Problems with PSA Birth Certificate: When Correcting One Letter Results to a Court Proceeding

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Aling Nelia is a housewife and a mother of five children.  On her 57th birthday, her kids pooled their resources and surprised her with a round-trip ticket to Hong Kong as it has always been her ardent dream to see the place.

She began working on the required documents while waiting for her passport application appointment at the DFA.  However, when she got hold of her PSA birth certificate, she realized that her name is misspelled on the document.  Her real name, and the name that she has used all her life, is Cornelia Pineda Mangosing, while the name written in her birth certificate is Cornelio Pineda Mangosing.

At first glance, it looked like all Aling Nelia had to do was file a petition for correction of a clerical error on her birth certificate.  After all, it was just one letter – “o” in Cornelio should be changed to “a” to make it Cornelia.  However, when she sought assistance from the Local Civil Registry, she was informed that it is not as simple as it seemed.

What is the difference between correction of clerical error and change of name?

A lot, actually.

Correction of clerical error is covered by R.A. 9048 where an error in a birth certificate is corrected without the need to file a case in court, hire a lawyer, and attend hearings.  The corrections are applied by the LCR where the birth was registered.  RA 9048 may be applied if the error or errors are clearly typhographical in nature – harmless and innocuous.  An evidence of which is that the name, in its erroneous form, sounds ridiculous and tainted with dishonor.

On the other hand, a name that was supposedly misspelled but is still acceptable as a name, may not always be considered misspelled and therefore, may not be covered by the provisions of RA 9048.  Correcting such kinds of entries in a birth certificate follows a different process.

Cornelio vs. Cornelia

Aling Nelia’s name, as far as she is concerned, is misspelled.  Her name is Cornelia, not Cornelio.  Her argument is valid and she has all the documents to prove her claim.  However, the supposed misspelled name, Cornelio, is in itself, a name!  Changing the last letter to make it Cornelia would mean just that – changing the name – not merely correcting the spelling.

What should be done then?

Aling Nelia may resort to have the correction applied through a judicial proceeding.  She needs to file a verified petition in the Regional Trial Court of her birth place or where the LCR is located.  The rest of the procedures she needs to follow are outlined in Rule 108 of the Rules of Court in order to apply the necessary “correction”.  This may be better explained to her by a lawyer.

It may seem strange to have to go through a rather complicated process when all Aling Nelia wanted was to set her records straight and align the name on her birth certificate with the name that she had been using all her life.  At this point, she actually has two options: she could have her name changed through a court proceeding, or simply adopt “Cornelio” being the registered name and drop “Cornelia”.  The latter, of course, would be a ridiculous choice.

This is another reminder for all of us to always be careful when accomplishing public documents such as Certificates of Live Birth, Marriage Certificates, and Death Certificates.  An honest mistake may lead to a string of complications that may affect important transactions such as passport applications and benefit claims.

If you have questions regarding your birth certificate or think that there might be an error you need to rectify, proceed to the LCR office where your birth was registered.  You may also drop us a line and we will do our best to find the most accurate answers for you.


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97 thoughts on “Problems with PSA Birth Certificate: When Correcting One Letter Results to a Court Proceeding

  1. Sir may I ask about the problem of my live in partner in his birth certificate.when I ordered psa birth ,they notified me that his not registered in psa so we applied for late registration ,but problems occur during our registration.he is not going to carry on his father’s surname his name is Randy boy Cornel tusoc jr.yet when we applied for late registration they change his name to Randy boy Cornel,yet our registration has not been process yet…

    1. You can inquire at the LCR if they can accommodate this for correction through a petition for correction for clerical error. But remember that normally, corrections on last names undergo court hearings and require the services of a lawyer.

  2. hello po ok lng po ba mgpaapointment ng passport kahit yung psa ko ay kapapaayos ko lng po sa munisipyo namin.yung pangalan ng mama ko doon ay palayaw niya nailagay pero naayos ko na po pero yung sa marriage certificate ko po yang yung true name linagay na namin.un lng po salamat

    1. Hi Maribeth,

      Ilang araw or linggo na mula nung pinaayos mo ito sa munisipyo ninyo? At sa Metro Manila area ba ito?

      Walang appointment system ang PSA pero pwede kang mag punta to follow up or request for the corrected copy of your PSA document.


  3. What to do when you LCR register correct name and PSA got one letter wrong.. ex Rosario in LCR and Rosareo in PSA

  4. Hello! Pano po Kaya gagawin kase Yung birth order Ng anak ko sa birth cert nya Mali. Pati ung parents place of marriage mali rin. Anong corrections dapat gawin?salamat.

    1. Hi Malou,

      To correct the birth order, kailangan mo itong i-file sa munisipyo kung saan siya naka rehistro. Narito ang mga requirements for correction:

      (a). 2 latest certified LCR copies and 2 latest PSA copies of birth certificate to be corrected.

      (b). 2 latest certified copies of birth certificate of all brothers and sisters of the document owner.

      (c). 2 latest original or certified copies of Obstetrical record, Medical Records, and Pre-natal Records from the hospital and/or OB GYNE.

      (d). 2 photocopies of any of the following documents of the parents where all their children are indicated as their beneficiary and arranged according to birth order:

      Private Insurance
      (e). 2 copies of valid IDs of the petitioner and the document owner and 1 copy of latest Community Tax Certificate from the place of work or residence.

      (f). SPA (Special Power of Attorney). If the petitioner is abroad or sick, he/she can be represented by lawyer or his/her nearest relative (up to third degree of consanguinity).

      Pinaka mainam pa din na mag inquire ka muna sa munisipyo kasi kung minsan, may mga nirerequire ang mga munisipyo maliban dito sa mga nakalista.

      Para naman po sa error ng place of marriage ninyo sa birth certificate ng anak ninyo, narito ang mga requirements:

      1. Latest Copy of Birth Certificate to be corrected ( Local Copy and PSA Copy – Have it photocopy for one (1)
      2. One original copy and one Xerox/photo copy of marriage certificate of parents (certified local copy or PSA copy)
      3. One original copy and one Xerox/photo copy of birth certificate lf brother and sister of the document owner at least one
      (1) (certified local copy or PSA copy)
      4. One latest original copy and one Xerox/Photo copy of Cenomar of both parents from NSO
      5. 2 latest certified copies of parents marriage contract from the church stating the date of the civil marriage and / or
      certificate of no record of parent’s marriage contract in reference to the erroneous date and place of marriage indicated
      in the birth certificate to be corrected
      6. 2 Xerox copies of personal records of document owner. Please bring the original copy: baptismal certificate or school
      records (F-137 or Certification either Elem. or HS)
      7. 2 Xerox copies of valid ID of the petitioner and the document owner or SPA (Special Power of Attorney), if the petitioner
      is not the document owner like auntie, uncle, Godparents, client, friend, officemate etc.


  5. hi poh,gud pm ano poh kaya dapat kong gawin kung mali ung tlaga ung middle initial ko poh ang masma pa poh dun,ung nkalagay poh sa middle me ung apelyido ng unang aswa ng mother ko sa kadahilan din na ksal sila nang unang aswa nya pati na rin ung father ko kasal din sila sa mkatuwid dalawa ung cenomar ng mother ko..paanu poh kaya un ano ang dapat me na gawin….salamat poh

    1. Hi T-bone,

      Paki linaw po yung tanong ninyo. Ang problema po ba ay ang middle name ninyo na nakasulat sa birth certificate?

      Ang middle name na nakasulat sa birth certificate mo ay ang apelido ng unang asawa ng mother mo?


  6. Hi po. Malabo po ang pagkakasulat ng correct birthday ko which is November 1974 as if parang pinatungan para maging 1974. The birthcertificate was prepared, received and registered April 1975 and so 1975 appeared three times (legibly). Pero pinapa ayos pa rin po sa akin just because malabo po ung 1974. Di po ba pwedeng iconsider na lang ang totoo ay yung Nov 1974 because how come the birthcertificte was received registered and prepared before i was even born? Do I really still need to pay for lawyer para po sa correction? 😦 Thank you po. Wala pa po ako nakakausap na lawyer by the way po. Only sss staff was telling me to do the correction.

    1. Hi Heden,

      Kung blurry ang entries sa birth certificate mo, pwede kang mag tanong sa LCR (munisipyo) kung saan ka naka rehistro, kung may clear copy sila ng birth certificate mo. Kadalasan meron sila sa file.

      Kung meron, ipa-endorse mo yang clear copy sa NSO (now PSA) para magkaron ka ng clear copy ng birth certificate mo.

      Kung wala silang clear copy, may option ka na magpa reconstruct ng new copy ng birth certificate mo. Inquire mo sa LCR kung papano ang proseso ng recontruction at kung magkano.


  7. would like to ask if anu ang mga requirements in filing to change spelling of my middle name, one letter lang, kasi instead of Millendez and na nakalagay is Millendes, ang Z was change to S… and how long will it take to secure the corrected copy…salamat

    1. Hi Joshua,

      Prepare a copy of your mother’s birth certificate dahil yan ang gagamitin na basis for the correction.

      Kung middle at last names ang ico-correct, usually nangangailangan ng lawyer. Pero since isang letter lang, subukan mo munang magtanong sa munisipyo kung pwedeng affidavit of correction na lang yan.


  8. hello po..need ko po ng help.matagal na po itong problema ko sa papel ko..ang real name ko is janeth paler risos pero ang nasa nso ko is janeth villegas paler..3 beses ko na po inasikaso sa registrar office ng municipal namin pero hindi parin nila naayos.laki na po ng ginastos ko pero ganun pa rin.ano po ba ang dapat kung gawin?

    1. Hi Janeth,

      Kapang middle and last names ang may discrepancy, kailangan niyan ang court order.

      Magtanong ka sa abogado na humahawak ng mga name correction cases. Sila ang makakatulong sa iyo para ma-correct ang middle and last name mo.

      Hindi yan hina-handle ng munisipyo.


  9. Hello po, ask ko lng po kung ano gagawin kapag mali ang nakasulat na name ng tatay ko imbes Ricardo naging Rick. Ano po ang processing ng kaso ko?

  10. hi sir ask ko lang mali po kc yung last name ko po impermo po kc yung asa bc ko ihh ang dapat po ai infermo 2 leter po yung mali panu po kaya yun

    1. Hi Rhaynan,

      Kapag kasi last name na ang mali, kailangan na ng court order (hearing). Pero to be sure, mag tanong ka muna sa munisipyo kung pwedeng petition for correction na lang ang sayo dahil ilang letters lang naman ang mali.


  11. Hello po Goodmorning,sana po magresponse kayo. May typo error po sa name ko dapat po and name ko RENEE JEAN pero sa birth cert ko RENEE SEAN may isang letter na error renee jean po ginagamit ko magmula kinder ako gang ngayon nagwowork na po ako. Affidavit of discrepancy lang ang meron po ako. I want to correct this kasi ang SEAN is panglalaki which is babae po ako. What do I need to do and bring po.Thanks in advance

  12. Hello po Goodmorning,sana po magresponse kayo. May typo error po sa name ko dapat po and name ko RENEE JEAN pero sa birth cert ko RENEE SEAN may isang letter na error renee jean po ginagamit ko magmula kinder ako gang ngayon nagwowork na po ako. Affidavit of discrepancy lang ang meron po ako. I want to correct this kasi ang SEAN is panglalaki which is babae po ako. What do I need to do and bring po.Thanks in advance

  13. My birthday is not written in NSO issued birth certificate pero sa LCR issued certificate of registration ay meron naman pong nkaalagay na birth date. Paano po gagawin dito?

    1. Pwede mong i-request sa LCR na i-forward sa PSA ung kopya ng birth certificate mo na may birth date. Dapat mabigyan ka ng report of finality at courier’s receipt. Yun ang ipapakita mo sa NSO kapag mag claim ka na ng first corrected copy ng birth certificate mo.

      Sa NSO Sta Mesa mo makukuha ang first corrected copy. Ang succeeding copies pwede mo nang order online.


  14. Hi Good day.

    Regarding po kasi sa PSA Birth Certificate ko, bale po napa modify ko na po sya last 2016 kasi po nakapangalan pa po ako sa mother ko kasi hndi pa po sila kasal nung pinanganak ako,pero may naka attached namn pong paper sa Birt Cert ko na nakasulat po yung name ng Father nung kinasal na po sila. Bale po napansin lng po namin na Brozula pa po yung surname ko then kinontact po ng father ko yung person-in-charged sa province nmin regarding dun then sabi po nila hndi lng daw po nila na-forward sa PSA yung document. So ayun po nagpunta na kami ng manila (PSA) para mamodify na yung Birth Certificate ko. Na release na po sya nun as PSA. However, nasa Bus na po kmi nung napansin naming mali po Spelling ng name ng Father ko. Instead of Lolito naging Lolita yung name ng father ko sa Gilid ng PSA Birth Cert ko. Hndi na po nmin npansin nung nsa PSA kmi kasi sa Epilyido po kmi nakatingn kasi un nga po yung pina modified namin. Actually may naka attached naman pong supporting docu na nakasulat yung name ng father ko. Actually po typo error po yung nangyare sa clerk ng PSA.

    Pano po kaya ang gagawin ko. Mistake na po nila yun?

    I appreciate your help po.

    Thank you po.

    1. Hi Maria Isabel,

      Kailangan ninyong pumunta sa munisipyo kung saan nai-file yung legitimation mo. Dun ninyo ipa correct yung mispelled name ng father mo sa annotation ng iyong birth certificate. Bring a copy of your father’s PSA birth certificate.


  15. good day po, anu po maaring hakbang kung ngayon lang napansin na may extra letter sa unahan ng name sa psa, like H Genaro, w/c i always use eversince is Genaro, maraming beses na akong nakapag renew ng passport at postal.Kanina lang napansin sa postal office dahil renewal ulit sana ako, lahat ng certificates ko at recent id’s na gamit ko ay Genaro.
    pa advice po, maraming salamat at more power!

    1. Hi Genaro,

      Pwede kang mag file ng petition for correction of clerical error sa munisipyo kung saan ka nakarehistro (sa birthplace mo), para mapatanggal mo ang H sa pangalan mo.


  16. Patulong po, ano po gagawin pag mali po yung spelling ng middle name kasi ang nasa birth certificate ko po ay “RODOLFO” na dapat “RODULFO”. Tapos po pati sa mother’s maiden name mali din po middle tsaka surname middle name ng nanay ko “TIBIS” na dapat “TEVES” surname nya na “RODOLFO” din na dapat “RODULFO”. Ano po dapat i file tsaka ano po steps..Salamat.

  17. Hi psa po ang birthdate ko po ay march 3,1987 pero lahat poh ng mga documents ko is march 13,1987 even kpag ngpapabuklat ako sa local civil registrar ang record ko po is march 13,1987..please help how to correct my birthdate in psa?thanks you

    1. Hi Leona,

      Yung kopya ng civil registrar na March 13, 1987 ang nakalagay ang birthday mo, i-request mo na ma-endorse sa PSA para magawan ka ng authenticated copy ng correct birth certificate mo.

      Manghingi ka ng endorsement mula sa civil registrar dahil iyan ang gagamitin mong pang follow up sa PSA kung kelan mo pwedeng makuha ang correct copy ng iyong birth certificate.


  18. Sir tanong ko po paano gawin PO Mali yng spelling Ng apelyido ko sa birthcertificate sa halip MORI naging MORE po ano PO dapat gawin ,, salamat po

    1. Hi Prescilla,

      Normally, kapag last name ang kailangang i-correct, dumadaan ito sa court proceeding.

      Just the same, mag inquire ka sa LCR kung saan naka rehistro ang birth mo. Ipa-check mo kung may kopya sila ng birth certificate mo and see kung tama ba ang spelling ng last name mo doon.

      Kung mali pa din, sila ang magrerecommend kung kailangan pa bang mag undergo ng court proceeding ang case mo since isang letter lang naman ang mali.


  19. Hello po. I have a problem with my middle name imbis na Bardoquillo ay Bardaquillo yung nasa NSO ko. And all my school records ay Bardoquillo yung gamit ko. And Im planning to just drop my real middle name and just use the mispelled na nasa NSO. Ano pong gagawin ko? And will this cause me problem in the near future?

    1. Dapat ipa correct mo na lang yan kasi apektado yung ibang dokumento mo eh. And paano kung dumating yung time na madala mo sa ibang bansa ang mga magulang mo siempre conflict na gad yun sa details ng mother mo.

  20. Hi! Malabo po ang pagkakatype sa birth certificate ko, imbes na CARILLA ay naging CARILIA, wala pong mali sa pagkakatype, sadyang nagkadikit lang yung L at A kaya akala ng DFA ay CARILIA imbes na CARILLA. Ano po kayang kailangan gawin dito? Kailangan pa po bang idaan sa PSA at City Hall o maaaring sabihin na lang sa pagpaparenew ng passport na nagkadikit lang ang pagkatype nito? Salamat po!

  21. good day! po ask ko lang po yung case ng partner ko may mali po kasi sa surname nya isang letter pumunta na sya ng munsipyo at naipasa nya na yung mga requirements na pinadala ngaun nag fofollow up po ako skanila ang sabi naipasa na daw po sa nso sa east ave quezon sa legal office ask ko lang po kung ilang weeks po bago ma process po yun dba po iapapa sa pa po yun sa sta. mesa ?

    1. Wala ba silang advise na puede na akyong pumunta sa PSA Sta. Mesa at dalhin nyo yung kopya ng finality and endorsement? Kung wala pa antayin nyo yun kasi kailangan yun sa pagpunta nyo sa Sta. Mesa.

  22. Hi , Paano po if yung Birth Place is blank lang.. Supplemental case po ito, tama? Gano po katagal inaabot kapag mga ganitong supplemental case lang. Thanks in advance!

  23. Pano po pag illegitimate child po kasi ako tapos ang nilagay sa last name is ung surname ng mother ko sa pagkadalaga na sana eh middle name ko tapos may isa pang letter na mali. Then wala din nakalagay sa middle name ko sa birth cert. However, may 2nd page ung birth cert na legitimate child na ako. Pano po macocorrect lahat to.

  24. Hi po, pano po ung mother ko Procesa ang nkasulat sa Birth Certificate ko Rosita at ang Middle name po dapat Taule nkalagay Li mali po, saan ko po pwede ipa correction ang name and spelling?

  25. Hi goodam po..mag ask po sana ako re birth cert ng nanay. Ang ginagamit po nya sa mga dovuments ay Delia pero nung kumuha kmi NSO may maria pong nakalagay. May appearance kmi sa DFA for passport. Ano po ang aming gagawin. Salamat po

      1. Yes po..maria delia. But all her documents even marriage contract is delia. May aperance kasi kmi sa dfa for passport this nov. Thanks

  26. My brother encountered a problem with his birth certificate. Our father’s name has a suffix of Jr. On his birth certificate the Jr was omitted. How can we get this corrected? Appreciate any advise. Thanks

  27. hello po ask q lang if natanggap pa ng affidavit for clerical errors ang dfa? for renewal kasi yung mom q.. tama nmn lahat ng details nya sa psa at local kaso lang ang mali eh yung middle name ng mother nya.. green passport pa yung old passport nya tinanggap ang affidavit kaso worried kami na baka hindi na natanngap ngayon.. thank you po!

    1. Middle name ng mother nya hindi yung middle name nya? Kung yung details naman ng mother nya ang affected sundin nyo na lang kung ano yung naka sulat doon hindi naman mag re reflect sa passport yun.

  28. Hello po. Ask ko lang po. Makukuha ko na po nextweek po ung certificate of finality po ng Birth Certificate ko po? Ano po next? And kelan po ako magkakaroon ng BC with annotation? Thankyou po

    1. Itanong mo sa LCR pagkuha mo ng finality kung na forward na nila sa PSA.? If forwarded na palipas ka ng 1 week tapos dalhin mo yang copy na yan sa PSA Sta. mesa para maka request ka na ng may annotatio pero after 15 days pa yun ha bago ma release.

  29. just want to ask mam sir my daughterr gender is male we just notice what can we do to change it to female

  30. Hello po inquire po ako ano po ang mgandang paraan na makakuha ako ng psa asap ksi nag error of correction po ako 1 letter sa middle name ko po nasubmit ko na po. sa lcr pero wala pa update mag 3months n.a…klangan ko napo ski ng psa may importanteng gagamitan

  31. Hello po. Problema ko po ay ung last name ko sa Birth Certificate is Pañgilinan, pero Pangilinan lang po talaga ang ginamit ko ever since, lahat ng id ko is Pangilinan, nagkaproblema lang nung kumukuha ako ng passport kc kailangan daw Pangilinan din yung sa PSA ko. Ano po ba procedures na kailangan gawin, matagal po ba iyon? Thank you po

    1. Hi Bernadette,

      Ano ang tamang spelling ng last name mo? Ano ang nakasulat na spelling sa birth certificate ng father mo?

      Kung tama ang spelling na ñ sa Pañgilinan, kailangan mong magpagawa ng affidavit na magpapatunay na ang tao sa birth certificate mo at ang tao sa mga ID mo ay iisa lamang. Pero kung mali talaga ang spelling na Pañgilinan na nakasulat sa birth certificate mo (dahil ang spelling naman sa birth certificate ng father mo ay Pangilinan), pwede kang mag file ng petition for correction of clerical error sa munisipyo kung saan ka naka rehistro.


  32. Hello PSA!! Me and aling Nelia have the same problem.. All my life i thought GLAYNES was the right spelling or the spelling in my birth certificate. But when i got my NSO i was shocked when i saw it was just GLYNES.. what will i do?? My school records, voter’s registration and parent ae of my children is GLAYNES!!!

  33. Saan po ba papasok yung case nung sakin kung sakali? Lalaki po kasi ako tapos gusto ko sana tanggalin yung “le” sa name ko para madistinguish agad na yung pangalan ko panlalaki. Madalas po kasi mapagkamalan akong babae dahil sa spelling ng pangalan ko.

  34. 52 napi ako at ang name na ginagamit ko ay rosanna, pero ng kumuha ako ng birth cert sa nso ay rosana ang name ko not double n. At handwritten un rosana. Panu po kaya ang gagawin ko? Sana po ay masagot niyo ako kasi kahit sss ko rosanna ang spelling ng name ko. Thank you po.

  35. what application should i file ? Correction of name?? insert suffix?? on my birth certificate is Francisco R. Castro… on my Baptismal Francisco R. Castro III and on school, passport and other records up to present i have been using my name with suffix “III” attached with my name. pls. advise

  36. Good day! Wala po ako name s birth cert kaya ng supplemental po ako. Ang problema po ay hindi ko n inilagay ung 111.felipe 111 po kc ako.felipe n lng po nilagY ko supplemental. Mga idsko po felipe lng.kaya lng unh s marriage at birth crt ng mga anak ko may 111 po name ko .axvise po pls pNo ggwin!!

  37. hi po! patulong nman po ako. ung birth certificate ko po kasi mali yung letter sa surname instead na soliveres ang nkalagay soliverez tas ung gender ko po mali din at birthday at ko po mali din. ano po ba gagawin ko?

  38. How long it takes po kase po mgpapacorrection po po ako ng name ko po sa manila city. Pwede po kaya ipaexpedite? Thankyou.

  39. Hello po good morning. Ask ko lang po na Ever since na kapag kumukuha po ako lagi sa NSO dati hanggang nag abroad po ako ay lagi pong correct ang name at sa mga documents na nagamit ko. Tapos po pag kuha ko kahapon na First time sa PSA ay ang mali is last nameko,first name ng mama ko at last name mg papa ko. Sabi po daw na registered po siya na late. Na registred po ung NSO ko is 1984 ung sa PSA is 1985. Yung po daw sinusundan is PSA ngayon. Pano po yan kahit ano baliktatin ang papeles ko or kalkalin ang documents ko which is mali ang PSA kasi po ang tagal kona po nag abroad at kumuha ng documents na NSO is walang problema. Bakit sa PSA ang nag ka problema? Kung mali ang PSA sana mali din ang NSO ko dati pa at nagka problema nako. Pero ngayon po binigyan po ako ng problema sa Bigay nila ngayon. Pano po yun ano gagawin ko?? Ok na po ung NSO ko pero bakit ang gulo po. Salamat po.

    1. Hi Ana Marie,

      May kopya ka pa ba nung NSO birth certificate na tama lahat ang entries?

      Kung meron pa, dalhin mo yun sa LCR kung saan ka naka register para ma-clarify mo bakit mukhang may bagong birth certificate na lumalabas sa pangalan mo.


  40. Hi, misspelled two letters sa middle name ko. How can i do the corrections and the costs as well? Thanks!

    1. Hello Gie,

      Pwede kang mag file ng petition for correction of clerical error. We have the list of requirements and procedures for this but this is for Manila City Hall transactions. If you will be transacting with a different municipality, they may have other requirements not included here, so you’ll have to check with them:

      What Do I Need To Bring?

      (a). 2 copies of latest PSA birth certificate of your mother.

      (b). If your mother is deceased, bring 2 copies of PSA death certificate.
      If you were issued a Certification of No Record”, please submit a copy of Birth Certificate or Marriage Contract of your mother’s brother or sister.

      (c). 2 copies of PSA Marriage Certificate of your parents.

      If you were issued a Certificate of No Record, please submit birth certificate of at least 2 brother or sister.

      (d). 2 copies of baptismal certificate

      (e). 2 copies of school records (Elementary, High School, or College). Form 137 or Transcript of Records will do.

      (f). 2 certified copies of Voter’s Registration record/voter’s affidavit (COMELEC).

      (g). 2 copies of valid IDs of the petitioner and the document owner and 1 copy of latest community tax certificate from the place of work or residence.

      (h). Other documents which the Office may consider relevant and necessary for the approval of the Petition.

      Reminder: All Marriage Contracts, Birth and Death Certificates to be submitted should be latest certified Xerox copies if issued in Manila. If issued outside Manila, all documents must be in Security Paper of PSA (formerly NSO).

      Step-by-step Process

      (a). Submit all documentary requirements to R.A. 9048 receiving table for assessment and initial interview.

      (b). Bring all original documents and I.D.s to Tables 1 & 2.

      (c). Have your petition paper prepared at the Computer Table.

      (d). Line up for your interview. Please come early as this follows a “first come, first served” queuing system.

      (e). After your interview, proceed to Room 214 (City Legal’s Office) for notarization.

      (f). Pay the necessary fees at the Tax Payer’s Lounge.
      Registration Fee – P1,000
      Certified True Copy Fee – P230
      Transmittal Fee – P210

      (g). Proceed to Table 3 and have your petition papers and all other documents “Received”. You will be give a schedule for follow ups on the status of your petition.


      1. Hello. I badly need help regarding this. About this requirement:

        What Do I Need To Bring?
        (a). 2 copies of latest PSA birth certificate of your mother.
        (b). If your mother is deceased, bring 2 copies of PSA death certificate.
        If you were issued a Certification of No Record”, please submit a copy of Birth Certificate or Marriage Contract of your mother’s brother or sister.
        (c). 2 copies of PSA Marriage Certificate of your parents.

        Is it required to bring both the birth certificate of my mother AND marriage certificate of my parents? Or can I just bring my mom’s birth certificate?

        The problem with mine is the same as the above. However, another problem arose when we found out that my parents were actually never married, but they wrote down MARRIED on my birth certificate as they were about to get married a month after my birthday but did not push through 😦 Would this be a problem? Should I talk to a lawyer about this?

      2. Hello po. I have the same problem as the above. I would like to confirm if I should bring BOTH my mom’s birth certificate and parents’ marriage certificate?

        Another problem arose with mine as we just noticed that my parents stated that they were married but in fact, they were not. Ano po gagawin ko?

  41. Hello po ano po ba dapat kung gawin if sa nso ko ay may maria pla name ko at mali po ung last year of birth ko???slmat po godbless

  42. Hi po!
    Paadvice nman po kasi yung nakalagay sa birthcert. ko po na middle intial is ACOBA na dapat JACOBA kelan pa rin po ba na ikorte po yan? At kasal na rin po ko. Ano po ba dapat kong gawin. Salamat po.

  43. Patulong po..Sa birth certificate po kasi mali ung year ng birthday ng kapatid.. Mas bumata po siya ng ilang taon.. Ano po ang dapat gawin? less exenpeses po na dapat namin gawin.. Salamat..

      1. hello po ano po dpat gawin if ang nso ko nabura po ung tatlong litra ng name ko sa birth certificate ko po analyn din nso ko ana lng pero ung isang pages ng nso analyn naman sya.late registered po kasi ako.ano po dapat kung gawin?salamat

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