Errors & Inaccuracies on PSA Birth Certificates: Whose Fault Is It, Really?

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I came across this interesting article on yet another case of a defective NSO-certified (now PSA) birth certificate.  The writer narrated how his grandson’s passport application was denied because the kid’s birth certificate lacked the proper entries in the birthplace field.  To get the matter straightened out, the birth certificate owner needs to seek the assistance of the Civil Registry of Manila, wait for four months, and pay (exorbitant) fees.  All because a government employee supposedly neglected double-checking the entries on the child’s birth certificate before having it officially registered and submitted to the PSA.

The taxpayer in me wants to simply believe that the LCR employee who handled the filing of the child’s birth certificate is entirely at fault.  After all, it is part of their job to go over the entries in the document before making it official.

The former government employee in me (not from the LCR though) wants to think otherwise.

The fact remains that the Certificate of Live Birth, which is handed to the parents or relatives of the newborn child, either by a hospital staff, the midwife, or right at the LCR office, is accomplished in the presence of the parents or relatives.  They are then given enough time to review the contents of the document (30 calendar days from the date of birth), and when satisfied, affix their signatures at the bottom of the page, before this is submitted to the LCR and to the PSA.

How then are LCR employees accountable for erroneous entries on birth certificates when all they actually do is receive and file the documents for authentication of the PSA?

The Certificate of Live Birth is an official, public document similar with other forms we fill out at banks, schools, and government offices.  We are expected to provide our most accurate and updated information when filling out these forms to ensure that our transactions are processed seamlessly.  We do not let other people accomplish these documents for us.

We should treat our children’s Certificates of Live Birth the same way, bearing in mind that all information we allow to be written on this document shall serve as our children’s lifelong records, to be used as references of their identification and family history.  Oversights and errors will definitely cause them unnecessary delays and expenses in the future.

We wish to thank the article’s writer for sharing his experience; may we all learn a thing or two from this incident and take it upon ourselves to ascertain that our family’s civil registry documents are filled out accurately.

Because at the end of the day, you have no one else to blame for errors on your children’s birth certificates, except yourself.

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9 thoughts on “Errors & Inaccuracies on PSA Birth Certificates: Whose Fault Is It, Really?

  1. Hi po anung gawin ku sa pangalan ku mali ang speling ang ginagamit ku ngayun Abelardo Quiring 59 years na sa birth certepecate po ay Avelardo Quering anung gawin po mahelp naman po.

  2. hi! how about if the last name is unknown from any descendant? A wrong entry maybe. How can it be changed into the real last name of the person?

  3. After 50 yrs.i found out that my name in PSA is elvera…were i used it is elvira for 50yrs…

  4. My youngest doesnt have the middle name in birth certificate.
    .Im a solo parent. My name is Ma.Elizabeth B. Tasic. Will it follow the same as my sons middle name? What must I do?

      1. ok lng po ba na walang middle name yung BC ng anak. wala po bng problema sa passporting.

      2. Hi Maria Elizabeth,

        Wala namang magiging problema sa passporting dahil ang susundin na details ng DFA ay kung ano ang naka sulat sa birth certificate.

        May mga bansa lang na hindi nagpapapasok ng mga contract workers na walang middle name.


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