The Manila City Hall Series: How To File for Change of First Name on Birth Certificate Part 3 of 16

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Some people use a different name from what is written on their birth certificate.  There are a multitude of reasons why this happens.  An uncle of mine used the name Reynaldo all his life; when he applied for his passport in 1990, he got the shock of his life when he found out that the name on his birth certificate is Cesar, not Reynaldo.  When they traced the reason for this “error”, they realized that a relative who works at the municipal hall was requested by my grandparents to process his birth registration a few days after he was born.  They told the relative that the baby’s name was Cesar. When he was baptized a year later, he was given the name Reynaldo, after one of his godfathers.

He had to have his name on his birth certificate changed to Reynaldo, making several trips to the LCR office where his birth was registered.

If you were born in the city of Manila and need to have the name on your birth certificate changed, here is a list of the documents you need to prepare, the step-by-step guide on how to file the documents, and the fees you need to pay.

What You Need To Bring:

(a). 2 latest certified local copies and 2 latest PSA (formerly NSO) copies of birth certificate to be corrected.

(b). 2 copies of latest PSA marriage contract of the document owner (if married).

(c). 2 copies latest PSA birth certificates of at least 2 children of the document owner.

(d). 2 copies of baptismal certificate.

(e). 2 copies of school records (Elementary and High School either F-137/138) or Certification) or Transcript of Records (TOR).

(f). 2 certified copies of voter’s registration record/voter’s affidavit (COMELEC).

(g). 2 copies of certificate of no administrative case from employer (for employed document owner) OR

(h). 2 copies of Affidavit of Non-employment (for unemployed document owner) OR

(i). 2 copies of Affidavit of Self-Employment (for self-employed document owner).

For letters g, h, and i, indicate the purpose for Change of Name and No Pending Administrative/Criminal Case.

(j). 2 copies of Certificate of Good Moral Character (for Elementary or High School document owners).

(k). 2 latest original copies of NBI Clearance (purpose indicated must be: For Change of Name)

(l). 2 latest original copies of PNP clearance (purpose indicated must be: For Change of Name)

 For document owners between 0 to 7 years old, NBI and Police clearances are not required.

(m). 2 copies of valid ID of petitioner and document owner and 1 copy of latest community tax certificate from the place of work or residence.

(n). Other documents which the Officer consider relevant and necessary for the approval of the Petition such as GSIS/SSS Records, Diploma (elementary, high school, or college/vocational), medical records, business records, insurance, bank documents, etc.

(o). SPA (Special Power of Attorney), if the petitioner is abroad, or sick, he/she can be represented by lawyer or his/her nearest relative (up to third degree of consanguinity).

Filing Process and Fees

(a). When you have the complete set of documentary requirements ready, proceed to the information counter and get a number for pre-interview.  Please remember that applicants with the complete set of documents will be entertained for pre-interview.  Bring all original copies of supporting documents for verification.

(b). Publication of the petition for two (2) consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general and national circulation (List of newspapers will be provided during the final interview).  You will be given further instructions after the final interview.

(c). Processing time for the petition is four (4) months and will commence on the date the petition is received by the LCR office of the Manila City Hall.

(d). Fees:

  • Registration Fee – P3,000
  • Certified Photocopy for Single Petition – P230
  • Certified Photocopy for Double Petition – P350
  • Transmittal Fee for Single Petition – P210
  • Transmittal Fee for Double Petition – P330
  • Documents with Supplemental Report – P30 additional

Payments for publication and notary are not yet included.

Please be reminded that the city hall does not conduct interviews during Fridays.



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4 thoughts on “The Manila City Hall Series: How To File for Change of First Name on Birth Certificate Part 3 of 16

  1. I am 68 yrs old my birth certificate shows that i was registered by the comadrona ROSARIO but as i grow n enter school i used AURORA as what my parents told me and my baptismal certificate shows AURORA n my nickname is chito. Until i graduated college and marries i have been using AURORA. Couldyou help me do the changes. I am a hi blood patient and do not have work . Thank you.

    1. Hi Ma’am Aurora,

      Changing your name on your birth certificate (from Rosario to Aurora) will entail a lot of costs and might even require you to get a lawyer and attend court hearings.

      If you need to use your birth certificate for some transactions, you will need an affidavit saying that Rosario and Aurora are one and the same person. You might also want to start using Rosario now to avoid confusion on your transactions.



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