Validity Extension

If you’ve ever lined up to get your driver’s license and passport renewed, you pretty much have an idea how these processes can take up so much of your schedule.  Both are needed in order to perform mundane tasks such as driving yourself to work and your children to school, or traveling for business or leisure.  And because of that, you have no choice but to go through the renewal processes, at least once every five years.

The incoming administration is reportedly considering the extension of the validity periods of Passports and Driver’s Licenses — from the short period of five years for passports and three years for driver’s licenses, to 10 years for both.

According to recent reports, the idea stemmed from the public’s clamor for means to save on time, effort, and money when processing the renewal of these IDs.  The DFA also considered the fact that the U.S. Embassy now grants 10-year multiple entry visas to Pinoy applicants and thus, it is but fitting to make passports valid for the same period for the traveler’s convenience.

The public is forewarned that should the idea progress and be implemented soon, they can expect additional costs on the processing of the said IDs.  A 10-year passport validity would mean more pages (from 44 pages to 60 pages) and that would entail cost.

Are you in favor of this proposal or would you rather retain the current validity periods for passports and driver’s licenses?