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Last Monday, September 5, 2016, the PNP, in cooperation with the country’s leading telecommunication companies, launched a mobile app called “Itaga Mo Sa Bato”.  It is meant to let subscribers connect to an emergency hotline platform to report an emergency or request for immediate assistance.  This is still in line with President’s 911 and 8888 service hotlines.

How does the app work?

There are two ways to use ‘Itaga Mo Sa Bato’:

  1. Users can send text reports to the Police; this costs P2.50 per text message sent.  Sending complaints through the mobile app is free of charge.  The app runs on mobile data or wifi internet connection.
  2. The app is set for automatic calling to the 911 emergency hotline and users can call the hotline by clicking a particular button.

When an emergency is reported, the following pertinent information are sent to PNP Command Center’s server to help authorities better respond to the call for assistance:

  1. Type of emergency
  2. Name and Address of establishment
  3. Contact number of reporting party
  4. Contact number of nearest police or fire station

The PNP Chief has a special access to the system that allows him to monitor the reports received through the mobile app and if these have been attended to by the concerned personnel.

According to the Police Community Relations Group, the app will be made available to Android and iOS phones in the coming days.  Watch out for it.

Are you excited to download this new app?  Tell us what you think about this new development from our government.

Source: http://www.rappler.com/technology/news/145288-pnp-smart-globe-bato-app-emergency-response