Travel Clearance for Minors vs. Parental Travel Permit

Travel Clearance

Summer vacation is just around the corner. To kids, it’s the next best thing to Christmas because it means time off from school and home works. They can sleep in until mid-day, spend more time with friends, and of course, go on vacation with the family.

Taking the kids on an out-of-town trip is always exciting. Whether you’re going to visit Lolo and Lola in the province or are flying out to a nearby country to experience a different culture and see famous tourist spots, a family trip is the highlight of every kid’s summer vacation.

But what if taking your child on an out-of-the-country trip requires more than just a passport and plane tickets? Did you know that the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) requires certain documents in case children are going on an international flight with people other than his parents or legal guardians? Read more about these important travel documents required by the government for the protection of our children.

The DSWD Travel Clearance – Who Needs This and Why?

The DSWD requires a Travel Clearance for children (of minor age) who will be traveling out of the country on their own or with people other than his/her parents or legal guardians. This is the government’s straightforward means of protecting children from the possibilities of human trafficking.

The DSWD Travel Clearance vs. Parental Travel Permit

The Parental Travel Permit is issued by the DSWD to minors traveling abroad accompanied by only one parent or persons exercising parental authority. The parent who will not be going on the trip (for various reasons) must execute a duly notarized Parental Travel Permit as proof that he or she has given her consent for her spouse (father or mother of the child) to take their child on a trip outside the country. This too is in relation with the government’s efforts to discourage human trafficking as stipulated in Republic Act 7610 (also known as Special Protection of Children Against Child Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act).

The DSWD Travel Clearance is needed in cases when the minor child is traveling on his own or with people other than his parents or legal guardians. This is the case when kids are sent abroad by the school for competitions, workshops, further research, projects, and field trips. In such instances, the child is accompanied only by a teacher or a coach; a Travel Clearance is then needed.

But what if the child is an illegitimate minor and will be traveling only with his or her biological father?

By virtue of Article 176 of the Family Code of the Philippines, the law that gave mothers the parental authority over illegitimate children, a Parental Travel Permit needs to be executed (by the biological mother) in order for a biological father to take his minor child out of the country.

What if the minor child is adopted and will be traveling alone with his or her adoptive father or mother?

The same rule applies except that the parents need to submit the adoption papers to prove that said parents are recognized by the state as the adoptive parents of the child.

What are the requirements that parents need to prepare when their child is traveling abroad?

  1. Travel Clearance (when applicable);
  2. PSA Birth Certificate on Security Paper (SECPA) of the minor;
  3. PSA Marriage Certificate of minor’s parents (if married);
  4. Notarized Affidavit of Consent from parents/guardians authorizing a particular person to accompany the child in his/her travel abroad;
  5. Notarized Affidavit of Support of sponsor indicating employment and salary certified by the employer, if appropriate;
  6. Latest Income Tax Return of sponsoring person and/or parents with official confirmation receipts;
  7. Two passport size pictures of minor;
  8. Photocopy of passport and visa of traveling companion of the minor.

Tomorrow we will post an article on a case where the biological father wants to take his child (who is illegitimate) on a trip to Disneyland; however, he does not have any information on the mother’s whereabouts.

Will the child ever be able to travel with his father? Are there any exemptions to Article 176 of the Family Code when it is the father who raised the illegitimate child and the mother is nowhere to be found?

Let’s find out tomorrow.

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55 thoughts on “Travel Clearance for Minors vs. Parental Travel Permit

  1. Hello po! Nabasa ko po lahat ng tanong at sagot dito about sa parental consent at permit from DSWD, at halos nasagot naman po ang gusto kong itanong, pero medyo may konti pa po akong doubt at tanong. Tulad nila, hindi kasal, hiwalay na matagal, may anak na minor at isang ina, nasa pangangalaga ko ang aking anak, ang tatay nya di namin alam kung saan bansa, palipat lipat kasi daw sa barko sila, maraming taon daw bago magbakasyon.

    Married na po ako ngayon, at plan po namin ng husband ko na magbakasyon ng hk kasama ang anak ko.

    Kung ako ang ina di ko na kailangan ng permit from DSWD, tama po ba? Pero yung parental consent po ba need ko pa?

  2. Ask ko Lang po Kasi I’ll be travelling with my Lola papuntang UAE and we will visit my dad doon and yung mother ko po Hindi sasama kailangan ko pa po ba ng travel clearance?

  3. gusto ko po sna pag bakasyonin ang anak ko ko dto s taiwan last month umuwi po ako pra magpagwa ng parental of consent,nagpunta po kmi s dswd pero hinihingi prin po nia un s father,hndi po kz aq ang ksma ng anak q pag nagtravel sya!humingi po kami s father ng anak q pero ayaw nia mag bigay ano po ba dapt gawin,?balak konpo sana dis MAy makapunta anak ko dto! tnx

      1. opo minor po siya,umuwi po ako nun march 20 kasi po hndi siya pwde magpapasport n d ksma magulang,2 days lang po ako dun pero nkpag pagawa namn po ako ng parental consent tpos po nagpunta kami s dswd pero hinhingi pa rin po nila ung parental consent ng tatay nun humingi po kami ayaw po nya magbigay,sayang naman po ung mga nagastos ko kumuha pa po ako agent para sa anak ko pra sa visa niya,

      2. Ok kailngan nga ng DSWD pero yung affidavit at spa na ipapagawa mo na authenticated naman ng Phil. Embassy kung nasaang bansa ka is enough para sa mga minor mong anak.

      3. umuwi po ako ng last month kaso po nagpapasport yung anak ko at nagpagwa na rin po aq ng parental consent sa pinas ,ok lng po b un?

      4. sinabi na po nmin di alam kung nasan na ung tatay,wala daw sila magagawa dun basta kailangan dw yung parental consent ng tatay,bumalik nalang daw kapag ok na,wla na po kami iba mgawang paraan

  4. Hi kailangan ko pa ba kumuha ng travel clearance? Ako yong ina isasama ko yong anak ko papuntang USA with immigrant Visa. Please help thank you.

  5. My bf and I are traveling to Korea soon. We plan to bring our 3yo daughter with us for a short vacation trip. Do we still need to get clearance from DSWD? Please advice. Thanks!

  6. Hi.

    My husband will be travelling alone with our son out of the country, which means we need to accomplish a parental travel permit, right? How do we get this? I’ve been researching about it and the procedure seems quite unclear. Thanks for your help in advance.

  7. 18 years old na po ako turning 19 this January 17. Papunta po akong US and ying bibilhan ko po ng ticket na agency is requiring me to get DSWD Travel Clearance? Required pa po ba ko kahit 18 na ko?

  8. Hi,

    Me and my 8-year-old son will be traveling to HK (tourist). My son is using the last name of his father however, I am using my maiden name on my passport.

    I have the original marriage contract and my son’s birth certificate with me in case this will create an issue.

    My question is, will the immigration allow my son to travel with me?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Warm regards,

    1. Yes. As you said you are bringing the necessary papers to prove your relationship with your son i guess there is no reason to hold you and your son by the immigration officer.

      1. Mine is the same case as Ms Ana above. My parents and I plan to take my daughter to HK for a vacation. My daughter carries the last name of his father but my passport uses my maiden name.

        I have the original marriage contract and my daughter’s (she is 3 1/2 years old) birth certificate. Do I still need to secure a Parental travel permit or is the birth certificate and marriage certificate enough?



      2. I applied for her passport since she was 1 yrs old. I went there with my daughter accompanied by my aunt. Her next renewal will be in two years. Is there a rule ba na dapat two parents in applying passport?

      3. Married ba kayo nung father nung bata? kapag kasi ang bata below 7 ang right kasi is nasa nanay pa. Check mo lang yung requirements na nasa DFA site walang magiging problem ang renewal nyo.

  9. Hello po. If only the mother and the illegitimate child will go abroad. Is a clearance from the biological father needed who acknowledged her in the birth certificate?

  10. pano po kung i have illegitimate children, where their father acknowledged them by signing the back of their birth cert. tapos ngayon i have a new partner, a foreigner, and we planned to get married and i will be bringing my kids once i get to his country. i have no communication with their father since he abandoned us in 2012. can i bring my kids with me?

  11. need ko pa po ba pagawa ng parental clearance sa atty.
    if ako po yung mother tapos isasama ko po sa USA ung dalawang anak ko..Tourist visa po .. d lang makakasama yung tatay


  12. pano po pag tourist visa

    kasama ko po ung dalawang anak ko ako po yung mother.. pero di po kasama yung tatay ..kelangan pa po ba ng papeles. . o hindi na po papuntang USA po..


      1. hi po ang iniisip ko po palabas ng pinas .. baka hanapan pa ako ng travel clearance kasi d po kasama ang tatay?

  13. pano po b kung un nso bc ko po ay maria victoria pero bc ng mga anak ko 3 cla gamit ma. victoria at 2 victoria lang..pno po b maaus un..pls reply..thanks.

    1. hi po question lang pupunta po kz kmi ng anak ko 10 yr old sa hk pero yung surname na gamit nya sa tatay nya pero matagal na po kmi hindi mag kasma ng tatay nya need ko pa po ba kumuha ng parent consent galing sa tatay?kahit hnd na man po ako kasal?

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