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In a previous post, we discussed the requirements and processes involved when changing the first name of a birth certificate owner who is already married.  Today’s post is about filing a petition for the change of first name of an unmarried individual at the Manila City Hall.

What to bring:

(a). 2 latest certified/local  copies and 2 latest PSA (formerly NSO) copies of birth certificate to be corrected.

(b). 2 copies of baptismal certificate.

(c). 2 copies of school records (Elementary and High School either F-137/138 or certification) or College TOR.

(d). 2 certified copies of Voter’s Registration record/voter’s affidavit (COMELEC).

(e). 2 copies of Certificate of No Administrative case from employer (for employed document owners).

(f). 2 copies of Affidavit of Non-employment (for unemployed document owners).  Indicate the following on the document: “For change of Name and No Pending Administrative/Criminal case”.

(h). 2 photocopies of certificate of business registration.

(i). 2 copies of latest original NBI Clearance.  Indicate purpose as: For Change of Name.

(j). 2 copies of latest original PNP Clearance.  Indicate purpose as: For Change of Name.

(k). 2 copies of valid ID of petitioner and document owner and 1 copy of latest Community Tax Certificate from the place of work or residence.

(l). Other documents which the Office may consider relevant and necessary for the approval of the petition such as:

  • GSIS/SSS Records
  • Diploma (Elementary, High School, or College/Vocational)
  • Medical Records
  • Business Records
  • Service Records
  • Insurance
  • Certificate of Land Title
  • Passbook

(m). SPA (Special Power of Attorney).  If the petitioner is abroad or sick, he/she can be represented by a lawyer or his/her nearest relative (up to third degree of consanguinity).


  1. All civil documents (Birth, Marriage, and Death) to be submitted should be the latest certified local copies or on Security Paper (SECPA) of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).
  2. After the compliance of the requirements, please proceed to the information counter and get a number for pre-interview and bring the original copies of the supporting documents (Personal Records).  Please be reminded that only applicants with complete requirements will be entertained for pre-interview.
  3. Publication of the petition for two (2) consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general and national circulation (list of newspapers and the rest of the procedures will be provided during the final interview).
  4. Processing of petition is four (4) months and will commence on the date the petition was received by the Manila City Hall.
  5. Fees are as follows:
    1. Registration Fees – P3,000 (Certified Photocopy)
    2. Single Petition – P230
    3. Double Petition – P330
    4. Additional Payment – P30 for documents with supplemental reports

Payments for publication and notary of the petition are not included.  The Manila City Hall does not conduct interviews during Fridays.