Problems on NSO Marriage Certificate : Blurred or Unreadable Entries on the Certificate of Marriage


All the details reflected on your NSO Marriage Certificate (now PSA Marriage Certificate) are vital in proving the validity of your and your spouse’s union.  Should there be items that were omitted or overlooked while filling out the document, make sure to attend to these right away to avoid any delays in your future transactions like updating your IDs, passports, and bank accounts.

Conrad and Annie are a young couple who recently moved out of their parent’s house in Ilocos to begin life on their own in Manila.  Conrad is a banker while Annie used to be a pre-school teacher.  She voluntarily gave up her profession so she can focus on their baby and tend to their home.

Being the sole breadwinner for his family, Conrad invested on a health insurance for Annie and their baby so they would not need to worry about their finances when someone gets sick and needs to be taken to the hospital.  When he submitted their documents to the insurance firm, he was advised to double check their marriage certificate as the date and place of their marriage seem to be missing.

Going over the document, he realized that the fields for the date and place of marriage were not necessarily blank; it looked more like whatever were written on the blanks were smudged beyond recognition.  Conrad called Annie and asked her to check the other copies she had on file; unfortunately though, all copies had the same smudgy marks on the said fields.

The insurance firm would not proceed with his transaction until he is able to present a clearer copy of his marriage certificate.  Without the document, it would be difficult to prove that he and Annie are married and that she is qualified to be his primary dependent and beneficiary.

The couple packed their bags and took a long drive to Laoag City, where they were married.  They proceeded to the Local Civil Registry office where their marriage was registered and requested for a clearer copy of their certificate of marriage.  Sadly though, even the copies kept by the LCR were blurry and unreadable.

Based on the Philippine Statistics Authority’s ( website, if the LCR’s copy of the marriage certificate is also unreadable, the document must be “reconstructed” following the couple’s submission of a duly accomplished LCR Form No. 3A.  The LCR will facilitate the reconstruction of their document so they can get a clearer copy later on.  The fees shall be determined by the municipal office and the requesting parties will be advised as to how long the process will take before they can get a clear copy of their document.




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4 thoughts on “Problems on NSO Marriage Certificate : Blurred or Unreadable Entries on the Certificate of Marriage

  1. Good afternoon.. Ask ko lang po tungkol sa apelyido ng Sister ko sa Marriage certi, into po pala at yung sa Maiden name nya na imbes po “Caparoso ” at nagawa po itong “Caparroso ” naging double “r” po xa. Ano pp kaya ang pwede gawin?
    Thanks pod.

  2. panu po un ung sa marriage certifcte po nmin ay mali po ung date ng b-day ng asawa ko,ung month nya dapat po,november kso nkalagay po may. pnu po un..plss help po.

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