Can a Married Woman Use Her Maiden Name on Her Passport?

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When Gemma and PJ got married in 2008, they had to wait until 2009 before they were able to spend their honeymoon in the U.S. Gemma’s passport had to be renewed. She decided to wait until she has all her marriage documents with her because she wanted for her married name to appear on her new passport.

Her mom advised her that she actually has the option to use her maiden name in her Passport, but being the starry-eyed, brand new wife that she was then, she opted to use Geraldine Marie M. Gomez – Gomez being PJ’s last name. Before they celebrated their first wedding anniversary, they flew off to Florida for their much-awaited honeymoon; Gemma brandished her newly updated passport with her newly updated name on it. And since then, she and PJ would make it a point to explore a new country at least once every year.

Unfortunately, the honeymoon fever waned a bit too early for Gemma and PJ and in less than nine years of being married, they both decided to go their separate ways. It did not take long for PJ to find a new relationship while Gemma enjoyed the “single and ready to mingle” lifestyle she sorely missed.

The highlight of her new-found freedom would have been a week-long sojourn with her friends in Bali except that her passport was once again due for renewal. It was at this point when she realized that she wanted to begin dropping her husband’s last name and revert to her maiden name. She remembered her Mom’s advise that women have the option to use their maiden name in their passports and this was exactly what she tried to do when she applied for a passport renewal.

She was terribly surprised when the Department of Foreign Affairs told her that changing her name in her passport is not as easy as she thought it to be.

“But I thought I had the RIGHT to use whatever name I wanted on my passport, whether my maiden or married name?” Even while recovering from shock and disappointment, Gemma managed to listen intently to the DFA’s explanation:

Gemma was clearly referring to Article 370 of the New Civil Code of the Philippines which states that:

A married woman may use:

  1. Her maiden first name and surname and add her husband’s surname, or
  2. Her maiden first name and her husband’s surname or
  3. Her husband’s full name, but prefixing a word indicating that she is his wife, such as “Mrs.”

Unfortunately for Gemma, her decision to use her married name when she had her passport renewed disqualifies her from using Article 370 as basis to change her name on her passport. If she so wishes to use her maiden name, she will have to present a court decree to prove that her marriage to PJ has been annulled or they have been granted legal separation. (Other cases would be that the husband passed away, in which case she would have to present a valid PSA Death Certificate, or the husband obtained a foreign divorce against her.) Article 370 would have only worked in Gemma’s favor had she decided to retain her maiden name in her passport in spite of being married to PJ.

Gemma got her passport and used it to travel the world. It was her way of recovering from her failed marriage while contemplating on her next move. Her wish was granted when, on her 33rd birthday, PJ asked to see her to talk about legalizing their separation. They both decided to go for annulment and mutually agreed to cooperate to make the process easier for both of them. In less than three years, their annulment was granted and Gemma finally got to change her name in all of her identification cards and documents – she is now, once again, Geraldine Marie T. Mendoza.


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94 thoughts on “Can a Married Woman Use Her Maiden Name on Her Passport?

  1. Nakuha n po apo ako ng passport pro expired n ang gmit ko dun ay surname ng asawa ko pro kng kukuha po b ako let ng renew ng passport ko pede po b n gamitin ko ang surname ko s pgkadlga???

    1. Hi Theresa,

      Pwede mong papalitan ang apelido mo sa passport mo kung makakapag pakita ka ng annulment or divorce papers sa DFA para mapatunayang legal na kayong hiwalay ng iyong asawa. Kung na-biyuda ka naman, kailangan mong magdala ng Death Certificate ng iyong yumaong kabiyak.


  2. hello, just would like to seek advise sana. already bought ticket for my mom pra sa travel abroad.. however, during passport application, she found out that her name in marriage cert is misspelled, thus failed to issue passport. nag apply na kmi for correction but it will take 3-6 mos pa daw bago makuha sa PSA which is way beyond na our travel date. her IDs are married name na rin for she’s been married na for 26 years.
    can she use her maiden name instead? since first time pa lang niya kukuha ng passport? thanks 🙂

  3. Good Day!
    May passport na po nong dalaga pa ako at matagal na itong expired.married na po ako.Gusto ko po sana irenew ang passport ko pero hindi ko babaguhin ang status ko.pwede po ba yon?

  4. Sir/Madam, married po ako sa foreigner.Kukuha pa lang p oako nang passport.Kung gagamitin ko po yung apilyido ko sa pagkadalaga,kailangan po ba yung status ko isisingle ko na lang?Ok lang po ba yun married na ko pero single ang ilalagay ko?Ang id ko po kasi is single,pati nbi ko nakasingle.Kukuha din po ako nang postal id na single din para sa pagkuha nang passport.Di po ba ako magkakaproblema nyan?Salamat po.

    1. First passport niyo po ba yan? Kung first passport ninyo or kung single na kayo dati pa sa passport niyo, may option po kayo to use your maiden name sa passport ninyo.

  5. Hello. We are married but hiwalay na. My husband first passport status is his passport must be renewed,pwde pa rin ba single ang elagay sa status neya kahit kasal na kmi sa civil?

  6. hello master citizen, pumnta ako sa dfa para sa passport appointment, ok na lahat ng requirements maliban sa nakita nilang discrepancy sa b.c ko. nakasulat kasi sa mothers maiden name eh yung pangalan ng mother ko at surname ng papa ko inshort married name nya nilagay. ayaw tanggapin sa dfa. im married pero ang application ko ay single dahil hiwalay na kami ng husband ko at lahat ng reqts ko single. sabi nila kung married daw sana ok lang tatanggapin dahil baliwala na yung middle name ng mother ko. pwede kaya yn i appky ko married ako pero yung maiden name pa rin gagamitin ko

  7. I had been married twice with the but he uses different surname, at first he uses his mothers maiden surname, then I discovered it that its not his real surname by that time am just only 20years old don’t have enough knowledge about the law, so when our first child came according to my cousin working as a clerk of court my first marriage is null and void so we got married again with his real surname so our first child been registered under his name coz he doesnt want to register it under my name.
    Now, am separated with him since 2003 and he is Inside the jail detain in muntinlupa penal colony case 5/11, sentenced as reclusion perpetua.
    I need my maiden name to be back again and he gave a hand written letter allowing me to do such a move to have my retain my maiden name.
    Sir/mam my problem is I do not have enough money to support for my annulment procedures, I am jobless as of now. My kids are still studying.
    What will I do? Please do help me and email me your advice.
    Thank you so.much and God bless!

    1. Hello poh..tanong q lng poh pwede bah sa next renew ng passport q pwede q poh bang gamitin ang maiden name q kc hiwalay n poh kmi ng asawa q

      1. Hi Venus,

        Pwede naman, kailangan mo lang mag present ng proof of an annulment of your marriage na galing sa court. Ito ang magiging basis ng approval ng request mo to change your name on your passport.


  8. Master citizen 11 years na kaming nghiwalay nang husband ko may validity ba Yong civil wedding?

  9. Master citizen yong husband ko po ay ng aasawa ulit at ngpaconvert sila nang muslim tapos kasal po kami (civil wedding) yong marriage namin dalawa hindi bA yon mabura sa NSO or PSA?

  10. can i just renew my passport without any middle name? i got married to american , when i got my green card my middle name is still my mothers maiden name instead of using my father’s surname. so if i will change my status from single to married, can i just drop my middle name? im planning to use my first name and my husband’s last name. will that be possible?

  11. Pwede po bang mag renew ng passport married to single.ang isang hiwalay sa asawa na matagal na.but not legally annuled.

  12. Hi sir! I still have my maiden name on my passport expiring in 2019. I got married 2011 but still use my maiden name. Is it ok to use my maiden name to apply for a US visa but declare as married in my status, because it is still valid?

    1. It depends on the U.S embassy. You have the right naman to use your maiden name even if you are already married. Pero kung ang application mo is as spouse visa i guess dapat ginagamit mo na yung surname ng husband mo.

    2. Hi.. for sure it’s okay to use your maiden name. I have my maiden name on my passport expiring on 2020. I applied for spousal visa. Only CFO asked me to use my husband’s surname instead. So I have this sticker on my passport using my husband’s surname and my maiden name on my passport utself.It doesn’t matter.

  13. Paano naman po kung finalized divorced? Pero hindi po annulled ang marriage namin dito sa Pilipinas. Pwede kobna bang gamitin sa aking passport ang aking maiden name? Kasi surname pa ng ex ko ang gamit ko. Salamat po!

  14. good afternoon mastercitizen ask ko lang po kung ok po ba gamitin ang alumni id and brgy clearance sa pag renew ng passport?

  15. gud pm po! kumuha poq ng NSO birthcertificate q then nalaman q n apelyio ng mother q ang nakalagay.a friend of mine help me to correct my surname using my father’s surname. dhil mula po ng elementary aq surname n po ng father q ang gamitq.after nun kumuha p q ulit ng bgo nso b.c nklgay p dun yung apelyido ng mother q tpos s right side nkasulat po dun legitemated by virtue of subsequent marriage….etc the childshall b knwn… mgaapply poq ng passport.ok lng po b n eto ang ipkita nso b.c?

  16. Hi. If maiden name gamitin sa passport kahit na married na kailangan ang mga supporting docs ba dun ay maoden name rin ang gamit?

  17. Hello master, ask ko lang if ano need ko for my daughter’s passport. Single mom po ako. Sakin sia nakaapelido. Unknown ang father nia sa birth cert nia. And also, ano rin po yung kailangan ko isecure aside from visa pag pipila na kami sa immigration? Mag tour po kami mag ina sa Japan. 5months old p lang po sia. Thank you so much.

  18. My marriage of 20 yrs. was null and void since my husband had a previous marriage without my knowledge. I had to file an annulment and it was granted. My passport using my ex husband’s surname expired last 2014 . Can i still use my ex husband’s surname for my renewal since i don’t want my US visa be affected which will expire in 2020?

    1. I don’t have any idea regarding US VISA policy. But in the DFA unless you presents a document that you wanted to be followed then DFA will amend. If you are going to renew it as is it’s ok.

  19. Gud am po etatanung q lang po sana kng anu po ang tamang gawn,nwala q po kc passport q pu,na snatch po kc bag q,gusto q po sanang kumuha ulit peru single napo sana ang gagamitn ko,kc ung old pasprt q pu s sa marriage q pu kc ang last name nun n gnamt q at hwalay n po kc kme 7yrs n po maheget-pwd po b un?at panu po?thankyou po.

  20. My surname in birth certificate was that of my deceased mother but in all other papers (baptimal, school etc) i used my father’s surname. They were married after i was born but my father was unable to signed my birth certificate after. I am now widowed but still uses my married name in all transactions and my middle name in it i uses my father’s surname. If i apply will i be granted a passport and what name will it hold?

    1. DFA follows the detail on what is in the PSA(NSO) copy of your B.C that’s their basis aside for the surname that you adopted from your husband. You need to correct first your PSA B.C file for legitimation due to subsequent marriage so you can use your fathers last name in your B.C

      1. Thank you for your reply. But can i do my legitimation without my father? I do not have contact with him anymore. By the way, he is a citizen of another country where he lives eversince.

      2. It depends on the LCR officer if the marriage of your parents is a enough proof to support your filing then i guess no need for him to sign.

  21. tanong ko lang po gusto ko mag change status sa passport ko ano pong gagawin? kukuha ulit ako nang passport?

  22. Ask lng po, may kakilala kasi akong OFW na me asawa pero ever since di nya ginamit s passport nya ang apelyedo ng asawa nya, 2009 na annuled kasal nila, pero last year pinalitan nya ang kanyang surname ng kanya ex-husband….ang ginamit niyan marriage contract ‘yong dati pa, ‘yong wala pang annotation from nso, luma pa kung baga. Pwede pala ‘yon?
    Salamat po!

    1. Pwede naman talagang i retain ang maiden surname eh kaya ok lang yun. Ang hinid tama is bakit kung kelan na annul yung kasal nya tsaka nya gagamitin yung husbands surname nya? Baka may gagawin siyang kalokohan.

  23. Paano kung meron n po ako red ribbon ng dfa sa petition of divorce decree kaso pinasa ko po s LCROang original documents then ang old passport ko sa former husband at marry na po ako sa panibago ko husband ano po ang requirements ko pg ng renew ako ng passport.can u help me

    1. Kailangan mo ng annotated M.C from PSA(NSO) at yung kopya ng petition at kailngan mo din nang bago mong M.C para naman sa surnme ng bago mong asawa. Dapat may appointment schedule ka din at mas maganda kung DFA Aseana ka mag set schedule.

  24. Hello po… tanong ko lng po kung halimbawa po may dati n akong passport pero ung nakalagay na birthday ko ay hnd ung totoong bday ko…. makakakuha po b ako ng panibagong passport na ang ilalagay kona ung totoong bday ko?

  25. Good day kasal po ako since 2008..I get a passport 2009 but Hindi ko po ginamit ang apelido ng husband ko.until now still single po ang gamit ko every time n mgrenew ako still single po magkakaro. Po ba ako ng problem in my documents

  26. I am a government employee and dont have a passport yet and Im planning to get one…can I use my maiden name because my husband is a muslim and he has a multiple wives but the problem is we were married in a civil ceremony and in all my documents i used his surname…

    1. You have the rights naman to use your maiden name lalo na kung first passport mo yan. Just bring a copy of your M.C from PSA(NSO) thaen explain to them why you do not want to use your husbands surname.

  27. Hi po ask Lang po Ako nag renew Ako ng pastport ko last October 2015 and I got married last January 2016 we filed for visa last February ang tanong ko poh ok Lang poh ba gamitin yung passport ko Na single or I have to change my pastport to my married name..?ok Lang po ba Ako mg travel gamit ung pastport ko?

  28. Sir Pede po b humingi ng contacts a lawyer for annulment.
    Gusto k po KC mag pa annul sa British k almost 6 years n kmi Wlaa communication

  29. ang gingmit q p din ung maiden name q pgngpprenew po AQ khit married aq Pero ms nauna po aqng ngkpasport kesa mgaswa,tnung q po qng kukuha po AQ ng passport ng mga ank q OK LNG b n mgkaiba kmi ng apelyido ung s ama nila gmit at qng PDE q cla isama s abroad

      1. Sir wla pa po akong passport gusto ko po mag apply ng passport pero married na po ako gusto ko parin po gamitin yong apelyedo ko..ano ilalagay ko married po ba tas still un apelyedo ko parin ang ilalagay ko salamat po sa sagot

      2. May option naman ang mga married women na i retain yung maiden name nila lalo na kung first passport ito. Yung bang mga I.D mo pag ka dalaga pa din or yung sa married name na?

      1. hello po sir ask ko lng po..nkaapoint na po ksi ako ng passport…pero gnmait konna po apelyido ng aswa ko..peru mga ids ko po single pa po..need po ba na kumuha muna ako ng mga bagong id..khit may marriage certificate po ako…

  30. My husband committed multiple marriages. He married another woman within the year (2001). It sucks, yes. The worst part, he denied me and our son as his family and that our marriage did not exist and this was in 2002. In 2004 they filed for void and nullity of marriage against me and were demanding for 200k compensation. My initial reaction was wth!! eventually, the result came out (2015) and the judge’s decision was in my favor. They were denied because it was proven that I was the legal wife. I was hoping the result will also help me change my pasport’s status but to my disappointment it didn’t and that I have to file for annulment to make the change possible. I don’t know what to do now. Whether to file for annulment which will take years and a lot of money or just let it be?

  31. Tanong ko lang po,need po ba talaga gumastos ng malaki para lang marecognize yung divorce namin sa foreign national?2005 pa kami divorced ng japanese kong husband pero hindi pa rin ako pwde magasawa ulit kc need ng malaking pera at matagal na oras.

  32. in her old passport single sya. then she got married. after marrying, she renewed her passport with the same old status as single and still used her maiden name. is it ok that she declared on her renewed passport that she is single?

  33. bali dalawa ang passport ko now. may passport ako s pgkasingle ko my passport ako married ko, pareho ko sila nererenew ok lng po ba yun?

  34. What if you are already married and you still did not change your passport’s name ( which is your maiden name) would that still be ok?

    1. Hi Nina Nette! Yes that is okay. You will be given the option to change your name in your passport when you renew it. Again, it’s only an option. You are not required to use your married name in your passport if you don’t want to.

      1. sir ibig sabihin kung dalaga ka may passport kana maiden mo ang gamit mo pwedeng yun din lang gamitin kahit kinasal kana pwede palang di nalang palitan. so it means di pala pwede yung kasal na gamit mo na ang pasport na apilyido na ng asawa mo at pag renew balik s a apilyido ng pagka dalaga yun po ba ang complicated sir? kasi hiwalya na sir 5 taon na pag ni renew ko ba passport ko balik s apagka dalaga yun pala ang hinde pwede ang option na gamitin dun sa ganun nga sitwasyon.kung pwede po incase ano po yang mga requirements para mabalik s apag ka dalaga na apilyido ang name.

  35. Hello po mam sir tanong ko kng paano mag ampon ng pamangkin iniwan cla ng nanay nila sa kapatid ko. Yn kapatid ko nag asawa ulit yn napangasawa may 3 anak po kaya naawa po sko sa pamangkin ko gusto po amponin pumayag naman po asawa ko at anak yn panganay po 10 yrs old yn bunso po 7 yrs old sana naman po matulongan nyu ako

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