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If you are a resident of the city of Manila, you will find yourself transacting at one of the most historical city halls in our country at least once.  The iconic building is located at the corners of Taft Avenue, Padre Burgos Avenue, and Villegas Street in Ermita.  It may look old to some but it is eternally buzzing with activities and never without people coming and going, filing documents or retrieving records for various purposes.

People born in the city of Manila will always find a reason to visit the city hall.  To help you with your civil registry transactions, we are releasing this blog series on transaction procedures and lists of requirements, as published in their website.

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Late Registration of Birth Certificate:

List of Requirements:

(a). Latest Certificate of No Record from the PSA (formerly NSO) and LCR of Manila.

(b). Endorsement from the Hospital and Affidavit stating reason of delay, if born in a hospital.

(c). Affidavit from the Midwife and Hilot stating reason of delay and Midwife License, if attended by Midwife and Hilot.  (Item no. 2 is no longer required if the hospital has since closed down and the Midwife or Hilot is deceased and unknown).

Note: Submit a Pre-Natal Record of the mother if 40 years old and above at the time of conception of the child regardless of the birth order.

(d). PSA Marriage Certificate of Parents.

If no record was issued, submit Birth Certificate of brothers and sisters with date and place of marriage of parents or Birth Certificate of older brothers and sisters.

If not married, submit an Affidavit to Use the Father’s Surname (AUSF) pursuant to RA 9255 and also to accomplish the Affidavit of Acknowledgment/Paternity at the back of the COLB (For Children born after August 1988).

Father to sign at the back portion of the Certificate of Live Birth for Admission of Paternity and Acknowledgment (For children born after August 1988).

If Father is deceased, submit documents such as Insurance, ITR (Income Tax Return) and other records that will prove the filiaton of the child or documents showing that the father has acknowledged the child.


Submit original copy of ANY TWO (2) of the following documents with the date and place of birth

(a). Baptismal Certificate

(b). School Records showing full name as registered in the school, date, and place of birth, name of parents (either Elementary or High School).

(c). Transcript of Records with date and place of birth.

(d). Voter’s Affidavit

(e). Employment Records (SSS / GSIS), if employed.

(f). ITR (Income Tax Return), if employed.

(g). Pre-Natal Record (for minor children)

(h). Other documents the office may consider relevant and necessary for the approval of the application (Philhealth, Service Record, Personal Data Sheet, Medical Record, Certificate from OSCA, etc.)


(a). Do not submit “Fake Documents” to avoid penalty.  All supporting documents are subject for Verification.

(b). All Birth Certificate and Marriage Contract for submission must be CERTIFIED COPIES from the PSA.

(c). If Birth Certificate is prepared by Midwife, Hilot, and Hospital, please avoid erasures.  Birth Certificate with erasures shall be returned for re-typing.

(d). Please complete all the needed requirements before submission.

(e). Ten (10) days posting period.  Will commence on the day when the requirements were submitted.


If born in a hospital:

0-6 months – Php 115.00

6 months to less than 1 year old – Php 140.00

More than 1 year old – Php 190.00

If born through a Midwife/Hilot, or born in a hospital but hospital is already closed:

Php 290.00

If with AUSF, additional Php 30.00

The Manila City Hall does not receive applications and follow-ups every Friday.