Philhealth Facts for Land-based OFWs


Philhealth membership is open to all Filipinos in the country and those working abroad.  Recently, automatic membership has been granted to Pinoy senior citizens, a move that delighted our parents.  Lolos and Lolas as they no longer need to pay their Philhealth contributions but are assured of Philhealth assistance when they need medical care.

This article shall focus on all the information that Pinoys need regarding Philhealth membership while they are working abroad as land-based OFWs.  Share this to your family and friends who are Philhealth members or want to become Philhealth members but are residing outside the Philippines.

Q: I forgot my Philhealth number, where can I verify?

A: You can send an email to, include the following information:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Birthday

A Philhealth representative will reply to your email with your Philhealth number.

Q: I used to be a Voluntary Member of Philhealth.  I am an OFW now.  What are the documentary requirements I need to submit in order to update my membership category?

A: You need to accomplish a PMRF form and submit this to any Philhealth office with the following documentary attachments:

  • Valid Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)
  • Valid E-Receipt
  • Valid working visa/re-entry permit
  • Valid job employment contract
  • Valid company ID issued by employer abroad
  • Certificate of Employment for applicable period from employer abroad
  • Cash remittance receipt from member abroad at least 2 months prior to the date of renewal/payment
  • Valid ID/Certificate issued to OFWs in the host country
  • Any other equivalent proof, subject to the approval of the authorized officer.

Q: My foreign employer has granted me an insurance abroad, do I still need to pay for my Philhealth contributions?

A: Yes because Philhealth is mandatory among OFWs.  Through your contributions, you can still avail of Philhealth benefits abroad and also cover your qualified dependents in the Philippines.

Q: Can I still pay my contributions for the months I missed?

A: Yes, Philhealth gives OFWs a 30-day grace period to settle unpaid contributions from the expiry date.

Q: When can I use my Philhealth benefits?

A: If your contributions are updated, you may use your Philhealth benefits within the validity coverage stated in your MDR.

Q: What numbers do I call if I have questions regarding my Philhealth OFW membership?

A: You may call the following numbers:

  • Corporate Action Center: (63) 2 – 4417442
  • OFW Mobile Phone: +63 917 5129149

You may also send an email to: and

Next week, we will post facts for Sea-based OFWs and Filipinos residing abroad.



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4 thoughts on “Philhealth Facts for Land-based OFWs

  1. Nagamit po kc ng anak ko yung philhealth ng mr ko ng nadengue sya. Ang next contribution po nmin ay sa nov 2017 yearly po kc ang ofw. Ask ko po sana kung ilang buwan pwed ulit gamitin ang philhealth fr the day n nagamit nmin nung ndengue anak ko

  2. I want to be a member if phol health and my sister. How can i do that and how much is the monthly contribution.

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