U.S. Visa: Denied! Common Reasons Why Pinoys are Denied a U.S. Visa


After you have successfully set an appointment online for your interview at the U.S. Embassy, you are one step closer (or farther!) from your objective of setting foot in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Here comes the inevitable question: will you be granted a U.S. Visa?

According to recent statistics, 75% of US visa applications are approved yearly; roughly three out four applicants leave the U.S. Embassy with victorious smiles on their faces.  On the other hand, the 25% that are denied their chance to see the U.S. are left wondering what could have gone wrong with their interview.

Was it the nature of my employment?

Did I have to have an invitation letter from my Ninang who lives in Florida?

I’ve traveled to different countries in Asia, didn’t the Consul see those in my passport?

Sadly though, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to getting a nod from a Consul at the U.S. Embassy.  The decision will depend on how you are able to prove that you only intend to visit the U.S. without any intention of staying there illegally.

We did a thorough research on the most probable causes why Pinoys are denied their U.S. Visa applications.  These were lifted from an online article featuring the US Consul General.  These can help you prepare for your interview at the US Embassy (although it does not guarantee that you will be granted your visa).

Read on!

  1. You must be able to prove that you have the following:
    • A good and stable job;
    • Strong family ties;
    • A “reason to return in timely fashion”;
    • No reason to remain indefinitely in the US;
    • And enough resources to support the trip.
  2. Young travelers (fresh graduates, first-job seekers) must be able to present proof of the following:
    • “Parallel support” from his family since he may still have limited financial resources.
    • Family members have US visas and have traveled to the US before.
    • Applicant has traveled to other countries before (visa or non-visa countries).
  3. You must be a tenured employee at your company, receiving monthly compensation that can easily finance your travel.
  4. Avoid bringing a cheat sheet or kodigo to your interview.
    • Be comfortable during the interview and anticipate questions like “What will you do there?” which you are expected to answer without the aid of notes.
    • Some of the questions will be lifted from the answers you provided online when you submitted your application.  If you have not read our article on the things you need to prepare and remember when applying for a US visa online, you can read it here.
  5. Be honest.
    • Do not omit any information about your trip.
    • Do not be afraid to admit that you have family and relatives who are residing in the U.S.
    • Do not lie about your financial status; state your real income.  The embassy simply wants to know if you are capable of funding your trip and still have enough to get by when you return.
    • Do not lie about your work status or your tenure at your company.

People who are caught lying about their information run the risk of being permanently banned from entering the U.S.  This is not a good thing to happen to any applicant.  According to the Consul General, the following are ineligible from acquiring a US visa forever:

  • Impostors, or those who commit fraud in their applications.
  • Those with criminal history.
  • Those with medical conditions that might pose a health threat in the US.
  • Those who have previous records of narcotic dependency.

Should you be denied on your first attempt to secure the coveted US visa, it is advisable that you wait it out before submitting a new application.  There is no limit to the number of times you apply for a visa and secure an interview appointment, but it would better to prepare for your next appointment to save on money and time.  When your circumstances have strengthened, (you have been promoted to a higher position at work or you earned another year of tenure on your business) you can easily create a new application with your updated details.

Best of luck on your application!






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15 thoughts on “U.S. Visa: Denied! Common Reasons Why Pinoys are Denied a U.S. Visa

  1. Hello polme gusto pong kumuha sakin bilang nanny ng knilng anak sa us po willinh o syang maging sponsor ko po….pano po pag apply ng is visa polornall

    1. Hi Lorna,

      Kung sponsored ang visit mo sa US, kailangan mo ng proof na ini-imbatahan ka nila, at kaya ka nilang suportahan habang nandun ka, patitirahin ka sa bahay nila at iba pa.

      I-check mo ang mga requirements sa website ng US Embassy.


  2. Hi. Twice na po akong nadeny sa aking tourist visa application. Recently I married an American pero wala akong plano mag migrate sa US. Gus2 ko lng talagang mkita yong place ng asawa ko. Gus2 ko mag apply ulit ng tourist visa. Mkatulong ba kng I attach ko yong aming marriage certificate?

  3. Applicants would like to know the Reason for denial of application, considering the amount of time and money spent.

    1. Hi Nestor,

      I agree with you. Actually, there are consuls who give you a clue why they are denying your application. You have to pay close attention to how they react to your answers.


  4. Good pm po..tnong ko po..tatay ko po may dumating n petition papers nya family petition po paid n po sya s processing pero patay n po petitioner nya..ano pong best para magtuloy ung processing kc gang ngayon po wla ng nttatangap n sulat galing visa center…2009 p po ntanggap ung mga papeles nya..

  5. hi , i have a F2B visa appointment interview next month, may quetion is, would i get denied because i went through psychiatric exam cause if a vehicle accident , not alcohol related accident

  6. good afternoon po ask ko lng if anu po gagawin ko ung birtcert kopo kc is mali po ung year na pnanganak ako isang number po mali dun tpos ung gender kpo ngkabliktan female ako pero male andun mgkanu po byad pag pnapalitan ko un at anu po gagawin ko pra mpalitan

    1. Hi Judith,

      Na-check mo na ba sa LCR kung saan ka naka register kung mali din ang year of birth na naka lagay sa kopya nila? Kailangan i-verify mo muna kung mali din ang nakalagay sa records nila.

      Kung may problem ang year of birth na naka declare sa birth certificate mo, kailangan mong kumonsulta sa lawyer para sa pagpapa-correct niyan.

      Follow this link para sa process ng correction ng gender: https://mastercitizen.wordpress.com/2016/04/12/problems-with-nso-birth-certificate-wrong-gender-in-nso-birth-certificate/

      Again, make sure na mali talaga ang nakalagay sa copy ng birth certificate mo na nasa LCR.


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