P100K Cash Gift for Filipino Centenarians, Approved!


Is your Lola more than 100 years old already?  Are your grandparents celebrating their 100th birthday anytime soon?  Well, here’s a birthday gift they will truly love!

The government has finally enacted into law Republic Act 10868!  Under this law, all Filipinos who reach the age of 100 will be awarded with a cash gift of P100,000.00 and will receive a letter felicitation from the President of the Philippines.  Pinoy centenarians in the country or abroad are all entitled to this exciting gift.  Apart from that, they will also be given a plaque of recognition and additional cash gifts from their city or municipal governments.  These will be given during the National Respect for the Centenarians Day, set to happen every 25 of September, yearly.

 Based on statistics, there are about 3,500 Filipinos who are qualified to benefit from the said Centenarian Act.

Share this good news to your family members!

For more information regarding the Centenarian Act, you may visit: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/571491/news/nation/pnoy-signs-law-giving-p100k-cash-gifts-to-centenarians


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4 thoughts on “P100K Cash Gift for Filipino Centenarians, Approved!

  1. Sabi po binago na daw itong batas na ito at ginawa na 90 yrs old na instead of 100 yrs old? How true po? Thanks

  2. My lola was turning 100 yrs old last feb 2, 2017
    And we submitted her birth certificate in our local goverment or osca. And they said the document will they forwarded in dswd ..my question is how long dswd process the benifits of my lola ? I hope before she totally rest she used the money for her own welfare

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