Passport Application for Minors: What You Need to Bring and Why

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Margaret is 13 years old and is about to secure her very first passport.  It would have been a breeze to accomplish this errand if not for Margaret’s living arrangement that is quite complicated.

Margaret’s parents separated before she turned 7 years old.  Her mother went back home to her province in Dumaguete; Margaret was left with her father who was then working as a nurse in Manila.  Not long after the separation, her father met another woman who would later assume the role of Margaret’s mom.  By the time Margaret turned 9 years old, her father’s girlfriend has moved in with them and has since been taking care of Margaret like she was her own daughter.

Her father is now based in London with a successful career as a dialysis nurse.  He wants for his girlfriend and Margaret to come visit him this summer.  While Margaret is all set to begin her passport application process, her father’s girlfriend is a bit worried that she might not be able to produce the documents required by the DFA.

What are the general requirements for minors applying for a passport?

The requirements vary depending on the child’s birthright and if she is traveling on her own, with her parents, or a guardian.

General Requirements:

  1. Confirmed appointment
  2. Personal appearance of minor
  3. Personal appearance of parent
  4. PSA birth certificate
  5. School ID or Form 137 of minor applicant
  6. PSA marriage certificate of minor applicant’s parents.
  7. Affidavit of support and consent to travel (from parent).
  8. Valid passport of the person traveling with the minor.
  9. Parents’ valid passport or identification documents.

If the child is not traveling with either parent or alone:

  1. All of the General Requirements and
  2. DSWD clearance

If both parents are abroad:

  1. All of the General Requirements and
  2. Special power of attorney (with an attached photocopy of either parent’s valid passport authorizing a representative in assisting the child to apply for a passport.  If minor is illegitimate, mother should execute the SPA).

If minor is legitimated by subsequent marriage of parents.

  1. All of the General Requirements and
  2. PSA birth certificate of the minor and must include the annotation regarding new status as legitimated and the full name of the child.

If minor is illegitimate but acknowledged by father.

  1. All of the General Requirements and
  2. PSA birth certificate of the minor reflecting surname of father with Affidavit of Acknowledgment and Consent to use the surname of the father.

If minor is legally adopted

  1. All of the General Requirements and
  2. PSA birth certificate
    • Original and certified true copy of PSA birth certificate before adoption.
    • Original and certified true copy of PSA amended birth certificate after adoption.
  3. DSWD clearance
    • If traveling with a person other than the adopting parents.
  4. Certified True Copy of the Court Decision of Order on Adoption and Certificate of Finality must also be complied.

If minor’s parents are annulled / divorced

  1. All of the General Requirements and
  2. PSA marriage certificate of parents with annotation on nullity or annulment decree.
  3. DSWD clearance

If minor’s mother is likewise a minor

  1. All of the General Requirements and
  2. Personal appearance of mother and maternal grandparents.
  3. PSA birth certificate of minor applicant and mother.
  4. Affidavit of Support and Consent executed by the maternal grandparents indicating the name of the traveling companion.
  5. DSWD clearance if traveling with a person other than the maternal grandparents.
  6. Proof of identity of mother and maternal grandparents.

Minors 12 months and below are no longer required to seek an appointment with the DFA.

Apart from producing all the basic documentary requirements, Margaret’s father had to contact her mother and request her to accompany Margaret to the DFA.  This made Margaret’s passport application a lot easier than if she were accompanied by her father’s girlfriend.

Applying for a minor child’s passport could get complicated if you are not armed with the necessary documents beforehand.  We hope this list helps clear out the questions that most parents have regarding their children’s passport applications and renewals.

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42 thoughts on “Passport Application for Minors: What You Need to Bring and Why

  1. Kung kukuha kmi ng anak ko ng passport na minor 13 years old para sa pag aral sa U.S. at kasama po ako na byahe papunta don,need pa po ba ng appearance ng kanyang father sa DFA? Since her father left never see us for 9 years..hindi na po nmin alam kung nasaan na sya..kylangan pa po ba ng consent from her father? Kylangan pa po ba ng dswd clearance?

  2. Hi MC, I am an OFW. Uuwi po ako this May for vacation, at the same time since andyn na po ako sa Pinas gusto ko sana kuhanan ng passport yung 2 kids ko ages 15 and 12. Will we be able to use the priority lane to apply for their passport?

    1. Hi MC,

      Ang priority lanes po ng DFA ay para lamang sa mga infants toddlers, senior citizens, PWD, and pregnant women.

      Sa case po ninyo, kailangan niyo na pong mag set ng appointment online.


  3. hi for my minor kids 6 and 2 years old Do I need to get an appointment online or can we go directly to the regional office here in Davao as well as my Senior citizen mother

    1. Hi Gracey,

      You can go directly to the DFA and they should let you through the Priority Lanes intended for minor applicants and Senior Citizens.

      No need for an appointment.


  4. Hi po im planning to get my passport fo my son
    Pwede ba ako sumabay na sa kanya as new applicant din ako
    Ano po ang need namin na requirements both?
    Hindi kami kasal ng father nya pero he’s using hes father surname and naka pirma naman sya sa birth cert,my son is turning 7 this coming april

  5. Hello po!

    I’m a minor applying for passport (17 y/o) but my mom lost her passport (Siya rin magaaccompany sakin) and my dad will be applying pa lang po. Can I still apply and have my passport?

    1. Hi Isla,

      You and your mom will be accommodated at the Priority Lanes of any DFA office. Your mom may apply for her passport renewal too without getting an appointment.

      Only one companion may be accommodated by the DFA without an appointment.


  6. Hello!

    Both my passport and my 5 year old son’s are expiring in July 2018. Do I need to set an appointment online for myself even if I am also accompanying him in the priority lane? Thank you.

  7. Hi my friends brother wants to get passport for his 2 children (8y/o and 10 y/o), his brother is currently in new zealand the mother of the children already have new family, his brother wants to bring the children to new zealand for vacation what are the requirements needed? they ask the mother of the children to help them to process the application but she only give a hand written consent ,authorizing the Lola of the Boys to accompany them sa DFA. About the travel the father of the children is willing to be with them, they just want the boys to have passport. Thanks in Advance

  8. Hi my Sister in law wants to get a passport for her 5 year old daughter, but she and the father of the child wasn’t married and are now separated. the child is using her fathers surname. do they still need to get an affidavit of acknowledgement of consent if the fathers surname is already on the childs BC? will it be required by DFA?

  9. Hi im a single mother and working abroad, i wanted to apply passport for my two minor kids age 12 and 15 because my employer wanted to invite them for Christmas holiday here in Singapore. Is it possible for my sister to accompany them for the passport application and she will be traveling here with them as well. What are the requirements they needed to bring to the Philippine Embassy?

    1. Yes it’s possible. Provide them with affidavit of support and consent and SPA duly authenticated by the Phil. Embassy there in Singapore. Travel permit for children is neede and they can get it at the DSWD office.

  10. Do they really check an Affidavit of support and consent to travel (from parent)? If so, where and how can I get one (the fastest way)? Thank you.

  11. My 5 yo granddaughter will be renewing her Phil passport soon coz she will be travelling with me this April to the US. Does she still needs a DSWD clearance when she got a valid US passport.Thank you

    1. Hi Benilda,

      Will she be travelling without her parents? If yes, then the DFA will still require a DSWD clearance — even if she will be traveling with a relative.

      Also, she needs to be accompanied by either her father or mother when she renews her passport.


  12. As I read back on comments it seems I have a different question.
    As a father of 3 yo daughter, I want to her travel with me. Her mother left the child to me(we’re not married, but the child is under my name) secondly, I’m working abroad and will ask my sister to accompany my daughter to get her a passport. What document do I need to complete her application?

  13. I don’t have a passport yet and but I am planning to apply a passport for me and for my son which is 2 years old. Are they any instances na maprioritize kami since mag apply ako ng passport for my kid too?

  14. Hi. My daughter is renewing her passport. she is now 5 years old and her passport is technically still valid. I am accompanying her. Do I still need to submit PSA Marriage Certificate to DFA?

  15. I wrote as my travelling companion is my mother, i forgot that her passport is expired. is it possible that i can change my travelling companion to my father on the day of our appointment?

  16. Hi Mastercitizen,

    My situation is somehow similar with this one however I am a single mother. I was not married to the father of my kids but his name is written on my children’s birth certificate since we were still together the time I gave birth to my youngest child.

    I’m planning to get my 2 kids their passport this October however I’m worried that DFA may have to request the appearance of the father. I don’t have any contact from my ex-boyfriend anymore and no way to find him on social media or his relatives too.

    I hope you can give me advice on what to do and what’s needed so I can prepare it as early as now.

    Len Salazar

  17. You answer most of the questions sir/ma’am but my wasn’t tackled, My problem is this I am renewing my nieces passport but both her parents are living abroad they are separated and her father is is foreigner. I’m renewing her passport because she is returning to her country to study and I’m accompanying her there for a few days. She is a legitimate child. What requirements should I prepare?

    1. Hi Rea,

      If both parents are abroad, you need to have the following:

      1. Affidavit of Support and Consent to Travel (from either parent) indicating the name of the traveling companion and relationship to the minor.

      2. Special Power of Attorney with an attached photocopy of either parent’s valid passport, authenticated by the nearest Philppine Embassy or Consulate General authorizing a representative in assisting the child to apply for a passport. If minor is illegitimate, mother should apply for the passport.

      3. DSWD Clearance

      4. Proper ID of the duly authorized representative.

      We hope these information help.


      1. Even if she is a citizen there she still needs a consent and clearance from DSWD? She has a passport of Australia and she will be using it instead.

  18. I have a very similar situation as the parents of Margaret, with difference about marriage.

    My son is also 13 years old and is about to secure his first passport. My son’s living arrangement is also complicated. Me and his mother was not married and the custody was given to me verbally as he turned 7 years old. His mother was married to another man and she gave my son to me since she has her own family already; my son is living with me until now.

    As a father, I wanted to bring my son to Disneyland this coming school vacation (April 2018) in Tokyo. I want him to experience traveling this summer. DSWD told me that there is no need for the mother to appear personally in getting a passport as long as I present my son’s Birth Certificate reflecting my surname and an Affidavit of Acknowledgement and Consent and my personal appearance.

    As we are set to begin my son’s passport application process (appointment in 2 weeks time), i am a bit worried that his mother’s personal appearance will required by the DFA and the appointment will be null. I lost contact with the mother as they moved from their previous address. I tried looking in social media, but no luck as well.

    I hope you can give me advice and hoping the DFA officer would be considerate.

    1. Hi Alberman,

      As long as you have the complete documents from DSWD, your application will be entertained by the DFA. If they will require the mother of your child to appear, you can explain your situation and then ask for any alternative solution given that you no longer know where your child’s mother is staying now.


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