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As Filipinos, we consider it very important to use our mother’s maiden last name as our middle name.  Although we are widely known to practice patriarchal system in families (and sometimes, businesses), we are also known to give utmost reverence to our mothers and her lineage.

That is why it is important to make sure that the middle name written on our birth certificates are accurate and can be read clearly.  Any discrepancy on the middle name and mother’s maiden name declared on our civil registry documents may cause problems in our transactions in the future.

The following is a detailed article on how Manila residents can file for the correction of clerical errors on their Middle Names and their Mother’s Name on their birth certificates.  Please note that although majority of the entries are consistent with how other city halls process this type of petition, there may just be some distinct processes and requirements that are applicable only at the Manila City Hall.  These were lifted from the website of the Manila City Hall.

What Do I Need To Bring?

(a). 2 copies of latest PSA birth certificate of your mother.

(b). If your mother is deceased, bring 2 copies of PSA death certificate.

If you were issued a Certification of No Record”, please submit a copy of Birth Certificate or Marriage Contract of your mother’s brother or sister.

(c). 2 copies of PSA Marriage Certificate of your parents.

If you were issued a Certificate of No Record, please submit birth certificate of at least 2 brother or sister.

(d). 2 copies of baptismal certificate

(e). 2 copies of school records (Elementary, High School, or College).  Form 137 or Transcript of Records will do.

(f). 2 certified copies of Voter’s Registration record/voter’s affidavit (COMELEC).

(g). 2 copies of valid IDs of the petitioner and the document owner and 1 copy of latest community tax certificate from the place of work or residence.

(h). Other documents which the Office may consider relevant and necessary for the approval of the Petition.

Reminder: All Marriage Contracts, Birth and Death Certificates to be submitted should be latest certified Xerox copies if issued in Manila.  If issued outside Manila, all documents must be in Security Paper of PSA (formerly NSO).

Step-by-step Process

(a). Submit all documentary requirements to R.A. 9048 receiving table for assessment and initial interview.

(b). Bring all original documents and I.D.s to Tables 1 & 2.

(c). Have your petition paper prepared at the Computer Table.

(d). Line up for your interview.  Please come early as this follows a “first come, first served” queuing system.

(e). After your interview, proceed to Room 214 (City Legal’s Office) for notarization.

(f). Pay the necessary fees at the Tax Payer’s Lounge.

  • Registration Fee – P1,000
  • Certified True Copy Fee – P230
  • Transmittal Fee – P210

(g). Proceed to Table 3 and have your petition papers and all other documents “Received”.  You will be give a schedule for follow ups on the status of your petition.

Please be reminded that the Manila City Hall does not conduct interviews during Fridays.