Requirements for Declaration of Presumption of Death

A common question we receive from readers is how to remarry without going through the process of annulment or divorce.  Of course the obvious answer to this question is there is no other way for a married person to get married again unless his or her spouse dies and makes him a widow/widower.  This answerContinue reading “Requirements for Declaration of Presumption of Death”

Five Steps in Filing Court Decree of Annulment

After your annulment has been granted by the court, you need to file the court decree at the Civil Registrar’s office.  You need to do this in order for your marriage certificate (from your previous marriage) to be annotated with the details of the approved annulment.  This will serve as proof that you are nowContinue reading “Five Steps in Filing Court Decree of Annulment”

Driver’s License Application Requirements Part 2

If your job requires that you drive a company vehicle or a public transportation, you need to get a Professional Driver’s License.  If you have had a Non-professional License all your life, how do you change it to Professional classification?  How do you change your name on your driver’s license after getting married?  How doContinue reading “Driver’s License Application Requirements Part 2”

Driver’s License Application Requirements

Did you know that there are more than 10 types of driver’s license applications that can be done at the Land Transportation Office (LTO)?  The most common are Student Permits and Non-professional license applications, but it appears that these are just the tip of the iceberg. Farther are other types of applications for Conductor’s License,Continue reading “Driver’s License Application Requirements”

Just Married! How to Update your Marital Status in Government IDs and Documents

After getting married, the next thing the couple needs to attend to are the updating of their IDs and other public documents, from their old civil status to that of married.  For women, they also have the option to change their maiden last name and begin using their husband’s last name in their IDs andContinue reading “Just Married! How to Update your Marital Status in Government IDs and Documents”

What is the Difference Between a Barangay Certificate and a Barangay Clearance?

A common requirement in most government and private transactions is a copy of a Barangay Clearance and or a Barangay Certificate  Most people think these two are one and the same so they end up submitting a Certificate when they are required to submit a Clearance, and vice versa. To help address this common confusionContinue reading “What is the Difference Between a Barangay Certificate and a Barangay Clearance?”

How to Get Married on a Budget

Getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime event and all brides-to-be want nothing less than a perfect wedding day.  From the weather, to the place of ceremony, to the littlest of details in the bride’s wedding gown, everything should be flawless.  All because in the Philippines, you’re only supposed to marry once. Over the years, weddings haveContinue reading “How to Get Married on a Budget”

A Married Woman’s Child with another Man is Not an Illegitimate Child

Mercy is married to Joel and they have three kids, all minors.  In 2015, they separated, with Joel taking their children with him to the province where they can continue their studies while he tended the family’s farm as his means of income.  Mercy was left in Manila with her parents; she was working asContinue reading “A Married Woman’s Child with another Man is Not an Illegitimate Child”