Quick Facts for Passport Applicants at the DFA


Jan 22 (1)

Now that you have finally set an appointment for your passport application, it is time to begin preparing the requirements you need to bring.  Here’s a summary of all the things you need to know when applying for a Philippine Passport at any DFA office:

  1. Personal appearance is required for all applicants.
  2. A confirmed appointment is required for all applicants except senior citizens, infants, and minors below 1-year-old and OFWs. For OFWs, sufficient proof must be submitted such as a valid employment contract or OEC.
  3. Earrings and contact lenses are not allowed during data capture. Smiling with visible teeth is also not allowed.
  4. Check all the data in the computer monitor and in the Enrolment Certificate before signing it.
  5. Only immediate family members are allowed to get the passport on behalf of the applicant. Immediate family members include father, mother, brother, sister, spouse, and children of legal age.
  6. The passport shall be released to an immediate family member only with the proper authorization letter. Passport of a minor applicant shall be released to parents only or to an authorized representative with Special Power of Attorney and Affidavit of Support and Consent.
  7. Passports unclaimed after six months will be canceled per Department Order No. 37-03.
  8. Check all data in the received e-passport upon release.
  9. The number of processing days may vary depending on the location of the Regional Consular Office where the application was filed.
  10. The Department may require additional supporting documents as may be necessary, especially for applicants with dual citizenship and with foreign-sounding family names to prove citizenship.


For First-time Passport Applicants:

  • Regular processing (15 working days): P950.00
  • Express Processing (7 working days): P1,200.00

For Renewal of Passport:

  • Regular processing (15 working days): P950.00
  • Express Processing (7 working days): P1,200.00

For Replacement of a lost expired passport:

  • Regular processing (15 working days): P950.00
  • Express Processing (7 working days): P1,200.00

For replacement of lost valid passport:

  • Regular processing (15 working days): P950.00
  • Express Processing (7 working days): P1,200.00
  • Please take note that there is an additional fee of P200 for a lost valid MRRP/MRP or P350 for a lost valid e-passport.

Source: www.dfa.gov.ph

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18 thoughts on “Quick Facts for Passport Applicants at the DFA

  1. Gusto po sna i renew ung passport po tas palitan ung status as married.. wla p po ako n cha2nge s khit anung id ko like sss or voters id.. need ko po b magchange status s mga id ko or pede n aq kumuha ng passport tas dalhin q n lng marriage contract?

    1. Hi Gina,

      PWede mo nang papalitan ang last name mo sa passport mo to your married last name. Dalhin mo lang copy ng NSO marriage certificate mo. Remember na sakaling maisipan mong bumalik sa maiden name mo (sa passport), hihingan ka ng proof na hiwalay na kayo ng asawa mo (divorce, annulment). Kaya laging pinapaalala ng DFA na may option ang married women to keep their maiden names in their passports.


  2. Good pm po… meron nah akong appointment this coming april.. mali lang po nalagay koh ng place of birth .. pwede po bah mah edit?
    Or masabit po bah ako sah appointment koh?

  3. Good pm po…
    Meron na akong appointment this coming april mali lang po nalagay koh sah place of birth?
    Pwede bah yon ma edit?
    Or masabit ba ako sah appointment koh??

    1. Hi Neri,

      Pwede mo na yun ipa-correct during your interivew. Ipapabasa naman sayo yung entries sa passport before they finalize. And you will be bringing a copy of your birth certificate and they will see there yung correct na birth place mo.


  4. pwede po pasend ng full requirements for renewing passport nakalimutan ko na kasikasi mga yun… thank you..

  5. pwede po pasend ng full requirements for renewing passport nakalimutan ko na kasikasi mga yun… thank you..

    1. Hi Regino,

      Here are the requirements:

      * Confirmed appointment is not required for minor applicants aged 12 months and below
      ** Personal appearance of either parent (if minor is a legitimate child) / of mother (if minor is an
      illegitimate child)
      *** Original Birth Certificate of minor in Security Paper issued by NSO or Certified True Copy of
      Birth Certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar and duly authenticated by NSO. Transcribed Birth
      Certificate from the LCR is required when entries in NSO Birth Certificate are blurred or unreadable.
      Report of Birth duly authenticated by NSO is required if minor was born abroad.
      **** Document of identity with photo, if minor is 8-17 years old (for first time and renewal
      applicant) such as School ID or Form 137 with readable dry seal. For minor applicants who never
      attended school, a Notarized Affidavit of Explanation executed by either parent (if minor is a
      legitimate child) / by mother (if minor is an illegitimate child) detailing the reasons why the child is
      not in school, is required
      ***** Notarized Affidavit of Support and Consent to travel from either parent (if minor is a
      legitimate child) / from mother (if minor is an illegitimate child)
      ****** Photocopy of valid passport of either parent (if minor is a legitimate child) / of mother (if
      minor is an illegitimate child) or identification documents (Please refer to List of Acceptable IDs)

      List of Acceptable IDs:

      • Government-issued picture IDs such as the following:
      * Digitized SSS ID
      * Driver’s License
      * GSIS E-card
      * PRC ID
      * IBP ID
      * OWWA ID
      * Digitized BIR ID
      * Senior Citizen’s ID
      • Other acceptable picture IDs such as the following:
      * Old College ID
      * Alumni ID
      * Old Employment IDs

      LIST OF SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (At least 3 of the following):

      * Voter’s ID
      * NSO Marriage Contract
      * Land Title
      * Seaman’s Book
      * Elementary or High School Form 137 or Transcript of Records with readable dry seal
      * Government Service Record
      * NBI Clearance
      * Police Clearance
      * Community Tax Certificate
      * Barangay Clearance
      • Old documents issued at least one year prior to date of application that show correct name, date and place of
      birth, picture and signature of applicant such as the following:
      * NSO Birth Certificate of child / children
      * SSS-E1 Form or Microfilmed copy of SSS-E1 Form
      * Income Tax Return
      * Voter’s Certification, List of Voters, and Voter’s Registration Record (for newly issued VRR, please attach
      * School Yearbook

  6. n e edit po b ung nkalagy s appointment form kc nkalimutan ko lng pong langyan s street ung address ko..pwede po bng e p edit un pag Nsa dfa office n ko..

    1. Bago i-finalize ang information mo sa passport, ipapabasa muna sa iyo yung entries. Yun ang chance mong ipa bago kung ano man ang maling entry na makikita mo o kung may detalye mang nakalimutan.


  7. If i have oec is it allowed to apply directly for renewal of my passport? i am ofw and got this oec and i want to apply again to work abroad.Hope i can get a reply..Thanks…

    1. Hi Josie,

      Ang tinatanong mo ba ay kung makakagamit ka ng courtesy lane sa DFA at hindi mo na kakailanganing mag set ng appointment para sa pag renew ng passport?

      Kung updated ang kontrata mo sa employer mo, pwede. Pero kung expired na ang contract mo, kailangan mo nang kumuha ng appointment sa DFA.


  8. My son is 6 years old and I lived in Australia, I’m going to Philippines this April to get his passport. Do I still have to book an appointment for my son or no?

  9. need ko pa po ba mag pa appointment para sa lost passport valid 2019… nursing mother po kc aq, or pwd na po mg walk in anytime.

    1. Hi Cindy,

      Pregnant women lang po ang kasama sa priority lane ng DFA. Pwede pa din kayo mag inquire sa DFA mismo kung pwede nila kayong ma-accommodate sa priority lane nila as a nursing mom.


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