Know Your Rights as an Air Passenger

Know Your Rights

Are you a frequent plane passenger because of your job or hobby?  Have you ever experienced being marooned in a strange place or island because your flight got delayed or worse, cancelled?  Have you ever felt short-changed with the kind of service and assistance given to you while boarding, during the flight, and upon arriving at your destination?

It pays to know that the government recognizes the rights of an air passenger.  As a matter of fact, we have an Administrative Order that covers these rights.  Sadly though, not everyone is aware of the Air Passenger’s Bill of Rights and so when they get faced with a “cancelled flight” or find out that their luggage have been damaged while being handled by airline employees, they simply shrug it off, not knowing that they can actually claim for compensation for these inconveniences.

To keep everyone in the loop, we are publishing this article on the Rights of an Air Passenger.  If you or someone you know loves to travel by plane, you should definitely read this.  All information were lifted from the Official Gazette website:


(Based on Joint DOTC-DTI Admin. Order No. 01 or the Air Passenger Bill of Rights)

Major Rights of an Air Passenger

  1. Right to be provided with accurate information before purchase.
  2. Right to receive the full value of the service purchased.
  3. Right to compensation

Right to Receive the Full Value of the Service Purchased

  1. Right to be processed for check-in.
  2. Right to sufficient processing time.
  3. Right to board aircraft for the purpose of flight, EXCEPT:
    • In case of overbooking where the airline/air carrier must look for volunteers willing to give up their seats.
    • If the number of volunteers is not enough, the air carrier shall increase the compensation package until the required number of volunteers is met.
    • Legal or other valid causes.

Right to Compensation

  1. Right to compensation and amenities in case of cancellation of flight:

Situation of Cancellation


Rights of Passengers



Cancellation at least 24 hours before the ETD, attributable to the air carrier.



·         To be notified beforehand of the fact of cancellation.

·         Rebook or reimburse the passenger, at the option of the latter.


Cancellation less than 24 hours before the ETD, attributable to the air carrier.



·         To be notified beforehand of the fact of cancellation.

·         To amenities (may include food and drinks, hotel accommodations).

·         To be reimbursed of the value of the fare, taxes, and surcharges, and other optional fees.

·         To be endorsed to another air carrier without paying any fare difference.

·         To rebook the ticket without additional charge.



Cancellation due to other causes.



·         To be reimbursed of the full value of the fare.

2. Right to compensation and amenities in case of flight delay and exceptions thereto.

 Hours of Delay  

Rights of Passengers



Terminal delay of at least three (3) hours after the ETD, whether or not such is attributable to the carrier.



·         To avail of refreshments or meals.

·         To free phone calls, text, or emails, and first aid if necessary.

·         To rebook or refund his/her ticket

·         To be endorsed to another carrier.


Terminal Delay of at least six (6) hours after the ETD for causes attributable to the carrier.


·         To consider the flight cancelled for the purpose of availing the rights and amenities provided for in case of actual cancellation.

·         Additional compensation equivalent to at least the value of the sector delayed.

·         To board the flight if it takes place more than six (6) hours after the ETD and the affected passenger has not opted to rebook and / or refund.



Tarmac delay of at least two (2) hours after the ETD.



·         To sufficient food and beverage.

3. Right to compensation for delayed, lost, and damaged baggage.

4. Right to compensation in case of death or bodily injury of a passenger.

5. Right to immediate payment of compensation.  Payment must be available to the affected passenger:

  • At the air carrier’s counters at the airport on the date when the incident occurred, or
  • At the main office or any branch of the air carrier, at the discretion of the passenger.

For concerns regarding the Air Passenger Bill of Rights, you may call the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) present at certain airports.  Otherwise, you may call the following numbers:

(02) 852-8967 (CAB Legal Division) or

(02) 853-7259 / 854-5996 (CAB Trunklines)


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