Senior Citizens’ Benefits in the Philippines



If you or your parents and relatives are Senior Citizen ID card holders, you need to know what specific benefits you are entitled to here in the Philippines.  Here is a summary of these privileges and the types of establishments where you can avail of the said benefits.

20% discount and VAT exemption:

  1. Medical-related privileges
    • 20% discount on medicines and drugs, essential medical supplies, accessories and equipment such as:
      • Purchase of eyeglasses
      • Hearing aids
      • Dentures
      • Prosthetics
      • Artificial bone replacements like steel, walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, canes.
      • Geriatric diapers.
    • Medical and dental services in private facilities such as:
      • Dental x-rays
      • Computerized tomography scans
      • Blood tests requested by a physician as necessary for diagnosis and / or treatment of an illness or injury.
    • Professional fees for attending physicians, licensed health workers providing home health care services.
  2. Domestic transportation privileges
    • 20% discount and VAT exemption for air and sea travel, including advanced booking.
    • 20% discount and VAT exemption on fare in public railways, including LRT, MRT, and PNR.
    • 20% discount and VAT exemption on fares in buses, jeepneys, taxi, and shuttle services (AUV).
  3. Hotels and restaurants
    • Discounts on resorts such as beach and mountain resorts.
    • Discounts shall be applied on room accommodation and other amenities offered by the establishment, not limited to the following examples:
      • Hotel-based parlors and barbershops;
      • Restaurants, massage and spa, workout gyms, swimming pools, KTV bars, internet facilities.
  4. Recreational and places of leisure.
    • Discounts on the utilization of services in the form of fees, charges, and rental for sports facilities or equipment.
    • Discounts on ballroom dancing, yoga, badminton courts, bowling lanes, table or lawn tennis, workout gyms, and martial arts facilities.
  5. Admission fees privileges.
    • Discounts on admission fees charged by theaters, cinema houses, and concert halls.
    • Discounts on other similar places of culture, leisure, and amusement such as museums and parks.
  6. Funeral and burial services.

The beneficiary or any person who shall shoulder the funeral and burial expenses of the deceased senior citizen, shall claim the discount under this Rule for the deceased senior citizen upon presentation of the death certificate.

Coverage includes expenses for: casket, embalming, cremation costs, and other related services.

7.  Income Tax Exemption

The senior citizen shall be entitled to exemption from the payment of the individual income tax, provided he / she is considered to be minimum wage earner in accordance with RA 9504.

8. Exemption from Training Fees

The senior citizen shall be exempted from training fees for socio-economic programs conducted by private and government agencies subject to the guidelines issues by the DTI, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the DA, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the Department of Science and Technology – Technology Resource Center (DOST – TRC).

9. Free vaccinations for indigent senior citizens.

This includes influenza virus and pneumococcal disease vaccines; the vaccines are administered by the DOH.

10. Educational privileges

a. Educational assistance for post secondary, post tertiary, vocational, and technical education.

b. These may be taken in public and private schools through provision of scholarships, grants, financial aids, subsidies, and other incentives.

11. Benefits and privileges for retirees.

The government may grant special discounts on special programs for senior citizens on purchase of basic necessities and prime commodities.

Said programs must be developed by concerned departments with the concerned department’s jurisdiction.

12. Express lane privileges.

These shall be provided in all private, banking, commercial, and government establishments; in the absence thereof, priority shall be given to them.






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196 thoughts on “Senior Citizens’ Benefits in the Philippines

  1. Why the groceries do not remove vat in discounting our purchases. They minus and the plus it as seen in the receipt. Please take note and investigate for the Benifit of our senior citizens. 5% lang discounts and yet they do not remove the vat.exemption. Please investigate this. It’s written in the booklet that it’s vat exempted ang mga groceries.

    1. Hi Josefina,

      Pwede niyo pong ireklamo ang grocery store na hindi nag tatanggal ng VAT sa grocery items na pinamili ninyo. Also, make sure po na yung mga items na pinamili ninyo ay kasama sa mga identified goods na pwedeng lagyan ng discounts — hindi po kasi lahat ng grocery items ay pwedeng malagyan ng discount.

      IF the store will not cooperate, you can file a complaint at the city hall kung saan located ang grocery or at your OSCA.


  2. According as senior citizen office ng echague, isabela..walang maaclaiclaim so tatay kasi di Daw nagbabayad ng 20pesos every may namamatay. Tama Po Ba?

    1. Hi Joe.Ann

      Wala namang requirement na magbayad ang senior ng P20 every time na may mamamatay. Baka kailangan ninyong i-report sa city hall ninyo ang OSCA sa area ninyo dahil walang ganung requirement for senior citizens.


  3. We have the senior citizen id and doctor’s prescription but we have no booklet. Can we still avail the discount if we are already at the drug store?

    1. Hi RC,

      Some drugstores are lenient and will extend the discount even without the booklet. But the booklet is a requirement so if the drugstore declines, you have to understand.

      Always have the booklet with you when purchasing on behalf of a senior.


  4. Can a senior citizen avail for 20percent discount for a take out order at any resto without their presence .senior id is presented thru representative only.

    1. Hi Cynthia,


      I hope this helps:

      An Authorized Representative May Claim the 20% Discount on a Senior’s Behalf.

      If your parents or grandparents are bedridden or too weak to buy their food and medicines, you may claim the senior citizen discount on their behalf, as long as they’re the ones who will use the discounted products and services.

      To get the 20% discount on behalf of a senior citizen, a duly authorized representative must present these documents when paying for a purchase:

      1. Senior citizen ID or any government ID
      2. OSCA Purchase Booklet
      3. The representative’s government ID
      4. Signed authorization letter from the senior citizen


    2. Hi Cynthia,

      A senior citizen can authorize someone else to purchase his or her medicines and be granted the SC discount only if he or she is physically incapable of going out to buy the medicines himself. It may not be applicable for take out food orders.


  5. Can a senior citizen can avail fhe 20percent discount for take out order in a restaurant presenting senior id

  6. Hello tanong ko lng po kung may posibility bang ma tanggal sa senior citizen program yong mama ko pag may natatanggap syang pension??nakatanggap na po yong mama ko mga 1yr din tas nong nalaman may pension sya tinggal ho sya tas sabi pa dapat sana nga daw ibalik yong natangap nyang pera ..pwd po ba yon??

    1. Hi Floramae,

      Ang SC privileges ay para sa lahat ng mga Pilipino na edad 60 years old pataas, regardless kung sila ay nagta-trabaho pa, pensionado, may negosyo, or kung ano pa man. Walang kinalaman ang source of income ng isang senior citizen sa privilege niya bilang isang senior citizen ng ating bansa.

      Maaari niyo pong ireklamo sa OSCA sa munisipyo ang mga establishments na nagde-deny ng privileges sa mga SC, lalo na kung ang dahilan nila ay dahil nagpe-pension naman ang SC.


  7. Hello po.comment lang po talaga regarding sa senior citizen. Ako po i papunta din duon in a few years time.kaya I have nothing against them. Pero minsan din po kase masyado nila naabuso yung ibang priviledges nila .gaya po ng basic talaga sa line. I am well verse sa law na yan. Pero yung nagiging magulo yung iba na .hinde po ako pumipila sa mga senior citizen lane kahit walang tao lane nila. Kase its for them as a respect for them.pero yung pipila ako sa regular lane and papasok etong senior citizen and deliberately kang paalisin at papipila ka sa ibang!! Please explain to them very well na kahit meron silang mga priviledges silang ganito. They are not allowed para maging bastos sa kapwa nila. After all sila dapat examples.hinde ying sila magugulo.

    1. Hi Gilda,

      Sa lahat naman ng establishments, priority talaga ang mga senior citizens. Minsan talaga, meron yung mga SC na gusto nila sila lagi ang una — kahit hindi nila lane ang pinipilahan nila.

      Bilang may mga edad na sila, pagbigyan na lang natin, para makaiwas sa alitan sa public places 🙂


      1. Hello po MC , wala naman pong problema iyong mauuna sila ang akin lang po . Nakapila ka sa regular lane tapos paalisin ka sa regular lane mo at palilipatin ka sa ibang lane.makatarungan ba yun. Basahin nyo po ng buo yung comment kopo. Pwede namang shate kame sa lane kase asa right lane naman ako.

  8. i would like to ask if senior citizen discount is mandatory to all stores in the Philippines because Goldilocks refuses to provide discount when a senior citizen bought an egg pie. Hope you can answer my query. Salamat.

  9. how about my mother 64yr and father 65yr,.they are senior citizen card holder, never work at any company or government unit, never had pension but then they never receive the 500 quarterly pension,.

  10. my grandfather is 88 years old still a lot of stablishments never actually honor him being a senior citizen especially for his medications… what can we do?

  11. Pwede po bang iApply ng senior citizen ang 20% discount sa binabayaran nyang upa sa bahay?
    Salamat po sa sasagot

  12. My wife bought medicines from a generic pharmacy in our area but the salesperson assigned at the time did not give a senior citizens discount on one of the medicines she bought citing that the medicine is branded and they said also that it is the policy of the owner not to give senior citizens discount on the branded medicines they sell. Is this policy covered by the senior citizens expanded bill? And if not, could we file a complaint on this kind of practice at the local Osca.thanks po.

  13. i would like to know what are the “essential medical supplies” being referred to in the senior citizen’s act because it causes confusion in the drug stores

  14. I don’t have a valid nso certificate up to now when i got married i used my baptismal certificate pls. Inform me how can i get one?

    1. Hi Judy,

      Are you referring to your NSO Birth Certificate?

      If yes:

      1. Is your birth registered at the LCR (municipality where you were born)?

      2. Have you tried requesting for a copy of your birth certificate before?


  15. I obtained my OSCA ID from QC but we just transferred recently to Antipolo.
    Do I need to replace my OSCA ID from QC to that issued in Antipolo??

  16. is it true na hindi na daw mkkatanggap ng senior citizen pension ang mother ko dhil SSS pensioner na sya? un ang sabi ng focal person ng SC office dto sa amin…. i need ur reply po….9 years na pong senior citizen ang mothertil now wala pa rin pong nttanggap…

      1. 1,500.00 lng nman po monthly pension nya sa sss…. kulang na kulang sa meds nya lalo na na stroke sya ngaun

  17. Thanks for all the privileges and benefits that governments granted to us. It is a big help to all senior citizen like me.


  18. So thankful for this program…I will ask my senior id when I have my vacation…I am now at the age of 60…But still working in Riyadh Saudi Arabia…Thanked God …At last we can have this opportunity for our daily need..

  19. can’t we do away with the booklet if a doctor’s prescription is already at hand? mercury wont give discounts without this booklet even if i have a doctor;s prescription. and yet they are not writing anything on those booklets

  20. Hi, I’m a senior citizen working here in Hong-Kong and I’m going home for good this 2018, dito po free ang maintenence ko para sa high blood ko, meron din po ba dyan or 20% discount din. Sslamat po and God bless

  21. Our heartfelt thanks to all officials who were involved in the passing into law the Senior Citizens Act. May the Lord bless each one of them with long life, with success in their work and undertakings, peace in their homes and familHis and a greater love for the Lord. May the Lord be praised for His care and generosity and faithfulness to His people! The Lord is kind and merciful,indeed!!

  22. most of the conductor of the bus company here in Bohol are not giving discount to senior citizen and the reason is no discount for the minimum fare .it is true

  23. I am from general santos city, my mom died feb of 2016 and she was a senior citizen, we didn’t knew about the number 6 Rule (funeral and burial services). Can we still avail it? We still have the receipts. Where can we ask more information about this? Thanks!

  24. senior citizen ako 70 years old. uuwi na ako sa pinas for good. dual citizen ako, paano ako makaka kuha ng phils. license.

  25. paano makaka kuha ng Phils. License.. Meron akong american license pero uuwi na ako sa Pinas for good, dual citizen ako. .

  26. Hi there! I have been buying adult diaper particularly the brand name Caress for almost five years for my Lola, i didnt know that mercury drug can give discount for this.. We can provide prescription if they need it.. Thanks for the info. By the way,is this applicable for 1box of diaper? As much as possible we wanted to buy in a bulk.

    1. Hi Carlos,

      Kung group kayo na kukuha, pwede kayong maki coordinate sa barangay ninyo. Kung individual, better na diretso na kayo sa Office of Senior Citizen Affairs ng Manila.


  27. I am a Filipino but had been a naturalized American citizen for more the 35 years, do I need to have a dual citizen status to avail these privileges

    1. Hi Willie,

      Your Senior Citizen ID from the US will be honored in the Philippines. However, it would still be best that you secure a Philippine SC ID; you can get one by applying for a dual citizenship.


  28. I buy my maintenance in hiblood amlodipine in Watson sm dasma I have my sc I’d but i have lost my reseta im asking for discount but they did not honor it and I insist but still ignore me I’m so disappointed with the Watson staff.

    1. Hi Imelda,

      Some pharmacies are strict in implement rules on purchasing medicines. If you can’t get a prescription from your doctor, you can secure one from a health center or provincial hospital and they will give you one for free. Make sure you have a copy of the prescription when you go to the pharmacy.


  29. Hello. .please return the 5 months pension loan as it was reduced to one month can our one month pension loan buy the needed medicines as growing old ,gives you a lot of sickness n body pains.please consider our old age n needs.thank you for your consideration.

  30. I am a holder of the S.C ID and much worry why our province of Lanao del Sur is that all S.C. ID holder like me have’nt enjoyed the benefits in facts the LGU concerns are issuing the ID to Oldies people. All restaurants, Pharmacy, Transportation of any kind are not granting the privileges given by our government to deserving people. It is only enjoyed in the place outside Lanao de del Sur like Iligan, CDO and etc. Katwiran nila ay di na daw uso sa kanila ang discount ng SC, we appeal to the OSCA to help us resolve the matter by informing the concern people to do something in this very abnormal situation.

    1. Hi Yusoph,

      You may want to contact the citizen’s hotline 8888 to report this. Senior Citizen discounts is mandated by law and any establishment that refuses to honor this shall be held liable.


  31. I live here in Lapu-Lapu City Cebu. I applied for another Senior Citizen’s ID cos I list my previous ID. It was issued in Cagayan De Oro City way back 2001. When I ask them about the green card to claim the 6000 benefits every year, the said I still have to vote in the election before I can avail the green card. Previously I was registered in the Comelec of Lanao Del Note but I was not able to vote cos of difficulty in traveling just to vote…I am suffering ftom slip disc and chostocondritis that is why I cannot just travel. My question is is it justifiable that I must vote first? I already transferred myComelec registation here in Lapu-Lapu City, since election has already lapsed and I have no record as voter in this city. Please advise me what to do…I have maintainance medicines for my hiblood pressure, cholesterol, diabities and pain reliever… Thank you..

    1. Hi Ma’am Annabella,

      The requirement for the senior citizen to vote first before being entitled to the annual fund is not mentioned in any of the announcements that DSWD made last year po. As long as you were able to submit all the requirements and they have qualified you as a recipient of the fund, you should be able to receive this po. You may want to consult this with the DSWD office in your area or at the city hall or municipal hall for further assistance.


  32. My mother is 83 years old, indigent. She needs a lawyer. She applied at Public Attorneys Office (PAO) in Binangonan Rizal and was rejected. I want to find out if senior citizens have rights with regards to Public Attorney’s Services.
    What are the requirements to get free lawyer service from PAO?

    1. Hi Florian,

      According to the website of PAO:


      Under R. A. 9406, the PAO shall independently discharge its mandate to render, free of charge, legal representation, assistance and counselling to indigent persons in criminal, civil, labor, administrative and other quasi-judicial cases. In the exigency of the service, the PAO may be called upon by proper government authorities to render such service to other persons, subject to existing laws, rules and regulations.”

      You may want to bring this matter to the attention of the head of the PAO where your mother sought assistance and was rejected.


  33. Can a restaurant / fastfood deny the senior citizen discount if the cardholder is not present and asked a representative to buy his food for him? Letter of authorization with signature, senior citizen ID and another gov’t issued valid ID was provided but the fastfood chain denied the privilege because the senior citizen is not present. What about in cases that the senior citizen is not capable in going out to do the purchase himself? In my case, my dad is having a hard tired walking that day and asked me to buy his meal for him. I know we can have it delivered but this fastfood chain is just few meters away from us – i see no point of paying delivery fee and waiting 30-45 minutes when I can get it in 15 min or less.

  34. My Auntie is 82 years old. How can she avail of the monthly stipend amounting to 500 a month for her daily sustenance. She’s been a window for 48 years. She has no house of her own and depend only on her grand daughter for her daily food. Her granddaughter asked the office of the City Hall in Santa Rosa about the benefit she might get, but the people in City Hall of Laguna said that there is no fund in their municipality for the said request. Please help me inform what to do. I need to help my Auntie. thank you.

  35. Ask ko po example sales agent Ako at senior citizen ung po bang na benta ko tatangalan po ba ng tax?

    1. Hi Zenaida,

      Ito po ang nakasulat sa batas natin tungkol sa pagpapataw ng tax sa mga Senior Citizen na nagta-trabaho pa din:

      The senior citizen shall be entitled to exemption from the payment of the individual income tax, provided he/she is considered to be minimum wage earner in accordance with Republic Act No. 9504.

      Ang Minimum Wage earner ayon sa ating batas ay:

      “(HH) The term ‘minimum wage earner’shall
      refer to a worker in the private sector paid the
      statutory minimum wage, or to an employee in the
      public sector with compensation income of not more
      than the statutory minimum wage in the nonagricultural
      sector where helshe is assigned.”


  36. Akinh biyanan may sakit sya hitraytes nasa well chair sya bakit sya inalisan ng benefits ng senior citezin don na nga lang sya nakuha ng pambili nya ng pampers at saka discount nya sa pagbili ng gamot kala ko ba para sa kanila na yan bakit inalisan sya

  37. Hi good mornin. Gusto ko lan po ipaalam na marami pang restaurants, pharmacy ang hindi sumusunod sa patakaran na ito for senior citizen. Like this restaurant in parkmall, mandaue (Manila foodshoppe) they only give 20.00 per senior citizen sa discount noong kumainkami ng husband ko. Then itong Bings pharmacy located in Guizo, Mandaue city. Theres only a perxentage discount on medicine then hindi sila pumapayag kung marami kang bibilhin. Limitado lan. Salamat at sana me action kayong gawin tungkol dito
    Thank you. Virginia S. Cortes

  38. Dapat may 20% discount ang damit/sapatos na binibili namin sa mga department store tulad ng SM Robinson Trinoma Landmark Rustans etc etc etc…. Bakit hindi kasama yun? eh 4x halaga ng bawat item kya nga nakakapag Sale pa sila ng 30-50% discount.

  39. ulitin ko lang tanong ko last week dahil hanggang ngayon wala pa rin ka yong paliwanag. Paano maipatupad ang pagbigay ng sc discount sa online booking reservation sa domestic flights at hotels. Sa pagkangayon ay wala. Salamat po.

  40. There are still restaurant that has no receipts that we do not know if vat is deducted e eryhing to them they give flat 15 pesos less of the food purchased….2. The sales ladies faces looks like not happy serving seniors citizen….just saying…

      1. Last year ng lump sum ako ng sss next year jan.2018 p ako mag pension bakit ang dagdag n 1k dk p na rerecyb til now?

  41. Tanong q lang po sadya po bang pinipili lang ng isang namumuno sa sa Senior Citizen sa isang lugar yong binigyan ng benepisyo na makatanggap ng sinasabing pensyon.yon dw pong may kaya sa buhay eh nd nila isinasama sa listahan ng Senior.kc dto po sa lugar namin may tinititigan at may tinitingnan angmga namumuno.Sadya po bang pili lang ang senior napwedeng tumanggap mg benepisyo?

  42. Just to let you know, thank you very much for this info. The privileges that we are now enjoying is a great encouragement to us, as we face our sunset in life.

  43. may iniinum akong gamot pregabalin may discount card na binibigay hindi pa akp senior 30% discount ngayon senior na ako hindi ko raw magagamit yung 30% discount senior discount lang daw .na parehas din.

  44. Hi po ask ko lng po kung paano maka claim no’ng discount sa burial ng mother ko who died at the age OF 90 last dec lang po s’ya namatay….at saan po ako pwede pumunta para ma claim at ano po ba ang kailangan na documents para dito…tnx po.

  45. I am a pensioner who availed the lumpsum last year. Now i am waiting for the approved 1,000 pesos additional which was approved by President Duterte. I still don’t receive it yet.

  46. We were in Terraces mall in QC last January and they didnt honor my SC id because I’m from Manila. We ended up paying the parking fee because they told us only from QC are allowed free parking fee. I now realize they’re wrong. Please let them know they’re wrong etc…

  47. Senior citizens hve a hard time using their priviledge fr cstsract procedures starying this year hope someone takes a lòok n this

  48. All Cakes & Pastries should be included too. Goldilocks & Red Ribbon are just giving the discounts on their limited products only. Is this acceptable?

  49. ang senior party list na aking ibinoto ay dapat nangangalaga sa mga srs. bakit marami pa rin na may problema ano sila sineswerte. isang halimbawa ang 12% tax exxemption, lahat ba nagbibigay. sa mga mall at pati gov’t parking sa Q.C. wala. binayaran mo na nga ang parking wala ring 12% tax exemption. tama lang tawagin na senior party list dahil mabagal magpatupad ng mga srs right.

  50. We understand our SC benefit provided by govt. What about restaurants that gives only the 20% but not deducting the VAT? Also resto who tells you that their price is already discounted. So that no more SC discount is given. But that price is given to every customer.

      1. Is there a person responding to our query? I only see in your response the query but no answer, Do we refer to the general benefits only? Then the query is not answered.

        My query was …. Is there any traffic rules that affect senior citizen passengers in a vehicle she is riding on? About coding, for instance.

        I would appreciate a direct answer to my query, please.

        Thank you!

        Sent from my iPad


  51. Discount on purchase of medicines over the counter( without orescription must be included. Most commonly purchased are medicated plaster/salonpas and the like, efficacent oil etc.

  52. We were not given discount for professional fees at Chinese General Hospital. In fact they even collected Phil health benefits on top of the PF. Where do we report and what will the seniors affairs do about this?

  53. Taxi’s, they don’t give senior citizens discount, when i ask them for a discount instead they shook their heads and told me the owner of the vehicle will not honor and will not return what they’ve given to passengers.

      1. Dapat ipatupad din ang sc discount sa online booking ng domestic flights at hotel reservations. Sa ngayon ay wala.

  54. Yung meralco at water discount dapat yung 1st 100KWh ay apply ang DISCOUNT, pati yung 1st apply ng DISCOUNT. Kaya naman lampas sa 100KWHr at ang consumption dahil ang mga Senior Citezen ay lagging Mayroon mga kasama sa Bahay (mga anak o kaya mga nagaalaga sa mga Senior, di ba?)
    Halimbawa: 2 ang Senior Citizen sa Bahay, e di dapat 200KWHr at ang maging limit para sa Senior Discount.
    Bale wala tuloy ang Senior Discount para sa Utilities (meralco at Manila water/ maynilad)
    Pls consider….

  55. can alien senior citizens without having a card use also the senior citizens line like at the bank etc … using there ACR I Card or ID po

    1. Yes Sir! You are entitled to Senior Citizen privileges in the Philippines even if you are not a Filipino citizen. Best too if you can show them your Senior Citizen issued at the country where you came from.


  56. kasali po ba sa exemption ng vat yung pagbabayad internet bill 66 yrs old na po ung mother q dati po tinanggal na ng pldt ung vat sa bill pero after few months binalik po ulit nila sa bill..nagtatanong lang po salamat

  57. Nagpadala ung SSS ng sulat na nakasaad na simula July 2016 tatanggap ako ng pension na halagang 2,700 pero hanngang ngayon wala naman akong natatanggap kasi raw may utang ako e pano pa ako makakabayad e senior na nga 62yrs na ko ano ba dapat kong gawin.

    1. Ganun talaga pero may time naman na may condonation ang SSS so interest and penalty ay waived. Pwede kayo magpunta sa sss para magrequest na monthly din bawas ng loan. I paid for my loan and desucted yun sa nakuha ko na lump sum but I availed of the condonation last year.

  58. Hi po gusto ko lang itanung kung tama ba yung rules sa roro port na yung senior citizen lng pwd pumila at makakuha ng ticket sa barko pero yung isang kasama nya na regular kailangan pumila sa regular lane? So hahayaan kong sumakay sa isang barko at ako n kasama nya sa ibang barko? Pls give me right advice kc 3 senior lagi kasama ko at isang kapatid na PWD. Thank you po sa immediate reply.

    1. Hi Conrado,


      Meralco gives a 5% discount provided the bill is under the name of the Senior Citizen and the monthly consumption does not exceed 100 kWh and water consumption does not exceed 30 cubic meters.


  59. May I ask how are we going to apply for a SC discount for Meralco & Water charges.
    Appreciate your help. Thank you.

  60. My father is 76 years old and he is living in Sta.Maria Bulacan.My father went to the Municipality to enquire regarding indigent senior citizens na P6000 po sa isang Tain.Ang sabi po sa kanila hindi pa raw nakakarating yung program n yon sa kanila.Ano po ba ang totoo?

    1. Hi Susan,

      Yes, that may be true. Hindi pa lahat ng munisipyo ay may kakayahang ibigay ang pension para sa mga indigent senior citizen. Tulad ng nabanggit sa article, maaaring mag apply ang isang senior citizen pero mailalagay siya sa wait list hangga’t magkaroon ng sapat na pondo para maibigay ang kaniyang pension.


  61. Hi, good po..ask ko lang po kung hindi po namin nagamit yong discount for senior,possible po ba na meron kaming makukuha pa sa OSCA office sa lugar namin?salamat po.

  62. in most restaurant, a certain type of special foods is offered once in a while. When claiming for s.c. discount, The cashier will inform us that the discount is not valid because it is a Promo price. Is this a valid reason? I didnt see any prohibitions or exemption above about this case. If this is illegal, where can we give our complain?

      1. Pakiusap lang po, bilang pabor sa amin pwede ba kayo na po ang lumakad para maaksyonan itong isyu tungkol sa promo price dahil para nman ito sa pangkalahatan. Naranasan ko na rin yan at ayaw akong pagbigyan,

  63. Is the ensure powder milk and prosure powder milk are not included for senior citizen discount? This milk is recommended by Doctors and prescribe by them for maintenance, however when we buy this item, the owner of the store said this items are not included. Inspite of the high price we are force to buy them.

  64. Please include in the senior citizen’s benefits the laundry soap, bath soap, shampoo and adult diapers… you want us to smell bad in church, malls or in restaurants ????
    I am a senior citizen almost 70 yrs old this year but even if I am old I still want to look good, smell good and clean. By the way I am using adult diapers because sometimes I cannot control my pee .
    Please, please, please grant my request !!!! Anyway, we senior citizens, are already in our twilight time, we won’t stay long anymore. Just have a heart for us….

      1. Hi Rico,

        The booklet is a way to monitor if you’ve already availed of certain privileges like discounts at grocery stores and free movie passes at cinemas.


      2. You can get one at the OSCA of the city hall or municipal hall where you reside Sir. Some municipalities require a booklet, others don’t. Quezon City requires it from their Senior Citizens.


      1. Senior din po ako pero I exempt the tricycle drivers from the discount rule…nagba-boundary karamihan sa kanila. Ang hinihingi ko lang sa kanila is they drive carefully.

  65. Seniors should not have to pay for parking in Malls and everywhere else! As a matter of fact, they shouldn’t charge for parking anymore from All…after all they’re making so much money already!!!

    1. You know somebody need to suggest that specially all the Malls they gain so many things when we shopped we have to exert effort to all citizens to them to stop charging us

    2. Even the parking for senior citizens and PWD are occupied by people who are not seniors this should call the attention of the malls in Metro Manila.

      1. Dswd not verifying concern senior citizen they depend only by recomendation

    1. Sir/Mam,ung katulad po namin my tinatanggap kmi from GSIS wla bang karapatang tumanggap ng 500 samantala e2ng galing GSIS e binawas s monthly salary noong kmiy namamasukan

  66. Seven Eleven in Valenzuela East Canumaysome of their foods are not covered by Senior Citezen discounTs and their giving is five percent only

  67. My mother is 81 years old, therefore a senior citizen of Makati City. She is bedridden and she needs adult diaper EVERYDAY. Is adult diaper the same as geriatric diaper mentioned above and is entitled to a 20 percent discount? If it is the same, how come grocery and drug stores do not honor the 20 percent discount for diaper? You may email me at Thank you po.

      1. then where can we go to complain to call their attention. The benefits & privileges have been announce years ago and yet it’s not properly implemented for an excuse of not yet updated?

      2. Most Parking areas of hospitals, malls in quezon city does not give discount to non-qc sr citizens..

    1. Dexter, Mercury Drug do give senior citizen discount for adult diapers, you just need to present a doctor’s prescription for that. I’ve been buying my mother’s adult diaper from Mercury Drug for more than two years now. Same with the underpad, betadyne wash and Centrum Silver.

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