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If the place of birth written on your birth certificate is not the same as the one written on your passport or any other document that you use as an identification, you might encounter problems with your transactions as this is a vital ID information.

Here are the steps you need to follow when filing for correction of your place of birth under RA 9048:

What You Need To Bring:

(a). 2 latest certified LCR copies and 2 latest PSA (formerly NSO) copies of birth certificate to be corrected.

(b). 2 latest certified copies of certification from the hospital indicating the exact hospital address.  IF the hospital or clinic where the birth certificate owner was born is no longer in existence, the petitioner needs to submit a certification from the Barangay stating that the said hospital or clinic was formerly established in the area and is now no longer in operation.

(c). 2 copies of baptismal certificate.

(d). 2 copies of school records, Elementary and High School, either Form 137/138 or Certificate or College Transcript of Records (TOR).

(e). 2 Certified copies of Voter’s Registration record/voters’ affidavit (COMELEC).

(f). 2 copies of valid ID of the petitioner and the document owner and 1 copy of latest community tax certificate from the place of work or residence.

(g). SPA (Special Power or Attorney).  If the petitioner is abroad, or sick, he/she can be represented by a lawyer or his/her nearest relative (up to third degree of consanguinity).


  1. All civil documents from the PSA (Birth, Marriage, and Death) to be submitted should be the latest certified local copy or on Security Paper from the PSA.
  2. After the compliance of the requirements, please proceed to the information counter.  Only applicants with complete requirements will be allowed to proceed to pre-interview.
  3. Processing of the petition is four (4) months and will commence on the date the petition is received by the Manila City Hall.
  4. Payments are as follows:
    • Registration Fee – P1,000
    • Certified Xerox Copy – P230
    • Transmittal Fee – P210
    • Additional Payment  for documents with supplemental – P30

Please be advised that the city hall does not conduct interviews during Fridays.