Problems on NSO Marriage Certificate: No Signature of Married Couple

No Signature of Couple

A marriage certificate cannot be considered valid if any of the parties involved fail to sign the document.  In all of the civil wedding rites I have witnessed, the solemnizing officer requests the marrying couple and their sponsors to go over the marriage certificate carefully and take all the time they need to make sure that all entries in the document are clearly written and all fields and copies requiring their signatures are properly signed.

All these are vital in order to seal the veracity of the marriage certificate.

What must you do in case your copy of the PSA marriage certificate lacks the necessary signatures required to make the document authentic?

Mona and Luis got married rather too early and under pressing circumstances.  It was the usual story of a young love gone awry because of unplanned pregnancy and the stress of admitting their situation to their parents.  Sadly though, after their civil wedding, Mona had a miscarriage and lost the baby in her womb.

Their relationship went downhill from there until Mona had no other choice but to move back in with her parents.  She and Luis had not had communication for three years straight; they would only hear about each other from common friends.  When Mona began working in a contact center, she met JC and fell in love.  Three years later, JC proposed to marry her and she eagerly said “Yes!”

At the onset of her relationship with JC, Mona disclosed everything about her past, especially her marriage to Luis.  JC offered to help finance her annulment so she would be legally free to marry again.  They sought the services of a lawyer who gave them the list of documents they need to submit in order to officially begin the annulment process.

Mona ordered copies of her birth and marriage certificates as these were primary on her list.  When she received the documents, she was oddly surprised to find that Luis did not sign the marriage certificate.  She reviewed the document over and over and could not find any other entry there that could pass for Luis’ signature.  On the “contracting party” fields, her and Luis’ names were typewritten and only her name had a signature above it.

This made her think.  If their marriage certificate lacked her husband’s signature, does it make the document invalid and therefore, their marriage, null and void?

When they showed the marriage certificate to their lawyer, they were advised to first seek the counsel of the Local Civil Registry office where their marriage was registered.  If the LCR can confirm that their copy of Mona and Luis’ marriage certificate is essentially “invalid” because the groom failed to sign the document, then they can look forward to a smooth and fast conclusion of the annulment.  For the first time in her life, Mona hoped that Luis’ attempt to fool her was successful.

Upon inquiring at the LCR however, Mona was informed that the copy they have on file has the complete set of signatures, both hers and Luis’, including those of the witnesses and the solemnizing officer’s.  They showed her the copy and offered to endorse a certified photocopy to PSA for proper certification.

Turns out that Mona and Luis were legally married and in order for her to marry again, she would have to work on the annulment process and hope that she be granted the legal right to re-marry soon.





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16 thoughts on “Problems on NSO Marriage Certificate: No Signature of Married Couple

  1. Yun pong name ko,nickname gnamit ko marruage contract nmin kc ang nppangitan ako,valid po ba yun?wala po a ng id nka apelyido sa asawa ko kc nga po,antonietta name kong tutuo,antonette nkalagay,pano po ba yun?pro po sss ko,real name ko,ang kaso hnd ako mkkuha ng ss id kc nga po sa name ko,wala akong id real name ko sa apelyido ng asawa ko,puro sa pagkadalaga apelyido ang id ko.

      1. Hi Jaymar,

        Hindi kayo pumirma ng marriage certificate?

        Kung hindi kayo nag attend ng kasal at hindi kayo pumirma ng marriage certificate, ibig sabihin hindi kayo kasal.

        Yung hawak mo na marriage license ay good for 120 days lang. After 120 days at hindi nagamit yan (meaning hindi kayo nakasal), mag expire yan.

        Ang tanong ko, papano kayong nag karon ng Marriage Contract kung hindi naman kayo nag attend ng kasal?


      2. Yun nga po pinag tataka ko ang totoo po kasi nyan Yung bakla na nag work sa caloocan city hall kaibigan ng ex ko sya po nag lakad nyan ano po ba dapat kung gawin. Kasi po may cenomar nako my record po talaga

      3. Yun nga po pinag tataka ko ang totoo po kasi nyan Yung bakla na nag work sa caloocan city hall kaibigan ng ex ko sya po nag lakad nyan ano po ba dapat kung gawin. Kasi po may cenomar nako my record po talaga

  2. lastyr po ngrequest po ako ng marriage nso kc kelangan ko sa pagkuha ng passport ,ngtaka nlng ako nung pgkuha ko sa releasing negative ang result….4yrs na mula nung kinasal kame ng husband ko church wedding pa kame kinasal ,tas tumawag ako sa Lcr dun sa probincya kosabi nila di daw nila naiforward sa national..,kelangan ko pa daw mgfile ng endorsement para maiforward nila….tanong ko lang kung di ba un maipasa sa national o nso….magiging invalid ba ung kasal namin.

  3. Gud pm po magrerenew kase ako ng passport kaso yung certificate marriage ko. NSO mali ang birthplace imbis na VICTORIA LAGUNA
    PILA LAGUNA ang nakalagay kumuha ako ng joint affidavit incase na ma question ang birthplace ko sa marriage certificate
    Pero sa birthcertificate ko tama naman VICTORIA LAGUNA ang nakalagay
    Sana po mabigyan nyo ako ng sagot salamat po

    1. Hi Donna,

      Binabase ng DFA ang information na ilalagay sa passport mo sa information na naka declare sa birth certificate mo. Kaya lang kung minsan, pag may nakita silang discrepancy sa personal information mo, nagrerequire sila ng verification. Subukan mo pa din mag apply, at dalhin mo ang affidavit na ipinagawa mo.


  4. Hi ask lang po ako ng help. Ang family ng husband ko nilate registration ako sa munisipyo nila pero sa manila ako pinanganak 1980 original birthdate ko pero sa kinuha nila its 1979. This is to make sure na makasal na kami kahit 17 pa lang ako originally. Kumuha ako ng birth certificate and marriage contract namin for requirments sa company ayaw na ibigay ng NSO ang second birth certificate kasi dapat daw yung first ang gamitin. Ano po bang magandang gawin kasi mag tatake din ako ng board exam sana.

  5. Gusto ko pong maipa correct ung apilyedo ko kasi po maring mali apelido ko po sa dalaga pa aq imbest quirante ang nkalagay po duon rojas pati po sa papa ko naging rojas din po imbest na quirante paano po gagawin.ko.

  6. Pano po LNG walang gender yong birth certificate at ang nga middle name ay Hindi complete abbreviation LNG….pano po yan?

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