Where to Get the First Corrected Copy of Your PSA Document

Jan 08 (3)

Errors in your civil registry documents could adversely affect your transactions with the government or private establishments.  Often, erroneous birth certificates and other documents from the PSA are referred to the LCR of the place where the birth, death, or marriage was originally recorded.  Misspelled names and other obvious clerical corrections are rectified through a Petition for Correction of Clerical Error while more complicated cases are referred to a legal counsel or, sometimes, are heard in court.

One way or the other, the error is corrected or the missing information is supplied, and the owner of the civil registry document is then able to acquire an accurate copy of his PSA certificate.

After the correction process is completed, can the owner get a copy of his PSA document by ordering online or over the phone?

Why are there cases where even after the owner has satisfied all of the LCR’s requirements to apply the needed correction, the PSA’s copy of the same document remains erroneous?

We did our research and found out that the first corrected copy of any civil registry document (birth, death, marriage) that underwent correction or legal proceeding must be claimed at the PSA head office located at the Solicarel Building along Ramon Magsaysay Avenue, in Sta. Mesa, Manila.  Your best landmark is the LRT Pureza Station.

The first corrected copies must be claimed personally by the owner or the requesting party at the head office.  This too will trigger the PSA to provide the corrected copy of your succeeding requests that can then be done online or by phone (www.psahelpline.ph).  If you will insist on getting a corrected copy by ordering online, you will always get the old, erroneous copy.

If you have advised the LCR of the correction on your civil registry document but are still getting the erroneous copy from the PSA, chances are the corrected copy was not properly endorsed to the PSA.  If this happens, go back to the LCR where you filed the correction and ask for a copy of the endorsement made for your documents.  If they are able to provide you one, bring it to the PSA head office and use it as a supporting document for your request.  If the LCR does not have an endorsement, that means that the corrections applied to your civil registry certificate have not been properly communicated to the PSA yet.  Advise the LCR to endorse the corrected copy and inquire how long you need to wait before you may request for the corrected authenticated copy from the PSA.

Make sure to bring an endorsement from the LCR where the correction was initiated (usually, the LCR of the city or municipality where you were born or married) when requesting for the first corrected copy of your document.

If you have questions about PSA documents such as birth, marriage, death, and CENOMAR, send us a message and we will find the best answers for you.

Reference: http://www.psa.gov.ph

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11 thoughts on “Where to Get the First Corrected Copy of Your PSA Document

  1. hi po ask ko po ano po magandang gawin or solution? problem ko po ay illegitimate child parin po ako, kumuha po ako ng PSA lastweek lumabas po ang surname ko na gamit ay sa nanay ko tapos wala po ako middle name, pero kasal po parents ko at nag file na po tatay ko ng legitimation wayback 1996, at meron po ako copy live birth from LCR na may note sa taas ng LIve BIrth Legitimated na po ng 1996. pero bat lumabas po sa psa apelido ko paring gamit ay sa nanay ko?need ko po kasi talaga at un nalang po kulang ko sa passport 😦 sana matulungan nyo po ako ty

  2. Hello po. I am Analice Mangsat Caducoy. My father filed for correction of my first name because my name in my birth certificate is read as ANALIA instead of ANALICE. It was filed in LCR Manila dated April 15, 2019. I asked my father to get a copy of my birth certificate in PSA but he got the same result. Not annoted yet. My question is, how long will it takes for me to get a new annoted birth certificate? I need it in my application abroad. Please, I need your help regarding this. It’s been 3months now and still no result. Thanks for the reply Ma’am/ Sir

    1. Hi Analice,

      Two to three months normally, tapos na ang correction at pwede nang makakuha ng first annotated copy sa PSA. Minsan din, depende sa LCR na nag asikaso ng correction.

      Ganito ang gawin ninyo:

      1. Mag follow up kayo sa LCR kung saan naka file ang request. Kung wala silang maibigay na update, manghingi kayo ng reference number ng inyong transaction.

      2. Tumawag kayo sa Civil Registration Department of PSA sa (02) 461-0500. Ibigay ninyo ang reference number na galing sa LCR. Dyan kayo mag follow up ng status ng correction at kung kailan kayo pwedeng mag claim ng first corrected copy ng iyong birth certificate.


  3. Good Day!

    Regarding Correction of Clerical Errors, I filed my petition at LCR of Iligan City, Lanao del Norte. The status of my petition is already on Finality. They submit an endorsement on PSA Main. question is, how long, most probably, will it take for me to request/receive my annotated COLB?



    1. Hi Gin,

      1. Count one week from the date the LCR submitted the endorsement to PSA Main.

      2. Request for a copy of the Finality and Endorsement from the LCR.

      3. Bring the finality and endorsement to PSA Main after at least one week from the time the LCR has forwarded the endorsement to PSA Main.

      4. After filing at the PSA Main (Sta. Mesa), you will receive a copy of your annotated COLB after 15 working days.


  4. Good Day! Paano po pag may typographic error sa PSA copy ko, yung year of birth po? pero sa Local Registry copy ko po tama naman po. Paano po kaya yun? sa Marawi City po ako nakaregister.. Help po. Salamat

    1. Hi Aisah,

      Kung tama yung year of birth mo sa LCR, mag request ka na i-forward nila yung correct copy sa PSA para magkaron ka ng PSA-certified birth certificate na tama ang birth year.


  5. I want to ask how to change the BC of my children and my MC the name of father that is not like his BC because when we get married we didn’t get a copy of his BC when we are applying for our license in MC that’s why the name of father and husband is not the same.my husband use his true name in his passport right now how can we change to be the same with his thank you

    1. Hi Karen,

      Totally different ba yung pangalan ng husband mo sa birth certificate niya, versus sa name na nakasulat sa MC niyo at BC ng mga anak ninyo? O may ibang letters lang na mali?


  6. Hi there, I was wondering what will be my case if my name on my BC is slightly different from what I have been using since I was 6 years old. My name in BC and baptismal certificate is “Susana” but my mother taught me to write and use my name as “Susan”. I only found out this discrepancy when I was in already college when all my documents have “Susan ” on record that I decided to stick to it. Because of the stricter rules securing a Philippine passport, it might not be acceptable as a document. What do I need to do to rectify this ?

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