The Senior Citizen Philhealth Membership Explained

My mom is a senior citizen enjoying all perks and privileges offered by our government to citizens her age.  She gets to beat long lines at grocery stores and rest rooms, watches movies for free at the mall at least once a week, and gets discounts when dining out. As her designated carer, my majorContinue reading “The Senior Citizen Philhealth Membership Explained”


Philhealth Coverage for Pinoys with Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship among natural-born Filipinos is made possible by RA 9225 or the Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition Act of 2003.   Pinoys who have lost their Filipino citizenship by virtue of naturalization in a foreign country may now reacquire or retain their Philippine citizenship and enjoy the same benefits afforded to Filipinos in our country. OneContinue reading “Philhealth Coverage for Pinoys with Dual Citizenship”

How to Pay for your PSA Certificate Delivery Orders

Last week, I shared how I was able to order for my entire family’s birth and marriage certificates online through  Like I mentioned, we are in the process of completing our documents for our upcoming trip to Japan, and while the rest of the family prepares excitedly for the trip, some of us wereContinue reading “How to Pay for your PSA Certificate Delivery Orders”

How to Order for your PSA Certificates Online

Our family will be traveling to Japan later this year and we are currently in the process of completing all our documentary requirements for our visa application.  I was tasked to take care of everyone’s copies of PSA birth and marriage certificates, and make sure these are ready for submission by the end of theContinue reading “How to Order for your PSA Certificates Online”

All You Need to Know About Your SSS Benefits

The SSS Calamity Loan is a special privilege offered by the SSS to members who reside, work, or have properties in areas declared by the government to be under a state of calamity.  This type of loan is not open to all and not readily available unless the government and SSS come to an agreementContinue reading “All You Need to Know About Your SSS Benefits”

How to Apply for a Calamity Loan with SSS

Now that the rainy season is upon us, a lot of areas in Metro Manila as well as in the provinces are once again on guard for the anticipated onslaught of typhoons and flash floods.  Sadly, no matter how well a community, city, or province prepare for the worst, a lot of families still getContinue reading “How to Apply for a Calamity Loan with SSS”

Who Are Qualified to Avail of the Government’s Free College Tuition Fee Program?

The bill granting free tuition fees for students of state universities and colleges was signed into law and announced to the public last Friday, August 4, 2017.  It is now known as Republic Act 10931 or the “Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act”. To help the public better appreciate this good news, we areContinue reading “Who Are Qualified to Avail of the Government’s Free College Tuition Fee Program?”

Philippine Passports Now Valid for 10 Years!

Good news to Pinoy travelers and OFWs!  Philippine passports are now valid for 10 years from date of issuance, following the enactment of RA 10928, an act extending the passport validity and amending Section 10 of RA 8239 or the Passport Act of 1996. The government acquiesced to the public’s clamor to lengthen passport’s validityContinue reading “Philippine Passports Now Valid for 10 Years!”