No Garage No Car

Lawmakers are pushing for the passing and implementation of the “Proof-of-Parking Space Act” that is deemed to help Metro Manila’s worsening problem on traffic congestion.  Under this law, an individual will be required to present a proof of parking space before he can purchase a vehicle. Existing car owners will have to do the same when they have their cars registered at the Land Transportation Office.

The Situation

The side streets and narrow alleyways in Manila turn into car park areas when vehicle owners arrive home from work at night.  Two-way lanes turn into one-way streets shared by private and public vehicles during the early morning rush hours.  A 10-minute drive down an alley would take 20 to 30 minutes as you try to maneuver your way out of the clogged street, being careful not to break side mirrors jutting out of parked vehicles on both sides.  Alternate routes that are supposed to help decongest traffic build-ups in main thoroughfares are choked with vehicles that could neither move forward nor turn back because of very limited space.

The Issues

The public is divided on this topic; it is unpopular among families renting apartments and those staying in condominiums that have limited parking spaces.  It also raises an issue on the overall car sales industry in the country as regulations on purchasing a vehicle are expected to be more rigid if only to uphold the law.

What is your take on this bill?  Are you in favor of its implementation?