Philhealth’s Policies on Declaring Spouses & Live-in Partners as Dependents


Private insurance firms allow policy holders to freely choose who among his family members – by consanguinity or affinity – to declare as his dependent or beneficiary.  This may not be true with the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or Philhealth as they follow stricter rules in identifying who among the member’s family may be declared as his dependent.

Below are two prevalent questions raised by Philhealth members who would like to make their spouses and live-in partners as their Philhelath dependents.  These information were lifted from the Philhealth’s website:

How can a member declare his spouse whose membership is inactive as a dependent?

The inactive member-spouse must submit the following at any Philhealth Office:

  1. 2 copies of duly accomplished Philhealth Member Registration Form.
  2. Clear copy of PSA Marriage Certificate with registry number (please bring original copy for validation).
  3. Request letter to be declared as legal dependent signed by the inactive/unemployed spouse.

After processing, Philhealth will issue a new (updated) Member Data Record which indicates the name of the spouse (inactive) as legal dependent of the active member.

Can my live-in partner be declared as my legal dependent?  How about our children?

While the live-in partner cannot be declared as a legal dependent (one of the supporting documents required is the marriage certificate), your children can still qualify as dependents.

Simply update your MDR and submit the necessary supporting documents (i.e. PSA Birth Certificates) of your children.

How is updating of membership records done?

Ideally, members should update their MDR when:

  1. They have to shift membership categories (e.g. individually paying to employed);
  2. They get married;
  3. New dependents shall be declared;
  4. Incorrect information in old MDR need to be corrected.

To update your MDR, simply submit an updated PMRF to the nearest Philhealth Office, along with the necessary supporting documents (PSA Marriage Certificate, PSA Birth Certificates, etc.).  You can have copies of your marriage and birth certificates delivered to you by ordering online at

For further questions, you may call the Philhealth customer service hotline at (02) 441 7442 or visit their website at




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10 thoughts on “Philhealth’s Policies on Declaring Spouses & Live-in Partners as Dependents

    1. Hi Elvira,

      Yes, a parent can declare an illegitimate child as his or her dependent.

      The child will receive the same benefits and privileges as a dependent as that of a legitimate child.


  1. gudpm ask ko lang panu po kung hndi hnhulugan ng agency nmin ang kinkltas sa sweldo nmin pr sa contribution

  2. How many days para ma approved application by online in philhealth? I’m wating 14 days now, I cannot start to do payment because I didn’t receive confirmation mail from philhealth.

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