Just Married! How to Update your Marital Status in Government IDs and Documents

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After getting married, the next thing the couple needs to attend to are the updating of their IDs and other public documents, from their old civil status to that of married.  For women, they also have the option to change their maiden last name and begin using their husband’s last name in their IDs and government documents.  Take note that changing the woman’s last name is not mandatory; women have the option to keep their maiden last name for as long as they want.

To help newlyweds get started on this rather daunting task, we are sharing the following information, requirements, and processes involved in updating your marital status and changing your last name:


  1. Bring a photocopy of your PSA Marriage Certificate and the original for verification.
  2. Advise the customer service personnel that you wish to change your marital status; you should be given a blank Membership Form.
  3. Your marital status should be accomplished while you wait; you will also be issued a new Philhealth ID.
  4. This can be done at any Philhealth office or satellite office.
  5. Updating of status and changing of name is free of charge.

II. Bank Records

  1. Bring a copy of your PSA Marriage Certificate; bank personnel normally photocopy the documents within bank premises.
  2. Bring valid IDs.  Banks like BDO and Eastwest prefer IDs that already bear your married name.
  3. Advise bank teller that you want to update your marital status and change your last name.  Most banks do not charge any fees for such updates.


  1. Bring the original and photocopies of your PSA Marriage Certificate and valid IDs.
  2. Advise frontline personnel that you wish to update your marital status and last name.  You will be given an MCIF (Members Change of Information Form) for you to fill out.
  3. This can be done at any Pag-IBIG branch office near you.
  4. Updating your information is free of charge but if you wish to get a Loyalty Card, prepare Php 100.00.
  5. Updating of member’s information can be accomplished while you wait.


  1. If you are employed, advise your employer that you wish to update your SSS data.  You will be given a Member’s Data Amendment Form (E4).  Fill it out and submit to your HR.
  2. Attach a photocopy of your PSA Marriage Certificate, SSS, ID, and an authorization letter for your employer to process this on your behalf.
  3. Updating your SSS details is free of charge but requesting for a new ID (UMID) will cost you Php 300.00.  The new ID may take a two to three months before it is issued to you.

V. Passport

  1. Confirmed appointment date and time; you may secure an appointment online at www.dfa.gov.ph
  2. Download a copy of the form online, accomplish it in your handwriting, but do not sign until you are in front of a DFA personnel.
  3. Get a complete list of required documents and IDs from the DFA website; double-check that you have all requirements on the day of your appointment.

VI. Driver’s License

  1. Bring the original and photocopy of your PSA Marriage Certificate and your current or expired license.
  2. Submit a duly accomplished Application for Driver’s License.
  3. This may be done at any LTO branch and should be accomplished within the day.  Be at the office early.







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13 thoughts on “Just Married! How to Update your Marital Status in Government IDs and Documents

  1. ung lalaki ba na kinasal…mag change status din ba sa lahat bilang married or ung wife ko lng po ang magchange ng kanyang status…

  2. Hi po san ko po pwd ipa change status .patay nmn ks x wife ko..gsto ko po single po gmitin ko sa lht ng documents ko.san ko po sia pwd check kng single na ako or maried pa .ks ng lapa chnge status din po ako s pasport ko

    1. Hi Cindy,

      Sorry, wife niyo po ba ang namatay, or husband? (given na Cindy po ang name ninyo…)

      Kung male po kayo, wala namang kaso sa passport kung single or married kayo kasi hindi naman nababago ang apelido ng lalake.

      Kung female kayo at widow na at gustong mag revert sa maiden name sa inyong passport, just bring the PSA death certificate of your husband to the DFA pag nag renew kayo ng passport. Para maibalik na sa maiden name ang name ninyo sa passport ninyo. Ganun din ang dapat ninyong gawin sa lahat ng iba niyo pang government-issued IDs (SSS, Pag-IBIG, etc.)

  3. For pag ibig loyalty card and umid, if i change my status to married how long does it take for me before i get the card is it the same like applying new one?

  4. how to change my passport im new merriage last feb 22 2018, but my meeriage held in singapore need to use my hasband family name

    1. 1. Did you have your Singapore marriage registered to the Philippine Embassy in Singapore? If no, please proceed to the Philippine Embassy in Singapore and file your marriage.

      2. If you filed it after you got married (Feb 2018), you may inquire at the PSA office in East Avenue, Quezon City if available na yung documents ninyo.

      3. Call the Consular Affairs Division in DFA and ask for the Dispatch and Reference number of your Report of Marriage in Singapore.

      4. When you have secured your Dispatch and Reference number, you may present this at the PSA office so you can claim a copy of your PSA marriage certificate.

      5. When you have your PSA marriage certificate, you can have your last name in your passport changed — you will be issued a new passport.

  5. ok lang po ang marriage licence sa pagpalit ng status?? last january lang po kc kame kinasal and according to them 6mos. pa dw po bago makakuha ng PSA Marriage Certificate..

    1. Hi Charmaine,

      Depende kung anong document or transaction ang pag-gagamitan mo ng marriage license to change your status. Most government agencies require the marriage certificate para makapag apply ng changes sa status (from single to married).


    2. hello po. kami mam kinasal lang kami last June. nakapag change status na po ako sa sss. gamit ko lang po marriage cert. and kumuha po kami kagad ng endorsement sa pinagkasalan namen para makakuha kami kagad ng advance copy sa psa namen. after ilang days lang po. pwede na po kami makakuha ng psa po na married na.

  6. Are you a newly wed? I got married last 7/7/17. How long does it take to get the Marriage Cert in PSA? Can’t update my document since I still dont have the copy from PSA.

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