Problems with NSO Birth Certificate : No First or Last Name in NSO Birth Certificate

What could be more disappointing than finding out that you do not have a first name or last name written on your NSO Birth Certificate (now PSA Birth Certificate)? It could be that your parents were overwhelmed with joy when they first saw you that they failed to tell the nurses your name.  Or maybeContinue reading “Problems with NSO Birth Certificate : No First or Last Name in NSO Birth Certificate”

Problems with NSO Birth Certificate : First or Last Name is Blurry or Misspelled

If your first or last names in your NSO Birth Certificate (now PSA Birth Certificate) are blurry or misspelled, its authenticity might be questioned by the office or agency to whom you are submitting it.  This may cause delays and even denials of transactions you are working on and you know how inconvenient that canContinue reading “Problems with NSO Birth Certificate : First or Last Name is Blurry or Misspelled”

Na-Online Scamming Ka Na Ba?

Ang mga balitang hindi gaanong magaganda ay karaniwan na nating naririnig o nakikita sa TV, radio, at sa internet. Madalas na balita ang holdup, nadukutan, nabudol-budol (panlilinlang), at kung ano-ano pa. Nagsisilbing warning ang mga ito sa mga hindi pa nakararanas; ikinu-kwento sa mga kaibigan at kapamilya para mabigyan din sila ng babala. Ngunit minsan,Continue reading “Na-Online Scamming Ka Na Ba?”

The SEC Express Nationwide Submission (SENS)

Section 141 of the Corporation Code of the Philippines requires a corporation, lawfully doing business in the Philippines, to submit to SEC an annual report of its operations, together with a financial statement of its assets and liabilities covering the preceding fiscal year. The report shall be submitted within the prescribed period to SEC. InContinue reading “The SEC Express Nationwide Submission (SENS)”

Philippine Passports for Pinoys with Dual Citizenship

In yesterday’s blog, we talked about the possibility of re-acquiring Filipino citizenship after becoming a naturalized citizen of another country. Such Pinoys have dual citizenship. Today’s blog will focus on how a Filipino with dual citizenship can apply for his Philippine passport. Yes. They can have two passports – one from the country where theyContinue reading “Philippine Passports for Pinoys with Dual Citizenship”

Dual Citizenship : Kung Mahal Mo, Babalikan Mo

When a natural-born Filipino acquires citizenship through naturalization in a foreign country, he essentially “renounces” his Filipino citizenship. In August 2003, such Pinoys were given the option to re-acquire their Filipino citizenship by virtue of Republic Act No. 9225. They can file for a petition to re-acquire their Filipino citizenship, subject to the approval ofContinue reading “Dual Citizenship : Kung Mahal Mo, Babalikan Mo”

Parental Travel Permits for Illegitimate Minor Children : What We All Need To Know

Paul and Becca’s relationship has always been shaky. Even while they were dating, they would have episodes of verbal and physical abuse, mostly inflicted by her to him than the opposite. They parted ways before graduating from college only to reunite a few years later when Becca’s mother passed away and she needed someone toContinue reading “Parental Travel Permits for Illegitimate Minor Children : What We All Need To Know”

Travel Clearance for Minors vs. Parental Travel Permit

Summer vacation is just around the corner. To kids, it’s the next best thing to Christmas because it means time off from school and home works. They can sleep in until mid-day, spend more time with friends, and of course, go on vacation with the family. Taking the kids on an out-of-town trip is alwaysContinue reading “Travel Clearance for Minors vs. Parental Travel Permit”