For our information and guidance, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or PhilHealth, has released their new contribution schedule for employed and self-employed members, OFWs, and Sponsored Program Members for 2017.  Below is the table of contributions and other important announcements from PhilHealth.


Philhealth Contribution Table for OFWs:

OFWs or those under the Overseas Workers’ Program (OWP) shall pay Php 2,400.00 as their annual premium contribution to PhilHealth.  This is also applicable to land-based OFWs, whether documented or undocumented.  Payments may be made in two increments (Php 1,200 every six months) or the full amount of Php 2,400.

PhilHealth Contribution Table for Self-employed, Individually Paying Member:

  1. Members with monthly income of Php25,000 and below shall pay Php2,400 per year.
  2. Members with monthly income above Php25,000 shall pay Php3,600 per year.

Sponsored Program Members:

Whether fully or partially subsidized by the sponsor, members under this category shall pay an annual premium of Php2,400.

Source: https://www.philhealth.gov.ph/