Your PSA Birth Certificate As Proof Of Your Citizenship

Proof of Citizenship

After we graduated from college in 1998, my best friend, James, got married to his pregnant girlfriend who is a naturalized US citizen.  They got married in California and then flew back to the Philippines to settle here for good.  However, when their baby was born, his wife asked that they move back to the US so she can pursue her career in I.T.  My friend was only 20 years old then and was at the height of his career as a band singer, travelling all over the country and earning well.  He wanted to stay until his band is able to launch an album and go main stream.

His wife took their baby and left for the US anyway and left my friend behind.  But because James missed his daughter so much, he applied for a tourist visa and followed his family to Texas and spent a year trying to get used to his new environment.  That was all he needed to realize that he is not cut-out for the ‘American Dream’.  He came back to the Philippines with a broken heart.

Not long after, his wife filed for divorce and sent him the papers which he promptly signed.  She later married an American and are now happily settled in Connecticut with her and my friend’s daughter.

James, on the other hand, is also planning to marry his girlfriend of three years.  To be able to do this, he needs to file a petition for his divorce to be recognized in the Philippines.  He went to the Manila City Hall to find out how this can be done.

As the petition will be filed in court, James sought the services of a Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) lawyer to guide him in the legal proceedings of his case.  He was required to present a copy of his NSO birth certificate and that of his ex-wife’s.  Their birth certificates will support the rest of the documents they had on hand, proving his ex-wife’s citizenship at the time she secured the divorce abroad.  This is because under the Family Code, only the alien spouse has the legal capacity to seek a valid divorce abroad.  A Filipino citizen who files for divorce abroad will remain legally married to his spouse in the Philippines and will not be legally capable of marrying another person here.

In James’ and his ex-wife’s case, she was born in the Philippines but was petitioned by her parents to become a citizen of the U.S.  She acquired her American citizenship right before she and James got married.  This makes her the ‘alien spouse’ and is legally capacitated to seek divorce in America.

James ordered for copies of his and his ex-wife’s PSA birth certificates at  His ex-wife had to send additional identification to the PSAHelpline (like her passport) since James will be receiving her birth certificate on her behalf.  It took less than a week for the birth certificates to be delivered and James was able to complete all required documents for submission to the city hall in less than a month.

He is now currently waiting for the results of his petition.  As soon as he receives the court’s acknowledgment of his divorce in the U.S., he would be free to marry his girlfriend here in the Philippines.



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13 thoughts on “Your PSA Birth Certificate As Proof Of Your Citizenship

  1. master I have a Jamaican boyfriend and we are planning to get married in a city hall here in the Philippines , my question is ano po ba ang mga requirements para makasal po kami?

    1. Hi Arlit,

      Please refer to list below:


      1. CERTIFICATE OF NO IMPEDIMENT (CNI) TO MARRY – obtainable from
      the Registrar’s Office in the prospective foreign spouse’s place of
      2. Original copy or certified true copy of birth certificate.
      3. Original copy or certified true copy of divorce decree absolute or death
      certificate of deceased spouse, if applicable.
      4. A Moral Character Reference, which takes the form of a letter or
      certificate from a person of authority, a social worker, health or education
      officer, or a church minister who has direct personal knowledge of the
      prospective foreign spouse’s character as well as background.

      NOTA BENE: All the above specified documents must be submitted to the
      prospective foreign spouse’s Embassy/Consulate in the Philippines upon arrival
      thereat. The Embassy/Consulate will then issue a CERTIFICATE OF LEGAL
      CAPACITY TO MARRY to the prospective foreign spouse. The prospective
      foreign spouse, together with the Filipino contracting party, may then apply for a
      marriage license at the Office of the Civil Registrar where the Filipino contracting
      party habitually resides. The Civil Registrar’s Office, after receiving such
      application, is required by law to put on public notice the intended marriage for a
      period of ten (10) consecutive days. During this ten (10)- day public notice, both
      the contracting parties shall not be allowed to leave the Philippines, as objection
      to the intended marriage may be raised by any person. No marriage license may
      be issued until this requirement has been fully satisfied.

      1. Legal Capacity of the contracting parties who must be a male and a
      2. Consent freely given in the presence of the solemnizing officer,
      3. Authority of the solemnizing officer,
      4. The marriage ceremony must take place with the appearance of the
      contracting parties before the solemnizing officer and their personal
      declaration that they take each other as husband and wife in the presence
      of not less than two witnesses of legal age.
      5. A valid marriage license.

      Hope these help.


  2. master ask q poh sana kung ilang buwan bago ma release kpag nag request sa munisipyo ng new pso ang labo po kc nung una kung nso ayaw nlang tanggapin dto sa korea kc halos ndi mabasa,,salamaat poh

  3. Had applied for a correction of my name from ireneo to rene. How long will i wait for result had applied with the local registrar last july 2016 until now it has no result yet. What shall i do to facilitate it process?

  4. So no need na po cya ipa correct . kumuha po ako ng passport sinunod po nla ung marriage contract namin so n po ung nilagay pro ung passport ng asawa q ñ po.. d po ba mag cacause ng cpnflict un sa imiigration? thanks po

      1. MASter pa advice po..need q po ba ipa change ung marriage contract nmin is dapat Ñ po cya ang nilagay po is N lng…ang ID nya na Ñ ay ang passport lng issued in philippines pro lahat po ng ID nya sa US ay N…mkaka cause po ba 2 na conflict pag penetition na nya aq sa US?

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