Delayed Registration of Birth

In a previous article, we tackled the issue of some Pinoys not having birth records with the Philippine Statistics Authority or PSA (formerly National Statistics Office or NSO).  In most cases, the owner of the certificate need to consult with the LCR where his birth was supposedly registered and check if the LCR has a copy of his registration.  The copy is then endorsed to the PSA for proper certification so that  the owner can get his birth certificate in PSA’s Security Paper.

But what if your birth was not registered at all?  If you were born in 1949 and earlier years, there is also a chance that the PSA does not have a record of your birth.

How does one acquire a birth certificate years after he was born?

According to the website of the PSA, a vital event reported beyond the reglementary period is considered delayed.  The birth of a child must be reported to the LCR office of the child’s birthplace, not less than 30 days after birth.  Any registration made beyond the reglementary period shall be considered delayed and necessary justification shall be required.

Here are the requirements for delayed registration of birth; these shall be submitted at the LCR office of the city or municipality where the person was registered.  Additional documents shall be required in case the requesting party is not the mother of the child:

a). Four (4) copies of the Certificate of Live Birth duly accomplished and signed by the proper parties;

b). Accomplished Affidavit for Delayed Registration at the back of the Certificate of Live Birth by the father, mother, or guardian, declaring therein, among other things, the following:

  • Name of child
  • Date and place of birth
  • Name of the father if the child is illegitimate and has been acknowledged by him
  • If legitimate, the date and place of marriage of parents
  • Reason for not registering the birth within thirty (30) days after the date of birth.
  • If the person being registered is 18 years old and above and is already married, he needs to submit a copy of his Certificate of Marriage as well.

You may inquire at the LCR how soon the birth certificate can be made available at the PSA.  Feel free to ask as well how your application for delayed registration of birth will be processed; the LCR will be glad to explain this to you.