Taking the MRT? Take a ‘Traincheck’ First!


If you are a frequent passenger of the MRT, you are in for a treat!

A new web application that helps commuters check the status of MRT’s stations has been recently launched and is gaining positive feedback from its users.

Imagine this: before heading out, you can go online and check the congestion levels at MRT stations so you would know which station would be less crowded, helping you plan your commute better.  If all stations are teeming with stranded passengers, then you can either take your car or find a different means to travel to your destination.  By being able to do all these before leaving your home or office, you save yourself a lot of time and be able to get to your destination with less hassle.

The web application is called Traincheck; it is easy to use and takes seconds to show you the information you need.  You can also download the mobile phone app version for convenience and mobility.

All you need to do is key-in the station where you wish to depart from, your destination, and the length of time you are willing to wait before you can leave.  Based on these information and through the help of footages from the Department of Transportation’s streams of MRT stations fed into a predictive algorithm, the system is able to tell the passenger which stations are heavily congested and the estimated time when crowds will thin out.  The system then tells the passenger when is the best time to head out to his desired MRT station, when lines are shorter and there are less passengers.

Apart from MRT information, the site also offers complete guides for Metro Manila commuters who wish to travel by jeepney, bus, or UV Express (FX).  It provides information on fares, travel time, and specific drop-off points.  You can even print out the maps and travel information so you won’t have to take out your mobile phones while on commute.

You can access the site at https://traincheck.sakay.ph/ or download the mobile app.

Tell us what you think about this new web application!






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