The Senior Citizen Discount: “No SC ID, No Discount” Policy?


My Mom misplaced her Senior Citizen ID a few months ago.  She has yet to make that trip to the Quezon City hall to secure a new one and until then, she would shrug her shoulders every time she foregoes an opportunity to get a discount on her purchase.

Last month, she lined up at a bus terminal to buy a ticket for a one-way trip to La Union.  I heard her mention to the cashier that she is a Senior Citizen and that she doesn’t have her ID in her possession and for the cashier to please give her the discounted ticket price.  The cashier looked quizzically at her and said that without my Mom’s SC ID, she cannot grant her the discount.  My Mom dyes her hair a subtle shade of mahogany brown and would never leave the house without make up on.  She is 71 years old but people would always mistake her for someone who is in her mid-50s.  My Mom probably caught the cashier’s doubtful look because she immediately pulled her passport out of her bag and showed it to the ticket lady. However, without even uttering a word (or taking a glance at my Mom’s passport), the cashier punched the numbers on the ticket and handed it to my Mom.  I did not need to look at the ticket; I knew right away that she did not grant my Mom her discount.

Is the Senior Citizen ID the only required document before a Senior Citizen is granted his government-mandated discounts?

The Expanded Senior Citizen Act of 2010 (RA 9994) states that senior citizens may avail of benefits and privileges under the Act upon presenting a valid and original Senior Citizen’s ID as proof of his or her eligibility.

But does it end there?

My mom volunteered to present her passport, a document bearing her photograph, her address, and her birth date.  That should have been enough to prove that she is a senior citizen and she should be granted senior citizen discounts.

A careful review of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 9994, particularly Article 5.5, will lead you to realize that there are indeed ALTERNATIVE IDs that senior citizens may present, in the absence of their SC IDs, if only to prove that they are qualified to avail of SC benefits and privileges.

Article 5.5 defines these alternative IDs as any document or proof of being a senior citizen which may be used to avail of benefits and privileges under the Act and its Rules.  It shall be any of the following:

  1. Senior Citizens’ ID card issued by the OSCA in the municipality where the elderly resides;
  2. The Philippine passport of the elderly person or senior citizen concerned; and
  3. Government-issued ID which reflects on its face the name, picture, date of birth and nationality of the senior citizen which includes any of the following:
    • Digitized Social Security System ID
    • Government Service Insurance System ID
    • Professional Regulation Commission ID
    • Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
    • Unified Multi-purpose ID (UMID)
    • Driver’s License

Had I known these facts that day we were lined up at the ticket booth, I would have stepped up and demanded that my Mom be given her rightful privilege as a Filipino Senior Citizen.

Nonetheless, we took time off from work one Thursday morning and accompanied our 71-year-old mother to the Office of Senior Citizen Affairs at the QC Hall.  She was issued a shiny new ID that she now proudly flashes whenever she is asked, “Senior na po kayo?”


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12 thoughts on “The Senior Citizen Discount: “No SC ID, No Discount” Policy?

  1. Bakit ang Vat na binabawas ng Mercury nakalagay ay 12% pero sa totoo ay 10.7 lang halos. Sayang din yung 1.3% ng kulang sa ibinabawas nila.

  2. As default, pag mag tatransact talaga sa bangko, hospital, govt offices or kahit saan make sure na VALID ang isang ID. Mas madali kung ganun hindi ka na mag kaka aberya pa.

    Kasama ko rin ang tita ko na senior and lagi niya dinadala yun Senior C. ID niya dahil yun talaga nag papatunay na senior na siya and valid sya sa discounts.

  3. Madam,

    What about you have the ID pero you forgot the booklets…alam ko di rin nila binibigyan ng discount 😦

  4. Bakit po sa trinoma at sm north parking hindi binibigyan ng discout ang senior citizen card ko.. ang sbi nila kc daw po sa caloocan na issue ang senior card ko.. gaano po ba katotoo? Di po ba kahit saan sa pilipinas pwede ito?

  5. Ayaw po tanggapin sa ospital ang drivers license dahil expired n daw. Ano po ang gagawin nmin? Ung lang po ang ID nya n may birthday November 26, 1952

  6. Ayaw po nila tanggapin ang drivers lincense dahil expired n daw po ang lisensya nya. Bakit ho ganoon e birthdate po dapat ang tingnan ? 65 n po ang pasyente, single, at matagal n rin syang di makapagdrive Ano po ang dapat nming gawin? Nasa ospital sya at di makalabas dahil sa laki ng sinisingil ng hospital JNRAL Family Hospital, Tanza, Cavite

    1. Hi Irene,

      Wala na ba siyang ibang ID tulad ng Passport o Postal ID? Wala ba siyang Senior Citizen’s ID?

      Pwede rin ninyong ipakita ang birth certificate niya para patunay sa kanyang edad.


  7. What if no ID presented?can a SC avail of discount?say forgot to bring all IDs or no IDs at all

  8. If she had a receipt of that purchased ticket, you could mail a copy and a cooy of that proof that she’s a senior citizen and reuest for the discounted refund. Giive the date and time to complain about the worker’s ignorance to the rule.

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