No More Age Limit

It is only a matter of time before the Anti-age Discrimination Bill is finally approved and enacted into law.  After the Senate adopted the Congress’ version of the bill last May 30, the only thing lacking now is the President’s signature.

What are the things that we can all look forward to once this law is implemented?

  • The bill seeks to promote equal opportunities in employment for everyone so that individuals are evaluated for employment on the basis of their abilities, knowledge, skills, and qualifications rather than their age.
  • It shall prohibit employers from making the age a qualification (and effectively, disqualification) for an individual to be considered for a job position.  In announcements for job vacancies, employers must not suggest a preference, limitation, specification, or discrimination based on age.
  • Likewise, employers must not require their applicants to indicate their age or birth date on application forms and in any part of the application process.  Applicants must not be rejected due to an individual’s age.
  • Compensation and privileges must be equal to all employees, regardless of age.

The bill was authored by Senator Pia Cayetano.

Do you agree that a person’s age must not limit him from exploring career opportunities?  Let us know your thoughts!