Basic Reminders for Philippine Passport Holders Part 2


Last week, we featured the reminders for Pinoy passport holders who are travelling as tourists and to work abroad under a contract.  Today, on our second and final installment of this 2-part series, we are going to share the basic documentary requirements for Pinoy emigrants and those travelling with a minor.

These were lifted from the Bureau of Immigration website.

  1. What are the departure requirements for emigrant Philippine citizens?
    • Unexpired passport;
    • Immigrant visa or residence card;
    • CFO-emigrant registration sticker (ERS); and
    • Validly-issued travel ticket.

The Emigrant Registration Sticker may be obtained by registering at the Commission on Filipino Overseas (CFO and by attending the pre-departure orientation seminar (PDOS).  Children aged 12 years old and below are exempted from attending the PDOS but still needs to register at the CFO.  Children aged 13 years and above need to attend the Peer Counseling Program.

2. When shall a DSWD-travel clearance for travelling Filipino minors be required?

A Filipino minor (below 18 years of age) shall secure a DSWD-issued Travel Clearance if:

  • He/she is traveling alone to a foreign country; or
  • He/she is traveling to a foreign country accompanied by a person other than his/her parents.

3. What are the exceptions to the DSWD-issued Travel Clearance?

These minor children shall be exempt from the DSWD-issued Travel Clerance:

  1. Those of Philippine Foreign Service or diplomatic corps officials;
  2. Those living abroad with Philippine emigrants, subject to child-trafficking regulations;
  3. Those with unexpired alien passports;
  4. Adopted children, subject to a court-issued adoption order with Certificate of Finality;
  5. Illegitimate children with biological mother. If traveling with biological father, a proof of lawful custody must be presented.
  6. Those with proof of unexpired visa for permanent residence outside the Philippines;
  7. Those accompanied by a court-appointed guardian, subject to proof of guardianship;
  8. Those accompanied by a solo parent, subject to a Social Welfare Office-issued ID.  If illegitimate, subject to a Local Civil Registrar-issued Certificate of No Marriage.

It is good to note that coming back home to the Philippines with a passport that has less than six months’ validity is allowed for the following:

    • Philippine passport holders;
    • Former Filipinos and their dependents (i.e. immediate family members);
    • Permanent Residents and other special visa categories requiring temporary residence (with valid ACR 1-Cards);
    • Holders of diplomatic, official, and government passports.
    • Holders of visa under Section 9 (except Sec. 9 (a) and 47 of Commonwealth Act No. 613, as amended, and special non-immigrant visas under special laws, where the validity of such visas extend beyond the expiration of their passports and there is an Embassy or Consulate in the Philippines of which they are a citizen or subject (with valid ACR-1-Cards, where applicable); and
    • Those admitted by the Commissioner on humanitarian grounds.

A complete list of the countries whose nationals are allowed entry in the Philippines even passports of less than six months validity from date of arrival is available at the BOI website.

Share these information with your family and friends to avoid delays and set-backs on your trips abroad.




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