Philhealth Facts for Sea-based OFWs


Sea-based Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are also encouraged to become Philhealth members or continue their Philhealth contributions even while they are working abroad.  Here are the frequently asked questions of sea-based OFWs regarding Philhealth membership, contributions, and how they can avail of services and benefits.

Q: How do I register as a sea-based OFW Philhealth member?

A: You need to fill out and submit a Philhealth Member Registraton Form to the Human Resource Department of your Manning Agency.  You may also download a copy of the form here (hyperlink PDF copy).

Q: How do I update my personal information?

A: Secure a copy of the Philhealth Member Registration Form (PMRF) (hyperlink PDF copy) and submit accomplished copy to the nearest Philhealth office or email to  Include supporting documents.  Make sure that you signed the PMRF as proof that all submitted information are true and correct.

Q: Can I still continue paying my Philhealth contributions even after my contract has already expired?

A: Yes.  All sea-based OFWs are encouraged to continue paying their Philhealth contributions. This ensures continuous Philhealth coverage of the member and his listed dependents.

After expiration of job contract, the member only needs to update his membership category at Philhealth from Formal Economy to Informal Economy member.  He needs to do this every time his contract expires.  Premium contribution as an Informal Economy member is PHP 600.00 per quarter.

Q: What do I need to submit to avail of the benefits?

A: For confinement in the Philippines, bring the following:

  • Duly accomplished copy of the Philhealth Claim Form 1 (CF 1). If the OFW member is currently on-board a vessel or job contract has not expired yet, the second part of the CF 1 must be signed by the Manning Agency. You may secure a copy of the CF 1 from the hospital.
  • Copy of MDR.
  • Proof of contributions (if not stated in the MDR).

For confinement abroad, submit the following to any Philhealth office in the Philippines within 180 days after member has been discharged from the hospital:

  • Statement of account in English.
  • Copy of medical certificate in English, with clear description of diagnosis, confinement period, and procedures given to the patient.
  • Official receipt of patient’s hospital and physician fees.

Next week, we will feature Philhealth information for Pinoys residing permanently abroad as immigrants and those with dual citizenship.



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