U.S. WORK VISA: Supporting Documents for You and Your Dependents


When you have successfully scheduled your appointment at the U.S. Embassy, you may begin preparing additional documents that can support your reason for entering the U.S.  The Consular Officer who will be assigned to interview you may or may not ask for these documents but it is best that you have it with you.

What do you need to remember when preparing your supporting documents?

  1. Consular officers will consider professional, social, cultural, and other factors during adjudication.  Any document that will attest to your skills or profession will help establish your capabilities as an employee or worker.
  2. Consular officers may look at your specific intentions, family situation, and your long range plans and prospects within your country of residence.
  3. Do not present false documents.  The U.S. Embassy will tag you as permanently ineligible for a visa if you are proven to be presenting fraudulent documents of making false declarations about yourself.
  4. Bring original copies of your documents, not just photocopies.
  5. Bring documents that will establish your job qualifications, including any university diplomas.
  6. Original letters from current and previous employers detailing your position and projects you worked on and how long you worked with your employers.
  7. If you are currently working and holding an H-1B visa, please submit your pay slips for the current calendar year and your Federal tax returns (IRS Form 1040 and W-2) for all the years in which you have been employed in the United States.
  8. Pay slips from your current and most recent place of employment.
  9. The names and current phone numbers of the personnel managers at your present and previous places of employment.
  10. Your resume or CV.
  11. Your dependents should bring the following documents for any nonimmigrant visa. Plus:
    • An original marriage certificate (of you and your spouse) and / or birth certificate (for unmarried children under 21), as applicable.
    • A letter from your spouse’s employer confirming his/her continued employment.
    • If your spouse is currently working in the United States on an H1-B visa, his / her pay slips for the current calendar year and federal tax returns (IRS Form 1040 and W-2s) for all the years in which he/she has been employed in the United States on the H-1B visa.

Source: http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ph/ph-niv-typework.asp

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