The Department of Education’s Policies on School Opening

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Classes in public schools opened yesterday, June 5, 2017.  Nearly 27 million students, from grade school to high school, trooped to their respective classrooms, ready to begin a new school year.  Private schools are likewise poised to open their gates next week while enrollment and admissions in colleges and universities are still in full swing.

The Department of Education released a helpful guideline on the different policies involved in school opening, particularly for the grade school and high school levels.   We are sharing the salient points of the material here for your ready and easy reference.

The policies cover both public and private schools.

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A. Kindergarten

  • Age qualification – must be 5 years old by the end of August 2017
  • Presentation of birth certificate or baptismal certificate (may be submitted within the school year).
  • Affidavit of identity of the learner, if birth or baptismal certificate is not available.

B. Eligibility to Grade 1

  • Completers of DepEd-accredited Kindergarten programs
  • Kindergarten Catch-up Education Program (KCEP) completers and passed the Philippine ECD checklist.
  • Children who completed alternative Kindergarten programs and passed the validating test (PVT).


A. Transfer of Learners

  • Learners Information System (LIS) as platform in the request and release of learner’s school records.
  • School to school transfer of Form 137 (permanent records) should not be hand carried by either the parent or learner.

B. Wearing of Uniforms and IDs

  • School uniforms are not required.
  • IDs will be provided by the school at no cost.

C. No Collection Policy

  • For Kinder to Grade 4 levels – no collection of any fees.
  • For Grade 5 to High School levels
    • No collection of any type during enrolment period up to the first month of classes.
    • Starting second month of every school year, authorized contributions may be collected but on a voluntary basis only.
  • No teacher, school officials, nor school personnel shall collect fees or contributions, nor shall they be entrusted with the safekeeping and disbursement of collections made by the PTA.
  • In no case shall non-payment of voluntary school contributions or membership fees be made a basis for non-admission, non-promotion, or non-issuance of clearance to a student by the school concerned.


School Year 2017-2018

  • 204 school days (June 5, 2017 to April 6, 2018).
  • 195 class days, 5 days INSET, 4 days for the Parent-Teacher conferences.
  • Conduct of General Assembly to orient stakeholders on the curriculum, co-curricular programs, and ancillary services.
  • Private schools may deviate from this calendar but should notify Regional Offices in advance.
  • Deviation should not be earlier than the first Monday of June and not later than the last day of August.


A. A student is officially enrolled in a private school after:

  • Submission of appropriate admission or transfer credentials.
  • Has made an initial payment of school fees.
  • Authorized to attend classes.

B. Transferring to another private school:

  • A student enrolled in a private school is entitled to transfer provided all obligations with current school are settled.
  • Release of transfer credentials may be withheld due to:
    • Suspension
    • Expulsion
    • Nonpayment of financial obligations
  • A student without appropriate admission or transfer credentials may be provisionally enrolled and attend classes during the school year.  He is given until the last day of the school year to submit his transfer credentials.

C. Tuition and other fees

  • A private school shall determine its rate of tuition and other school fees or charges.
  • Any revisions in rates and tuition fees shall be filed with the Regional Director.
  • Increases in tuition and other school fees shall be subject to the following conditions:
    • Consultation with duly organized student government, parents, and students.
    • No increase in tuition or other school fees shall be approved unless 70% of the proceeds is allocated for increase in salaries or wages of the faculty and other school employees and the balance for institutional development, student assistance, and extension services.
    • In no case shall the return to investments exceed 12%.
  • SHS Voucher – Students automatically qualifying for vouchers:
    • All Grade 10 completers in Public JHSs
    • All Grade 10 completers in SUCs and LUCs
    • All Grade 10 completers in private schools that are ESC grantees
    • Grade 10 completers in non-ESC private schools need to apply for vouchers.


  • Moratorium on field trips is currently in effect.
  • DepEd officials and personnel shall not endorse any plans, proposals, and intentions relative to the conduct of the field trips.
  • Schools where all arrangements have been set up including approved permits prior to the moratorium may proceed provided that existing guidelines are strictly observed.


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2 thoughts on “The Department of Education’s Policies on School Opening

  1. Hey, Mastercitizen. Can you please put some information about SPED class? I don’t think anyone actually understand what SPED class is.

  2. Never nasusunod yang no collection policy na iyan ng DEPED. Mula kinder hanggang ngayon na grade 8 and 10 na kids ko, I pay for their tuition fee. Every exams, we are reminded to pay the amount and at the end of the school year, we need to pay the full amount to get the teacher’s signature on the clearance which is needed for them to release the report card ng mga bata. Katwiran ng school admins and pta officials, paano magsurvive ang school kung walang babayaran ang mga estudyante, which makes sense. Kaya kahit walang-wala talaga, ikakayod mo para mabayaran ang full amount. Iba pa mga pa-bingo, pasayaw ng school. Walang makareklamo kase pagiinitan ang anak mo the whole year.

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