bad at all.  He just has to be extra careful with his health as he is prone to catch diseases that would otherwise slow him down.

10 - Rooster

The Rooster needs to focus more on his health and well-being this year.  He may need to watch his diet too.

11 - dog

It will do the Dog a lot of good to employ the services of a good accountant to safeguard his earnings and expenses.  He is prone to robbery and scams involving money this year.

12 - Pig

The Pig’s emotions must be dealt with this year as he is prone to feeling lonely, resentful, and even angry.  Apart from that, he too needs to be more careful with his finances to avoid unnecessary losses in business.

May we all have a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!







Jan 25

The quickest answer to this question is yes.  In fact, it is highly advisable to have your passport renewed before it expires as most countries require that your passport be valid for at least six months beyond the date of your departure.

Here are a few more pointers that frequent travelers need to know about passport renewals:

  1. Frequent travelers must not wait until their passports are nearing expiration before they have it renewed.  If your work or business requires you to travel often, you must renew your passport once you have used up half of its pages.
  2. In urgent cases when you need to travel but only have less than six months validity on your passport, the Consulate may extend its validity under the following circumstances:
    • If your passport expired within the last calendar year;
    • If your current passport is not an e-passport (it does not have the symbol for a microchip on its front cover);
    • You have already applied for the renewal of your passport and are just waiting for its release;
    • The reason for your travel is an emergency such as the death of a relative or sudden illness of a family member.  Such cases must be supported by documentary proof (doctor’s certification, emails, and other correspondences).
  3. If your passport expires while you are abroad, you may apply for a temporary travel document to allow you to travel back to the Philippines and have your passport renewed.  You may get this at the Philippine Embassy in the country where you are located.
  4. Newly married women have the option to change their last name upon renewal of their passports; however, this is not mandatory.  A married woman may keep her maiden last name in her passport if she so wishes. Should she decide to change her last name to her husband’s, she will have to retain this name until her husband passes away or when her marriage is legally dissolved (as in an annulment recognized by Philippine laws).
  5. Filipinos who are naturalized as US citizens lose their privilege to renew their Philippine passports.  If their passports are still valid at the time of their oath-taking in US soil, these are automatically invalidated.  They may apply for a Philippine passport upon reacquisition of their Filipino citizenship.


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