Philhealth Benefits for Moms and their Babies

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The arrival of a newborn is always an exciting moment for parents.  There is nothing more precious than welcoming a new member of the family into your home.

Philhealth makes having babies easier and more manageable through its care packages and benefits.  Knowing you are covered by these privileges as a Philhealth member allows you to free your mind from additional expenses in childbirth and post-natal medical care, so you can focus on the new bundle of joy in your arms!

Below are the most updated list of care packages available to Philhealth members who are pregnant or have just given birth to their babies:

Antenatal Care Package

Care package for women during pregnancy: P1,500

  • Pre-natal consultation on essential health services.
  • Hospital, birthing homes, lying-in clinics, maternity clinics, infirmary/dispensaries and check-up providers.

Expectant mother must undergo pre-natal check-ups of not less than four times where:

  • 3 check-ups are done within the first six months of pregnancy.
  • 1 check-up done during the last three months of pregnancy.

Maternity Care Package (MCP)

Care package for the entire duration of pregnancy until giving birth including:

  • Pre-natal consultation and essential health services
  • Normal delivery
  • Post-partum care including follow-up visits from the 3rd to the 7th day after giving birth.
    • Hospital – P6,500
    • Birthing Homes, Lying-in Clinics, Infirmary/Dispensaries, Maternity Clinics – P8,000

Normal Spontaneous Delivery (NSD) Package

Benefits for mothers on during and after childbirth including:

  • P5,000
    • Normal delivery
    • Post-partum care including follow-up visits from the 3rd to the 7th day after giving birth.
  • P6,500
    • Birthing homes
    • Lying-in clinics
    • Infirmary/Dispensaries and maternity Clinics

Newborn Care Package (NCP)

Care packages for newborn babies, including:

  • Essential newborn care
  • Newborn screening test (P1,750)
  • Newborn hearing screening test

Quick reminders to expectant moms:

  • Make sure that your Philhealth records are updated and that your membership status is active.
  • Prepare your documents such as Claim Form 1 and Philhealth ID long before your expected due date.
  • Before checking out of the hospital, double-check your bill to make sure that all Philhealth benefit claims have been deducted from the total amount of hospital bill.
  • Have yourself checked at Philhealth-accredited medical centers right on the first month of your pregnancy; return for regular check-ups as advised by your attending physician.
  • Bring your newborn child to Philhealth-accredited medical centers and hospitals for Essential Newborn Care, Newborn Screening Tests, and Newborn Hearing Screening Test.

If you have more questions regarding the maternity care packages of Philhealth, you may call their hotline at 02-441-7442.  They are available to take your call, 24/7.


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