4 Easy Steps In Creating Your Philhealth Online Account

Philhealth Online

An online account with Philhealth allows you to monitor your monthly contributions and gives you an access to print your Member Data Record (MDR) anywhere you are.  Normally, a Philhealth member who does not have an online account will have to wait in line at a Philhealth branch or satellite office in order to obtain a copy of his MDR.  The MDR is required when a member’s dependent is confined in a hospital.

Here is how you can conveniently create an online account and never have to wait in line again when you need a copy of your MDR:

Step 1: Log on to the Philhealth website (www.philhealth.gov.ph) and click on the “Register” link.  You can find this on the right side of the screen, below the Login button.



Step 2: You will be taken to the registration page.  Supply all required information as shown below:



Step 3: Wait for a small pop-up window that will confirm that your registration is successful.  Once you see this, you must log on to your email to complete the activation of your account.


Step 4: Once logged on to your email, click on the link provided to complete the activation of your account.  Meantime, keep the PIN and password sent by Philhealth to your email.  This will serve as your access to your online account.


Now that you have an online Philhealth account, you may check your contributions anytime and print your MDR whenever you need it.  No more waiting in line!

Source: http://www.philhealth.gov.ph/



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10 thoughts on “4 Easy Steps In Creating Your Philhealth Online Account

  1. Bakit po nag online register ang sister ko last sept.19,2017 pero hanggang naun wla p rin sagot ang sv isesent ang philhealth no. Pero gang naun wla p din.

  2. bakit po sa akin sinasabi na email already exist ? e yun naman talaga email add ko kaya hindi tuloy ako maka process

    1. Hi Diana Rose,

      Baka meron ka ng online registration dati pa. Ibig sabihin nakapag register ka na before, nakalimutan mo lang ang password mo. May option doon for “Forgot Password” yun ang piliin mo. Pwede din naman na gumamit ka ng ibang email address kaya lang, kung registered ka na nga before, baka madoble ang Philhealth number under your name.


    2. Nagkamali po ako sa pag lagay ng email ko kaya hnd ko mabuksan ang online registration ko ang bilagay ko email ay yung facebook ko hnd nmn pala dun magmemessage ang philhealth . paano po ba ang gagawin ko po para mabuksan ko ung online registration

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