Something to Look Forward to: Traffic Re-routing at South Triangle, Quezon City


If you’ve ever passed through Quezon Avenue or any of the Scout streets along Timog Avenue, between the rush hours of 5PM to 9PM, you know how crazy the traffic situation there can get.

If you are coming from the Espana Boulevard areas, you will notice jeepneys and UV Express vehicles racing against each other from Welcome Rotonda to Santo Domingo Church in an attempt to hoard all commuters waiting by the roadside.  Never mind that there are other private vehicles traversing the same road, trying to get home safely and on time.

Traffic starts to build-up at the Pantranco area, particularly by the footbridge where more passengers wait for public conveyance.  Traffic slows down to a crawl until the Delta intersection where vehicles from Panay Avenue, Edsa, and West Avenue meet.  A heavy downpour or defective traffic lights can render this intersection completely idle.  It is also the favorite spot of snatchers and worse, hold-uppers in spite of the presence of a make-shift police station only a few meters away from the road.

The Quezon City government will implement a new traffic scheme in this problematic area beginning tomorrow, September 15, 2016.  The fact that they decided to launch it on a payday (a bi-monthly occasion that is notoriously observed to be a major reason for traffic build-up in Metro Manila) is probably not a coincidence.  Ultimately, the objective is to shorten the travel time from Quezon Avenue to Welcome Rotonda, and back.

So what can commuters and drivers expect from this move?  Here is a list of the streets affected by the re-routing scheme:

Under the new traffic plan, there will be no right turns to:

  • E. Lopez Street corner Samar Avenue and Tomas Morato
  • GMA Network Drive corner Edsa and Samar Avenue
  • Mother Ignacia corner Edsa, Scout Borromeo and Sgt. Esguerra
  • Panay Avenue corner Dr. Garcia St., Roces, Scout Albano, Scout Borromeo, Scout Chuatoco, Scout Magbanua, Scout Reyes, and Timog
  • Scout Albano corner Quezon Avenue
  • Scout Bayoran corner Sgt. Esguerra, Sgt. Tuazon
  • Scout Madrinan corner Scout Tobias, Scout Ybardolaza and Tomas Morato
  • Scout Ybardolaza corner Sgt. Esguerra
  • Sgt. Esguerra corner E. Lopez, Panay Avenue, Scout Borromeo and Timog

There will be no left turns to:

  • E. Lopez corner Sgt. Esguerra
  • Mother Ignacia corner E. Lopez, Samar Avenue, Scout Borromeo, Scout Madrinan, Scout Tobias, and Sgt. Esguerra
  • Panay Avenue corner Dr. Garcia St., Roces Avenue, Scout Borromeo, Scout Chuatoco, Scout Magbanua, Scout Reyes, Scout Santiago, Sgt. Esguerra, and Timog Avenue.
  • Scout Albano corner Panay Avenue
  • Scout Bayoran corner Timog
  • Scout Madrinan corner Scout Torillo and Scout Tuazon
  • Sgt. Esguerra corner Mother Ignacia, Scout Bayoran, Scout Borromeo, Scout Ybardolaza, and Timog.

No Entry at:

  • Scout Tobias coming from Scout Borromeo and Sgt. Esguerra coming the 11th Jamboree.

The existing U-turn slots along Quezon Avenue from West Avenue intersection to Edsa will be closed while the intersection of Quezon Avenue corner Scout Borromeo and West 4th will be opened to traffic.

What do you think of this new approach?




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