LTO Fines and Penalties for Traffic Violations Part 1: Violations In Connection with Licensing


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Anong violation ko?

That is a common defense mechanism of most drivers who go against road rules but would like to dodge fines and penalties.  Does it work?  Well, sometimes it does (with the help of a few hundred bucks).  But most of the time, traffic enforcers choose to slap you with a ticket and worse, confiscate your driver’s license.

Being apprehended for a traffic violation is not such a bad thing.  We all need to learn a lesson or two in order not to commit the same errors in the future, don’t we?  What’s not good about the whole ticket-tubos hullabaloo is when the erring driver is made to pay more than what the law prescribed for his violation.  Has this happened to you before?

Arguing with corrupt enforcers will not get you anywhere.  Unless you know better than them, you will always end up on the losing end.  So to help drivers avoid paying more than what their violation requires, we researched on the LTO-approved rates for traffic and administrative violations’ fines and penalties.

Remember, knowledge is power.

Read on.

  1. Violations in Connection with Licensing
1. Driving without license. 1,500
2. Driving with delinquent or expired license. 400
3. Driving with suspended or revoked or improper license. 1,000
4. Failure to carry Driver’s License 200
5. Failure to sign Driver’s License 200
6. Driving under the influence of liquor

First offense

Second offense

For subsequent violations after the second offense.


5,000 – and two months suspension of DL

5,000 – and three months suspension of DL

6,000 – and six months suspension of DL;

After third offense, automatic revocation of DL.

7. Driving under the influence of drugs 10,000 – and automatic revocation of license.
8. Allowing an unlicensed/improperly licensed person to drive a motor vehicle. 1,000 – and suspension of plates, registrations and Driver’s License for two months.
9. Possession and use of fake / spurious Driver’s License

– Driver has been issued an authentic license, it shall be suspended for one year in addition to the fine.

– Driver has not bee issued an authentic license, he shall be disqualified from securing a Driver’s License for a period of two years.

10. Conviction of the driver of a crime using a motor vehicle. 3,000
11. Student driver operating an MV without being accompanied by a licensed driver. 500
12. Unlicensed conductor of a motor vehicle for hire. 500
13. Operating / driving a motor vehicle which is unregistered / improperly registered or with invalid registration 2,000

–          If committed by the driver without the knowledge and consent of the owner/operator.

–          If the driver is also the owner / possessor of the subject motor vehicle.


–          In both cases the motor vehicle shall be impounded or the plates if any shall be confiscated and shall not be released until properly registered.

14. Operating a motor vehicle with unregistered substitute or replacement engine, engine block or chassis. 5,000

–          The subject MV shall be impounded until such parts are properly registered.

15. Failure to carry Certificate of Registration or Official Receipt of Registration. 150.00
16. Operating / allowing the operation of MV with a suspended / revoked Certified / Official Receipt of Registration 1,000

–          The subject MV shall be impounded and its plate held during the suspension.

–          In addition to the original suspension, the said MV and plates shall further be suspended for two years.

17. Tourist operating or allowing the use of non-Philippine registered motor vehicle beyond the 90 day period of his sojourn in the country. 5,000

–          The MV shall not be allowed to operate by the confiscation of its plates, OR and CR until properly registered.

–          In addition, if the driver is a holder of local driver’s license, the same shall be suspended for one month.

 Tomorrow we will feature violations in connection with number plates, equipment, parts, accessories, and markings on motor vehicles.  These lists will include public utility vehicles, especially those that operate under a franchise.  Please share these articles with all drivers you know, whether driving a private or public utility vehicle.

If you have questions regarding traffic violations and the corresponding penalties, send us a message and we will try our best to find the answers for you.

See you again tomorrow and drive safely!


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8 thoughts on “LTO Fines and Penalties for Traffic Violations Part 1: Violations In Connection with Licensing

  1. Ask q po sana kung tama b n mahigit 10k ang fine q kung ang violation q ay not carrying O.R/CR n ang motor q ay unregistered dn?tnx poh

  2. What will you do if you are given a traffic ticket and you can’t pay it after 7 days? Could it be paid during registration of the vehicle?

    1. Your violation will be forwarded to the NBI so every time you get a clearance it will appear unless you settle it. You can pay at any accredited payment channel authorized by the LTO.

  3. natikitan po ako sa coastal highway (toll gate) going to baclaran from las piñas ng obstruction, dahil mali yung napasukan kong pay booth nagawi po ako sa card imbes na sa cash. i cathegorically that what i commited is just an honest mistake….sana naman posir/maam, wag naman po lakihan ang penalty. sobrang bigat po kc sa bulsa lalo’t hindi sumasapat yung earnings ng tulad ko. sana po iconcider nyo yung sitwasyon why and how the violation happen. salamat po sa concidatration. Godbless po

  4. please give us advice..patay n po ang papa ko ang problem po wla cya birthcertificate humihingi po c sss ng no record from nso kaso po d kmi mbigyan dhil po ang nlabas name ng kakambal help us nmn po pano mkkuha ng no record from nso

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