No Birth Record

What if your request for a copy of your NSO Birth Certificate (now PSA Birth Certificate) yields a “negative certification” instead of the actual birth certificate?  Is it possible to “not have a birth certificate”?  If yes, how do you get one when you’re already almost 60 years old?

Mila is a 58-year-old public school teacher who made it through different jobs and employers, here and abroad, without a birth certificate.  She said that the system for securing passports in the late 1980s was not yet as strict – something that worked to her favor because she was able to send all three kids to school by working as a domestic helper in Hong Kong.

Her parents failed to register her birth.  She is not even sure if she is a legitimate child as she has not seen any wedding photos of her parents, or any document that would prove that they were married.

Now that she is set to retire in less than two years, she is compelled to work at getting herself a birth certificate.  It is a basic requirement in claiming her pension and other benefits after she retires from work.

Mila is just one of the many Filipinos who do not have certified copies of their birth certificates.  Here is what one needs to do in order to properly register their birth and secure a copy of their birth certificate in PSA Security Paper.

  1. When you receive a Negative Certification from the Philippine Statistics Authority of PSA (formerly National Statistics Office or NSO) instead of receiving a copy of your certified birth certificate, proceed to the Local Civil Registry (LCR) office where your birth was registered and check if they have a record of your birth.
  2. If they do, request that it be endorsed to the PSA.  The LCR will advise you of the time it will take before a copy of your birth certificate is made available.  You may follow-up at a PSA office or at the LCR where you filed the request for endorsement.
  3. When a copy of your birth certificate is available, you need to claim this at the PSA East Avenue office.  Your succeeding requests for copies of your certified birth certificate may then be made online at or by calling the hotline (02) 737-1111.
  4. In case you do not have a copy of your birth certificate at the LCR office where you were supposedly registered, you need to file for Late Registration.  You may inquire about the process at the LCR office as well.

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