How to Pay for your PSA Certificate Delivery Orders

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Last week, I shared how I was able to order for my entire family’s birth and marriage certificates online through  Like I mentioned, we are in the process of completing our documents for our upcoming trip to Japan, and while the rest of the family prepares excitedly for the trip, some of us were tasked to do the legwork like getting everyone’s copies of their PSA birth and marriage certificates.  Good thing I knew there was a website I could run to for help.  PSAHelpline saved me a leave credit, probably a half tank of gas, and lots and lots of time.

Today I’m going to tell you about how we paid for the documents we ordered.  Our relatives were delighted to see that PSAHelpline offers various convenient payment options, especially for bulk orders like ours.

So how does one pay for PSA documents ordered online?  Here are your options:

A. Online Payments

Visa or Mastercard Credit Cards

This is the most convenient means to complete your order online.  Just click the Pay via Credit Card button on the center of the page and a pop-up window will appear.  You have 15 minutes to complete the online form before the page expires – for security purposes.

B. Over-the-counter Payments

  1. 7-11 ECPay

At 7-11, you need to key-in your payment details in a Cliqq machine – a touch screen, ATM-like machine located inside 7-11 stores where you tap in important information such as your order’s reference numbers, your contact number, and the amount you need to pay.  The machine will print out a slip, take this and hand it to the cashier who then takes your payment and issues you a receipt.

  1. Bayad Center

There are tons of Bayad Center outlets all over the country so you’re sure to find one near your home or office.  Paying for your PSA documents at a Bayad Center is like paying for your monthly utility bills: just fill out a transaction form and hand this to the cashier along with the cash.

C. Bank Payments

  1. Security Bank

I think Security Bank is one of PSAHelpline’s newest payment partners.  If you are not familiar with Security Bank locations, simply click on the Open Branch Locator button on the right side of the payment page to locate the branch nearest to your place.

  1. Metrobank

When you click on the Metrobank tab, you will be given complete instructions on how to pay for your PSA certificate order at any Metrobank branch.  You even have the option to print the payment instructions, especially if you’re sending someone else to do the errand for you.

  1. Bancnet ATMs

I used to pay for my utility bills via a Bancnet ATM so I know how convenient this payment option is.  Just go to any Bancnet ATM (preferably one that does not have a long line waiting by the sidewalk), pop in your card and key-in your PIN like you would every payday.  Instead of choosing “withdraw”, choose Payment Option, and then follow the rest of the instructions until you’ve successfully authorized the payment.  Wait for the machine to print out the thermal paper that will serve as your proof of payment.

Since we were paying for 19 documents, we decided to simply use my aunt’s credit card so we would not have to leave home (it was a lazy Sunday afternoon).  A day later, five more cousins requested for copies of their PSA birth certificates; this time, we paid at the 7-11 branch across the street from my office building.  So convenient!

Before the end of that week, we received our orders and on the same day, submitted all these to our travel agent.  Today, exactly 8 days from when we began working on our documents, we got our visas from the Japanese embassy!

If you have questions about how to order PSA certificates online, send us a message and we will do our best to find the best answers for you.

Arigato gozaimasu!

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12 thoughts on “How to Pay for your PSA Certificate Delivery Orders

  1. Hi . Ask ko lang po . Nung may 19 po ako nag bayad at bayad center 5 pm po untill now wala pa po confirmation na dumadating sakin . Pano po yan .? Pahelp namn po .

  2. Hi! How long before your payment at 7 11 got posted? Because i paid for the birth cert at 7 11 at 6 am. Its already 1pm and the payment still isn’t posted.

      1. Is it still the same up until now? because I just processed a payment around 4:36PM and when I tried to submit it gives me a payment error that the order is not yet paid.

  3. Hi! My friend requested online for his BC. When i was about to pay for it thru bayad center, they said they cannot process it based on the ref #, and it must be done through bank. I mean is it really supposed to be like that? I thought we can pay it wherever we liked.

  4. Paano po ba ichange yong gender ko babae po ako nkalagay sa birth ko lalaki.please tulongan niyo po ako.salamat

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