Problems with NSO Birth Certificate: Middle Name Being Used is Different from Middle Name on Birth Certificate

Middle Name Being Used Is Different

Pinoy parents are very fond of giving their children long names.  One name is simply not enough and as a result, kids end up with three, four, or even five “first names”.

Such is the case of Maria Angeline Antonia Licudine De Castro.  Her  parents coined the first two names from their names, the father is Mario (hence, Maria) and the mother is Angela (hence, Angeline).  The “Antonia” was added by her grandmother at the last minute, right before the Certificate of Live Birth was finalized and submitted to the office of the Local Civil Registrar (LCR).

When Mario and Angela requested for a copy of May’s (their child’s nickname) PSA birth certificate, two years after she was born, they were surprised to find out that her middle name is written as “Antonia” instead of “Licudine” which is Angela’s maiden last name.  They reviewed the document further and confirmed that both their names as parents are correct.  How come they placed “Antonia” as the child’s middle name?

They were advised by the school administration to inquire at the LCR where their child’s birth was registered and find out how they can have the error corrected.

Upon consulting with the LCR officer, they learned that such errors can be rectified under R.A. 9048 or the act that authorizes the city or municipal civil registrar to correct a clerical or typographical error on a birth certificate entry without the need of a judicial order.  Mario and Angela breathed a sigh of relief upon learning this; they submitted the necessary documents and are now waiting for the LCR’s advise as to when they can request for the first corrected copy of their child’s birth certificate.

Here’s what you need to do in case you have the same birth certificate problem as Mario and Angela:

Who Shall File:

  • Owner of the record
  • Owner’s spouse
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Grandparents
  • Guardian
  • Other person duly authorized by law or by the owner of the document.

Where to File:

  • If born in the Philippines
    • Civil registry office where the birth certificate is registered.
    • In case the owner of the birth certificate no longer lives in the area where he was born, he may file the petition with the civil registry office where is currently residing.
  • If born abroad
    • Philippine Consulate office where the birth is reported.

Supporting Documents

  • Certified machine copy of the birth record containing the entry to be corrected.
  • Not less than two (2) private or public documents upon which the correction shall be based like baptismal certificate, voter’s affidavit, employment records, GSIS/SSS records, medical records, business records, driver’s license, insurance, land titles, certificate of land transfer, bank passbook, NBI/Police clearance, civil registry records of ascendants.
  • Notice / Certificate of Posting
  • Filing Fee: Php 1,000.  If filed abroad, filing fee is USD 50.00 or equivalent value in local currency.
  • Other documents that may be required by the concerned civil registrar.





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26 thoughts on “Problems with NSO Birth Certificate: Middle Name Being Used is Different from Middle Name on Birth Certificate

  1. Hello po ano po dapat gawin pagkakuha ko nga PSA birth cert kulang ng isang letter ang middle name ko andito po ako sa abroad ngayon.

  2. Ask q paano po magpalit ng surname ng bata n nka apliyedo s Mother to Surname. Ng Father, pinaregister po kc sya n nkaapliyedo s nanay ngayin mg 13ysr n po yung bata hnd p po npapalitan ggmitin s father, hnd po kasal yung magulang.. Magkano po magagastos din po s pagpapalit.. Tnx po s response,

    1. Hi Jomar,

      Check mo sa LCR (o munisipyo) kung saan ka naka rehistro (munisipyo ng birth place mo) kung meron kang records dun. Kung meron, ipa-endorse mo sa PSA para makakuha ka ng PSA birth certificate.


      1. Hi Jomar,

        Ang LCR ba mismo ang nagsabi na nawala?

        Pwede kang magpa-reconstruct ng bagong kopya. Kung hindi nila kayang mahanap ang old records mo (hence, making reconstructing impossible), pwede kang magpa late register.

        Marami lang nagiging issues ang late registration dahil kung later on, may mahanap na kopya ang LCR ng iyong original birth certificate, lalabas na double registration ka. Magkaka problema ka din.


  3. ask ko lang po if paano kung ang middle name ko kulang ng isang letter yun nkalagay sa nso birth certificate ko.tnx po sa reply

  4. good day po madali po b maayos ang middle name po .ang middle name po na ginagamit ko ay SADIA at ang nakalagay sa birth certifate ay arguelles .arguelles po middle name ng mother ko sadia ang surname nya.

  5. wat if kung yung family name ang nagkamali,may tendency pa bang maayos at gawing tama ang family name nia..
    eg: Fathers Name: Jainal Jumdahani. Tani
    Sons Name: Muamar Unnoh. Jumdahani
    yung middle initial kase ang naging family name ng anak eh..consult lng po if pede at kaya pang ayusin..?

  6. Ask ko lang po..hindi po ba pwede mag late register sa isang lugar na hindi ka duon ipinanganak?may hawak na rin po siya negative from PSA..thank you po..

  7. A single woman gave birth.the child was given the surname of the father, who acted as the informant. Since they are notclegally married.can the birth certificate be corrected ?

  8. hi! ask ko lng sana panu kpag magpapachange ako ng middle name ko. dapat ba ako magbayad ng 1500 pesos bwat litra?

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