Philippine Passports Now Valid for 10 Years!

08 - 04

Good news to Pinoy travelers and OFWs!  Philippine passports are now valid for 10 years from date of issuance, following the enactment of RA 10928, an act extending the passport validity and amending Section 10 of RA 8239 or the Passport Act of 1996.

The government acquiesced to the public’s clamor to lengthen passport’s validity in order to save time, effort, and money when applying for or renewing an expired passport.  Longer validity would also allow Filipinos to enjoy their visas to the US without the need to visit the DFA every five years.  The US Embassy grants 10-year multiple entry visas.

Driver’s license validity is also extended to five years, from the original 3-year validity period.  This can still be extended to 10 years upon renewal if the license holder has “not committed any violation of RA 4136 and other traffic laws, rules, and regulations.”

What do you think of these new laws on two of the most important government-issued IDs?  Comment your thoughts and questions below!


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7 thoughts on “Philippine Passports Now Valid for 10 Years!

  1. Good morning PO! Tanong ko Lang PO kung ano pp mha documents na kailangan para makakuha uli Ng pass port? Kasi nawala ko PO ang passport ko at paexpire na din PO yun.

    Salamat PO.

  2. Is it correct, for example : I have my passport issued on January 8, 2014, is my passport still valid until January 7, 2024?. If yes, do I need something to do to change the year validity of my passport?

    1. Hi Flora,

      If your passport was issued on January 2014, it will still expire on January 2019. The 10-year validity period has been approved but not yet implemented. And only those passports issued AFTER the law has been implemented will be granted the 10-year validity.


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