How To Compute for SSS Maternity Benefits

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This article is for our mom-to-be followers who are wondering if they are qualified to claim for maternity benefits from the SSS.  Often, expectant mothers who only recently began making SSS contributions, or those who missed a month or two prior to their delivery dates, are worried that they would not be able to claim assistance from SSS.

We lifted the official computation and other guidelines from the SSS website to help all female SSS members understand how maternity benefits are determined.

Read on!

The SSS Maternity Benefit

  • For normal delivery and miscarriages: 100% of member’s average daily salary credit multiplied by 60 days.
  • For caesarean section delivery: 100% of member’s average daily salary credit multiplied by 78 days.

Benefit Computation

  1. Exclude the semester of contingency (delivery or miscarriage).
    • A semester refers to two consecutive quarters ending in the quarter of delivery.
    • A quarter refers to three consecutive months ending March, June, September, or December.
  2. Count 12 months backwards starting from the month immediately before the semester of contingency.
  3. Identify the six highest monthly salary credits within the 12-month period.  The monthly salary credit means the compensation base for contributions and benefits related to the total earnings for the month.  The maximum covered earnings or compensation is Php 16,000.00 effective January 1, 2014.
  4. Add the six highest monthly salary credits to get the total monthly salary credit.
  5. Divide the total monthly salary credit by 180 days to get the average daily salary credit.  This is equivalent to the daily maternity allowance.
  6. Multiply the daily maternity allowance by 60 (for normal delivery or miscarriage) or 78 days (for caesarean section delivery) to get the total amount of maternity benefit.

Below is an example:

Let’s say the SSS member will give birth on December 2017, how do we determine the amount of maternity benefit she can expect from SSS?

  1. The semester of contingency is from July 2017 to December 2017.
  2. The 12-month period before the semester of contingency would be from July 2016 to June 2017.
  3. Assuming the six highest monthly salary credits are Php 15,000 each, then the total monthly salary credit would be Php 90,000.00 (Php15,000 x 6).
  4. The daily maternity allowance would be Php 500.00 (Php 90,000 / 180).
  5. To get the total amount of maternity benefit: multiply the daily maternity allowance by the number of days based on the type of delivery:
    • For normal delivery and miscarriages: Php 500 x 60 = Php 30,000.00
    • For caesarian section delivery: Php 500 x 78 = Php 39,000.00

Important Reminders:

  1. The SSS maternity benefit is paid to a female member for the first four deliveries and miscarriages only, by virtue of the Social Security Act of 1997 (RA 8282).
  2. Employed members shall receive the full amount of the maternity benefit within 30 days from the date of filing of the maternity leave application.  This will be given in advance by the employer (who shall then be reimbursed in full by the SSS).
  3. If the employee member gives birth or suffers a miscarriage and the required number of contributions have not been properly remitted by the employer, or if the employer fails to notify the SSS, the employer will be required to pay damages to the SSS.  Such damages shall be equivalent to the benefits that the employee should have been entitled to.
  4. Separated / voluntary / self-employed members shall be paid directly by the SSS.
  5. A female member cannot claim for sickness benefit for a period of 60 days for normal delivery or miscarriage and 78 days for caesarean delivery.  No member can be entitled to two benefits for the same period.

The moment you have confirmed that you are pregnant, notify your employer right away.  If you are a voluntary member, file the necessary papers at the SSS immediately.  This will secure the validity of your claim, whether you carry the child to full term or suffer a miscarriage (anything can happen).  It also pays to create an online SSS account so you can monitor your and your employer’s monthly contribution.

We hope this article helps all new and future mothers!


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25 thoughts on “How To Compute for SSS Maternity Benefits

  1. Pacompute po
    Jan-march 2019-1760 contribution ko
    April-july 2019 -1740 contribution
    Edd ko po Oct 24 2019
    Magkano po makukuha ko if ever Thanks po

    1. Hi Jaimeine,

      Best that you consult at the nearest SSS office for computations. They can also access your actual records, that way, you get the actual results and your expectations will be set properly.


  2. Good afternoon. Gusto ko lang po magtanong kasi ang nakuha kong maternity benefits parang kalahati lang po sa expected ko. Hindi po kasi ako mka punta sa sss office to ask why kasi wala po magbabantay sa mga kids. I was waiting and still waiting po sa notice na ipinadadala nang sss kung saan po mkikita yung breakdown or summary kung bakit yun ang nakuha ko. I gave birth po sa 3rd baby ko last may 13, 2017 CS po ako. Voluntary member of sss po. And yung monthly contribution ko po is nasa 1,430.00 po.
    Can you please check?
    SSS No.: 07-22567944

    1. Hi Ahda,

      Wala kasi kaming access sa records ng SSS, we are just a blog site. Pero pwede kang mag inquire sa SSS office mismo. Find time to visit an SSS office para makahingi ka ng computation ng maternity benefit na natanggap mo.


  3. Hello po .expected due date ko po is january 2018 .. ang nahulugan ko lang po is from july-sept.2017 voluntary member lang po ako worth 495 po ang hulog ko . dating employed pero na endo na po .magkano po kaya ang maternity benefits ko??

      1. Hi magandang umaga PO employed PO ako nag start PO ako ng hulogapril 2016 PO din nanganak PO ako nov3 2017 contenue namn PO hulog ko nian mga NASA 17 months PO hulog ko mga magkano PO kaya mkukuha kopo nian..

  4. ask ko lng din po sana masgot mgkno po kya ang mkukuha ko maternity benifit ko july 2017 po ako nnganak by CS last na hulog ko is june 2017 mgkno po kya mkukuha ko

  5. Hlow po ask q lang po kung ung asuming na 15,000 kung saan galing un?? Un ba yung sahod?? Kasi po ung compute q kalahati lang ung compute ni sss paanu kaya sla nag cocompute wid out asking kung mag kanu sahod q??

  6. Hi po mag ttanong lang po ako kung pwede po ba ako maka kuha ng maternity benefit if 5months employed lang dahil 5months lang po yung contract ko. CS po ako. Thanks you

  7. Hi po my expected delivery is March 2018, naka Leave of absence ako since August kaya mag voluntary contribution ako, magkano po dapat ko ihulog para makuha ko maximum benefit of 42,000 for CS delivery thanks po

    1. Hi Jean,

      Kumpleto ba ang contributions mo within the last 12 months? Nag advise ka na ba sa office ninyo na pregnant ka at magc-claim ka ng benefits mula sa SSS?

      For pregnancy-related cases, the member must have paid nine months worth of premium within the last 12 months (9/12) prior to confinement in order to become eligible.


  8. Pwede PO ba mkuha ung contact number Ng Nso sa Quezon Ave.?ung binigay po Kasi skin kahapon sa sta Mesa d nmn PO nila cnsagot twag ku..ung Dalawang number busy nmn po lagi…kailangan ku lng po malaman Kung tpos at Kung kailan nila ipoforward sa sta Mesa ung birth certificate ku..Salamat po

      1. E bkit PO nagbigay cla Ng contact number sa QC at name Ng tatawagan dun Kung ala na po Nso sa QC?

      2. Ung psa stay mesa po…pero ok na po,nacontact ku na po ung number na binigay Ng psa stay mesa skin..Slamat po

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