Non Remittance of SSS

A person’s SSS membership must be kept active at all times.  Keeping your information, contributions, and loan payments (if you have any) updated help you avoid inconveniences when claiming for your benefits later on.

But what if a member (whether employed or voluntary) or his employer fails to update the SSS contributions and payments?  What are the effects of non-reporting and non-remittance of contributions to the SSS?  Let us find out.

For Employed Members

The employees’ entitlement to his SSS benefits shall remain in spite of his employer’s failure to remit the necessary SSS contributions.

For Self-employed and Voluntary Members

It is important for self-employed individuals to know that they need to be registered members of the SSS, otherwise, they may be subjected to fines.  Voluntary and self-employed members may pay their monthly contributions on time or in advance, but not retroactively.  Meaning, if a member missed a contribution for a particular month, he cannot double his payment for the following month to cover for the month he missed.  The previous month will remain unpaid while his succeeding payments are credited to his SSS account.

For Non-working Spouses who gains employment later on (or declares himself to be self-employed or an OFW), his membership shall be re-classified but he will not be issued a new SSS number.  A member cannot have more than one SSS number; his membership may only be re-classified depending on the updates on his employment status.

For Employers

An employer is considered in violation of SSS laws if he fails to report temporary or provisional employees under his payroll.  In case he fails to remit the corresponding SSS contributions of his employees, he may be punishable by fine and / or imprisonment.  The employer is responsible to deliver the following in favor of the employee, even if he failed to remit the employee’s SSS contributions:

a. Pay the benefits of those who die, become disabled, get sick, or reach retirement age;

b. Pay all unpaid contributions plus a penalty of 3% per month.

As paying SSS members, we can regularly check the progress of our contributions and loan payments online.  You may create your online SSS account at